My date (JUNE 26,2014 ) Hotel is booked...74 days left. Do any ladies know where I can get massages in NYC, bklyn, and garments?

Here it goes (Deep breath)....I am ready to begin...

Here it goes (Deep breath)....I am ready to begin this journey. This is something that I have thought long and hard about. This is something that I have shed tears and laughed about. I am ready to make the change of a lifetime. All my life I have never felt comfortable with my booty (or lack there of) lol. I wouldnt say that I am completely flat, but it would be nice to get alittle help in that area. So I decided to do something about it. I began to reseach night AND DAY, which has lead me to this wonderful place. With So many other beautiful women just like me, who share my same insecuries from all diffrent walks of life. And I can honestly say that I have gained courage from all the couragous women who have shared their personal stories for the world to see. They can face judgement, and redicule, and that is a very brave thing to do.

So hear I am... A newly joined member and so my story begins, and I am so excited. I am also nervous ASs HELL, but I am looking forward to whats instore for me, and I am ready to embrace the opsticles that I may face. So ladies I have SOOOOO many questions about the BBL sugery and the recovery, and the pills and what foods to aviod. lol im confused about garments and floopy pills and all types of sh*t ( excuse my french), and if anyone can help and give suggestions...I would deeply appreciate it.

So today I met with Dr. Perry. Very nice man. He seems a bitt nervous lol but I like him. He knows his stuff. And my momma (who is a real jamaican tradtional woman lol) had questions flying every where. Lol My moms is a R.N. so she knows her stuff aswell. Well anyway he answered all of her questions and he also taugh her alittle something something too. And I was happy about that :) then we got into the other room where I had to undress and just to give you a visual of of how i look( im 5"11, 215 pound..little to no celulite, no children. skin tight and firm i am blessed :) ). Anyway, when he saw me, he imediately said that I have really really great skin. And with that fact, he said that my skin will react well to the surgery. he told me that i shoud lipo my sides,my stomach, my arms, my thighs, my back....then i said wait wait wait doc hold up!!! thats too much lol. i told him, ill do my thigh, my stomach, my sides and my butt, and we will leaveit at that. he really wanted my arms but i said hell no lol. i already read the reviews for arms, and i know that im gonna need all my arm strength to get me through the surgery. if anything, ill come back ( probably not lol). To conclude it all up, I told him that I want a fattttt bootttyyyyyy. I really emphasized the fat buttt part LOL. And he promised me that my results will be impressive. As for price$$$: he said that my surgery will be 7000$$$$. Not bad RIGHT :) so im content so far. Its honestly between him and Dr. Salama and so far...Dr. perry is winning :)

So thats where I will leave off tonight. Thanks for reading, and I hope you all will follow me on my journey. nighty nite my BBL sistas :)

Ok so today is december 2, and I cant stop...

ok so today is december 2, and I cant stop thinking and obesessing over this surgery lol. Im alittle frustrated though ..and ill tell you why. When I first met Dr. Perry, I was completely sold on him. Hes sweet, caring, and he knows his stuff; but at the same time im wondering if he can give me the huge booty and hips that I want. You see I cant really afford another touch up, im a college student and thats a priority in my life as is. I just want to make sure that my doctor can completely give me exactly what I want. And yes I already know, "NO DOCTOR IS PERFECT", but I want my moneys worth lol. I love Dr.Salama's results. Hips and alott of ass and you can't go wrong with that, Im just hopeing that Dr. Perry and give me the ass of my dreams in one shot. Maybe im just over thinking it, because he did promise me that my results would be "impressive". I dont know. Can any of the BBL ladies help put my mind at ease alittle lol I need a little reaurance and some honestly...Because im nervous as hell. Im also thinking about moving my surgery up to the summer time 2013 so I need to pick a doctor to put my mind at ease. Im just so confused right now. Any Dr.perry BBL patientS, can you give me some honest advice : /

Hey BBL divas! I hope everyone had a blessed...

Hey BBL divas! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. I haven't updated in a few weeks so I said why not today :) my college semester has ended and I came out with all A's!!! so I am very happy as far as that goes. Im still researching every day , hoping to educate myself more. I just want to be fully prepared for this surgery physically and emotionally. I read the reviews on this site daily and I CAnt stress enough how much ive learned from everyone. ...I am truly grateful for the story; both good and bad. So not much has changed since ive last posted. ...but I have started my workout plan. I've always cringed at the thought of working out...busting a sweat, or even sweating out my virgin weave that I payed a lot of money for. Lol so I decided to do a workout that is fun and sexy .. I decided to do pole dancing. Im doing the basic training now to build up the upper body strength in order to keep my big ass up on the pole lmfao.Im purchasing my x-pole next week for 330 $ and im really pumped up and excited. So wish me luck ladies, and if there are any women who have experienced pole dancing. ...and if you have any advice or tips for a beginner, please feel free to share. Ok ladies until next time :)

Hey ladies, Happy New Year!! Im back in school...

