Q1: To BBL/Not to BBL? - Q2: Pelayo/Perry?

So, I've decided on Dr. Perry & he's given me...

So, I've decided on Dr. Perry & he's given me the quote info for the BBL & a separate quote for liposuction of the areas I need treated. I'm having trouble deciding if I actually need the BBL. My butt already gets attention & I'm not trying to be Nicki Minaj or anything. So, I figure if you girls have been stalking this site 1/2 as much as me you have seen enough to give me a good assessment.

Do I really need the BBL or would slimming down my waist accentuate my butt enough. The prices are pretty close & I just can't decide. HEEELP!!! I want to get the procedure done asap either way. I posted before shots for you guys.

Ok, so Dr. Pelayo is offering the same things as...

Ok, so Dr. Pelayo is offering the same things as Dr. Perry for damn near 1/2 the price. I've seen his work on here & I like his results. But, idk which 1 to go with!??!? Plus, I keep going back and about doing lipo only or lipo & bbl. Do I need the extra ass ladies??? lol Help me out!! lol #INDECISIVE

Has anyone heard of Dr. Rodriguez at My...

Has anyone heard of Dr. Rodriguez at My Vanidades?? I can't get Pelayo in the time needed and Rodriguez is th eonly alternative (IF I do my surgery with them)

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Have you saw dr. Hasan work he done on amazing me? He there too!
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Hi all, Dr. Pelayo can now attend to you in his personal cosmetic center. To view his credentials, before and after gallery and make an appointment visit his website: http://www.pelayocosmetic.com/
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So, I ended up getting my surgery done at Imagenes up the street from Vanidades. I verified that my surgeon was board certified by the appropriate board!!! So, far everything has gone fine. I decided against the BBL & I'm glad I did!! I got liposuction to my abs & back and that itself was enough to enhance the apperance of my butt. I think it looks a lil bigger now that I'm a little slimmer & that's all I was really looking for. My Dr was Dr. Lung & he was awesome. Held my hand thru the anesthesia. Called me & mother to make sure that we were well informed. He was just the absolute best!!! I would reccommend him to anyone. Thus far my results are still panning out. I'm hoping to see more dramatic changes in the next couple of weeks but, we'll see. Anywho, that's my story BBL'ers. Good Luck on your respective journeys.
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$3500 for abs, back, and lovehandles I'd prefer Pelayo too but, Rodriguez is the only 1 available in the timespan that I need it done.
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when are you trying to get your surgery performed? I'm thinking end of September or mid-October
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Hi SlimNTrim12
It is really up to you about your butt. if you want it I say go for it! As far as knowing who Dr. Rodriguez at myvanidades. I am curious to know the same thing. I never saw his work and I'm thinking of having my surgery with Dr. Pelayo. If you don't mind me asking, how much did Dr. Pelayo quote you?
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Thanks Numeee528 I think I will just stick with the lipo.
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hey girl. i dont think you need it either. but at the end of the day its how you feel about your body. if you stalked this site enough then you are aware of the trial and tribulations that come with the bbl and no sitting and pain. if you do get lipo, the doctor can definitely scult your body so u look like your butt isbigger anyway
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2 Questions for you guys:

1. Would you guys go with a PS you've never seen previous work of even if it is a whopping 3,000 less than your surgeon of choice?

2. I saw a woman on here who had her surgery done by Dr. P & even though she is QUITE larger than me...Her quote was 500 less!?! Do you think it's appropriate to ask the doctor why or for a reduction in the price?
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Has anyone heard of Dr. Rodriguez at My Vanidades??
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Hey girl..personally I dont think u need it..it looks like u have booty already and projection..lol..i agree that the lipo will enhance your bottom..good luck with whatever u decide
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hey girl, honestly look at your booty in the mirror and ask yourself it you want it to be bigger or not. are you truely happy with your butt now? do you want it a bit bigger? rounder? that should help you decide, hopefully. this is all for you, and the surgery is no joke, so I've read. and why not use the fat like you said. with the lipo it will give you the contour.
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your definitely not in desperate need of a surgery, you can exercuse a little and it'll make a big impact, however it depend on if your willing to put time in to get those results or if you want those results right now....I however wanted a BL all my life and my body isn't horrible and it clothes it looks fine but i want more curves and Im not willing to exercise, im lazy lol and I love how he brings out more of a curvy body....so at the end its yoyr decision but like I said your body is more than half way there, so you would not have to o.d. on exercising
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Girl, I totally understand about the exercising. But it was hard as hell to get to these pics & I feel like 1 wrong move (or potato chip..lol) & I'm back to looking all bloated again. So, I definitely want the lipo!!! I'm just curious about the butt lift & kinda felt like if I'm gonna get lipo'd......I might as well use the fat eh??? Idk, I'm a little scared tho b/c my but isn't exactly small & I don't wanna be walking around w/ a stupid booty. lol
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Hey there,

Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. I'm sure the other BBL ladies will give you lots of advice and support. Please do keep us updated on your progress.

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