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Dr.Mendieta will be performing my surgery.(lipo of...

Dr.Mendieta will be performing my surgery.(lipo of my abdomen & brazilian butt lift) I am very excited!!!!! A little nervous but so ready. I know this will boost my selfesteem a whole alot. I have to loose weight and I am on it!! Started last week & I am down to 215 & I started out at 227. My goal is to be down 35lbs before the surgery date. For what this cost I must be right before I go so that I can have FANTASTIC results. Is anyone going to Mendieta around this time?? Let me know thanks..


I had a friend that had the procedure done & she looks fantastic!!

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Congratulations! He's an amazing artist! Did he tell you that you have to lose weight or do you just think it is the best thing to do?
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Yes he did. I was 220 now im 200.. I got a personal trainer & im doing weight watchers. I plan to be aleast 170 before the surgery. I really want this so im doing whatever it takes to make it happen.
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Hello! Congrats on scheduling your surgery date! I am scheduled with Dr. Mendieta on May 29th.
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Are you excited?? I am excited,nervous,scared,but ready!!! lol.. I have wanted this for sooooo long. I actually had a lipo last year for my birthday. I was preparing myself for this day. Have you shown him a pic of what you wanted to look like? I really just want hips,& butt. My friend that had it done was flat booty & not a curve to anywhere. What he did for her was incredible. I constantly look at pic's of different women that have had it. Im so ready!! I hope we meet along the way.
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Yes, very excited to finally have this done. I have been wanting to do this for years as well. It would be easier if I lived closer to his office. I will be traveling from out of state with my children and husband. I'm a little concerned about having my children with me but we do not have a choice. I have never been to his office. I've emailed pics and spoke to my coordinator over the phone over the past few years numerous times. I am excited to hear he did wonders for your friend and that she is happy. I'll keep you posted on my journey and would love it if you'd so the same?
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