Hey ladies, Happy New Year!! Im back in school this semester and guess what im studying...Anatomy and physiology, and were are studing the lyphatic system which is so great because being that im doing this surgery, I need to know how that system works :). 11 months to go, and it feels like for ever. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I see all the beautiful ladies getting their bodies done, and im like "I WANT A BIG BOOTY TOO" LOL. All of Dr.Perry's patients are looking amazing, and I could'nt be happier. Going alittle off topic....I had a moment with myself a couple of days ago in my bathroom. I was naked and I was just looking at myself, and honestly lol I kinda liked what I saw. No its not the best body and its not the roundest ass but im thick as hell and I kinda understood why my boyfriend loves me just the way i am :) and that self-actualization is a wonder feeling. I honestly dont feel that i'm in the worst condition for this surgery to be a neccesity, but my reasoning for wanting to do this, is just to feel more sexy. I feel this procedure can change the outter me, and with that, I think it can change those little insecure voices in my head. Shit we all have them lol. I posted 3 new pictures of my body in the complete "A La Nude" lol, and thats big for me, being that I use to be so terribely insecure, so yay me Standing 5"11 and 230 POUNDS YESS IN DEED:) anyways its 2:18am and I have some studying to do on the lymphatic system :) so nitey nite BBL Divas...and oh yeah before I forget, im trying to come up with a list of items that I will need for this BBL: this includes clothes that I may need to, suppliments , to if anyone can be nice enough to write me a mini list or just inbox me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks lovleys :)

Hey bbl ladies :). Just thought I do alittle...

Hey bbl ladies :). Just thought I do alittle update. I havent started my diet yet. Ive been under alot of pressure with school so ive been eating bad unfortunately smh. But I joined the gym and I will be starting this upcoming monday. I have to do this for me and no one else. I know that it will be hard but I can get through this...if I can maintain a 4.0 gpa, then I believe I can do this as well. Mind over matter. Honestly ladies this upcoming surgery is one of the only things that makes me happy these days. To keep it real....I found out that my bff of 3years has been cheating on me. And I found this evidence in his phone and he still denies it smh. I know every one has their own personal reasons for doing this surgery, and honestly this is one of the few major events that is making look forward twards a new beginning.... mind, body, and spirit. Im going though the emotions but I know I can get through anything. I kinda lat myself go as far as gaining weight, and I focused of him; which was stupid of me to begin with. I guess that's why they call it falling, cause you fall for all the bulshit. But these are the growing pains of life I guess. But as far as the surgery, its 8 months away and im still #teamperry :). Anyway ladies, thats all for now. Oh yeah as far as weight, I am currently 238 ugh, but honestly I look like 200 cause im so damn tall lol. But still I have to lose 45pounds preferably. So thats all for now. Safe recovery to all the bbl ladies, ttyl

I added 2 new pics of my weight (238lb) as of now....

I added 2 new pics of my weight (238lb) as of now. I will post another pic of my weight loss progress in a month. Wish me luck ladies :)

Its Official!!! I got my date (JUNE 27,2014 ), and made my downpayment. I am so excited And Anxious! Now its real.soon to be Cor

WELL.... its been a while since I really updated. since the last time I updated, I lost 6 pounds, which isn't shit I know lol but I love food so its an accomplishment for me. But the crazy thing is that Lucy, Dr. Cortés assistant told me that I need to gain 10 pounds. like wtf lol. I am so confused about that. I am currently 234 pounds, and a couple of months ago I actually hit 242. I don't want to be huge going into surgery, but at the same time, I want to have more than enough fat for this procedure. Lucy told me that in order to get the desired look that I want ( Emily B body, omg she gives me life!!!!!!!), I need to have enough fat. I though 234 pounds was more than enough. Any Cortés or BBl vets, let me know what you guys think I should do as far as weight gain.
Other than that, I was told that I am an ideal candidate for this procedure. and I am happy about that. now its time for me to research hotels and car rental. if anyone knows of any reasonably priced hotels near Dr. Cortés office, please feel free to share. Ummm other then that, my life is the same. I am still going to school, and I am counting down the days :) I am a bit confused about garments. I don't know the difference between a faja or a verdette lol. I don't know when to use a squeem or a waist clincher. Lol its all confusing to me. But if someone can clarify, I would appreciate. Anyways that's all for now. I have a final to study for and I have more booties to look at lol. Im so obsessed I know. Anyways, bye divas :)

my wish pics

Last one :)


