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Dr.Mendieta will be performing my surgery.(lipo of...

Dr.Mendieta will be performing my surgery.(lipo of my abdomen & brazilian butt lift) I am very excited!!!!! A little nervous but so ready. I know this will boost my selfesteem a whole alot. I have to loose weight and I am on it!! Started last week & I am down to 215 & I started out at 227. My goal is to be down 35lbs before the surgery date. For what this cost I must be right before I go so that I can have FANTASTIC results. Is anyone going to Mendieta around this time?? Let me know thanks..

Congratulations! He's an amazing artist! Did he tell you that you have to lose weight or do you just think it is the best thing to do?
Yes he did. I was 220 now im 200.. I got a personal trainer & im doing weight watchers. I plan to be aleast 170 before the surgery. I really want this so im doing whatever it takes to make it happen.
Hello! Congrats on scheduling your surgery date! I am scheduled with Dr. Mendieta on May 29th.

I had a friend that had the procedure done & she looks fantastic!!

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