Hey cortes dolls. One of our sisters secretbeauty2014 is having her surgery today. Keep her in your prayers and send nothing but love and positive energy her way. Im so excited for her!! I will keep you in my prayers love. Congrats doll and ill see you on the other side

It's been a while, but I'm Back

Hey ladies,
It's been a while since I've updated but I haven't really been in absence. I am still a realself stalker lol and I have been happy to read all the journey's of those who have been gracious enough to share their stories. First let me say that I am 2 MONTHS Away From MY SX DATE!!!!! And I couldn't be anymore Excited/nervous/nauseated and every other emotion that I can not describe lol. I have wanted this for so long and time is passing by so quickly. Secondly, I am so grateful to have so many friendly women support me on my journey. I appreciate those who have Been nice enough to reach out, and check up on me, and in return I will always do the same :). On another note, I am super duper excited about something else that I have been struggling with my entire life. I have lost a total of 20 pounds, and I feel amazing. Now I will not advise any Cortes future patients to do the same as I did, nor do I advise any other person to take the same route I chose. I decided for myself to loose this weight because I want to be closer to my desired weight before surgery. I know there are possible consequences with my decision, and whatever be the case, I am totally fine with it. Anyway I have been on the HCG diet and it's been working wonders for me. I will post a before and after picture to show my results. And I can't only imagine how much better I will look after my sx.... Now as far as preparation, I have to be honest....I am very much a last minute person but I will not let that habit affect preparation for this surgery. As of now, I am looking into hotel, flight, and car rental. I would like to thank missthicknthoro for your help in advising me to look into expedia, I appreciate you :) . If anyone else knows of any offers please feel free to let me know. As far a supplies, I haven't started buying any, but I am not really rushing that. I still have a month to get certain things. Anyway, that is all I can think of for now. Until next time ladies...
Ps: Special shout out to all the upcoming future Cortes dolls, I can't wait to see everyone's results.

Hcg weight loss results

So this surgery is really going to happen? Lol

I have to be honest...I've have been going through so many emotions....I dont know what's going on with me. One min I am excited and happy. And then the next min I am doubting this decision. As each day passes, I never know which emotion I will feel next, and it's kinda exhaustive.
My mom and I are best friends and I know it sounds cliche but we are thick as thieves. Anyway we had a conversation yesterday, and she has the tendency to hold out information until she feels it's time to tell me. So you can only imagine how annoying it is for someone to tell you "I have something to tell you, but not now" lol. So she told me yesterday during a conversation that a older coworker of hers had a breast augmentation. And the breast augmentation was successful so she decided to get a tummy tuck. So she got the tummy tuck in NYC on the Friday....smh tragically on the Monday she passed away from a pulmonary embolism. I was floored and deeply saddened by this news, and it also scared the living shit out of me. Off coarse we want the perfect body, and we want to wear the fabulous clothes and feel sexy in them. But when the thought of potentially losing a life comes into's kind of hard to fathom. My point in sharing this story is not to scare anyone, my point is to show my realization of this reality. And honestly I am 100% dedicated to my decision. I feel in my heart that I choose the right doctor for me, and I can only leave the rest in my creators hands. My mom was scared and that unfortunate tragedy showed her the reality on my decision to have plastic surgery. We talked about, and we are both comfortable with the possibilities. And the best part is that I have my mom as my best friend , and her support is the only reason I can go through with this.
Ok, I think that's enough gloomy stuff lol (I like to keep my page positive and bubbly). On a positive note, I booked my hotel and it's so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee. And I did spend some "Coins" on this hotel! But I want my recovery to be a luxurious recovery, and hell I want to be comfortable, shit why not go all out lol. I will be staying in Houston being that my procedure will be done in Houston, and according to google, it's about 25 mins away from the hospital and doctor Cortes's office. So now I will be booking flights next, And ordering my supplies from eBay and Amazon. Omg I'm so excited, like this is really starting to feel so surreal. Btw, I've dropped some more pounds...I initially was 243 smh and now I am 218!!!! And I plan to stop at probably 200 to 210.
Anyway Divas that's all for now. I give my love to all the future bbl divas going into surgery in the near future. And a special shout out to my fabulous Soon to be Cortes divas TenK (my tall twin) and the fabulous missthicknthoro.
I will update soon when I've have something to share...TTLY
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cortes

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Ok so I'm on the countdown with you love!!! I'm not sur what to get as far a garmets but I think I'm going to just keep my cart full on amazon and order when I get home ? I hope this time flies !!! I'm still holding at 229 and I hope that's enough to give me that ass that I want ... I have bought pool noodles , and a yoga mat and if course hot pink duck tape to make my homemade boppy to sit on ... I'm still looking at the lipo foam and want to make sure I am compressed to the point of no return lol -- good luck lady see ya soon
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Hey Hun, you are on point lol. I think I will start buying my supplies from eBay and Amazon....time is getting closer you know :). How are you feeling about the surgery. Are you scared/excited? I can't sleep sometimes ughhh the waiting is driving me crazy
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Hey girl just checking on u... How's everything? Are u starting any bbl preparations? Bought anything? Or having second thoughts... Lol yea right... We both want that fatty so badly... Lol
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Hey my tall twin lol. It's crazy you just posted on my page because I was just looking at your page to see how you are doing with preparing. As of right now, I am looking for hotel/apartment, flight, and car rental. I haven't brought any supplies as of yet, but I will be starting everything this month. I'm so excited and nervous, I can only imagine how you feel. How are feeling, and how is your preparation going. And as far as second thoughts, I have them and then I look in the mirror , and that reassures my decision lol
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Lol that coincidence!! I haven't bought anything I'm eyeing a few things though... As of now I'm just focusing on weight gain... Beefing up in vitamins.. And skin preparation(cocoa butter constantly-lifeafterbbl -i think- said that she used it To help her skin stretch) you weight loss looks soooooo good!!!!! Keep it up the good work!!! We will look fabulous!
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Thank you Hun, I really appreciate the compliment :) I've been so damn hungry lol. How much weight do you want to gain? And I've been wondering about stretching my skin, but I thought it was impossible lol. Shit if cocoa butter works, then I will start using it because I definitely want as much fat as possible. I also want to focus on building up my blood, and making during I am physically prepared for this surgery. And yes, we will be fab!!!! Lol
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Dr C said i need to gain 10lbs so that's what I'm trying to do but it's a lot harder than I thought.... Geez I eat so much and I'm losing weight ugh.... So whatever it is in June is what it's gonna be... The cocoa butter I use is the one in a tube with the preggo lady on the cover it has elastin which is supposed to help your skin stretch... Lol I feel u on getting physically ready I don't want anything to hold me back from getting the best results possible bc Lord knows I will NEVER have another 10k to spend on my ass!!! Lmao
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I just re read that post - this auto correct is a bissh lol
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Ok I've been reading these post and I worry that I will be way to fluffy for surgery! Then I see how ppl say they didn't have enought fat ? So my main goal is to time a little bit if my legs arms and thighs but not so much I can't get my 1000 cc in each cheek !!! Girl you we going to be a brick house at 5'11 !!!! Solid af!!! I wish I had more height but u swear I am a RN you do not look 235 at all -- I hope to meet you in TEXASsS . Best of luck I'm going through it with you
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Good luck doll! Have you Checked your doctor out in YouTube? He has a page with live surgeries it's very cool!
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Hi future Duran doll :), I have absolutely seen Cortes on YouTube, and honestly I continuously watch his videos over and over lol. I've learned so much from his videos. It's very grotesque, but I can't stop watching lol :)
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Hello future Cortesdoll! I've compiled a Pixart gallery of post op Cortes bbl dolls on my blog. This way you don't have to do cumbersome searching for his patients. Hope this helps! Meanehile, Check out thicnluscious, ladyb2011, mariel2013. Best wishes!
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Hi mzphatbooty! I appreciate that. I am always searching for pictures of Cortes patients, but I came across your collage and it was of great convince. Thanks doll :)
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Girl where you been at. I hope all is well with you. Call me
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Hey boo. I know it's been a while. I lost all my contacts. Inbox me ya number
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Wah Gwan mi love! It's been a while. I hope all is well with you. I switched doctors, and now I'm on the Cortes team. I love Cortes results and I think he can give me the big batty I want lol. When are you thinking of seeing perry again. And btw your weight loss results are bomb!
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Wait you changed drs? I'm trying to get back on bbl train again on and off life happened thinking to back with Perry.
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Miss Jamaica how tall are you?
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Hey hun, I am 5'11
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Thanks love :) I cant wait
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Lol.. I'm from belize and my mother also didn't want to entertain the idea along with my sisters!!!! But at the I told the I'm doing it for me so I can feel good I just need some big batty I want 1700 0r 2000 cc's inna fi mi backside mi noh business with nobody else want cortes beta find space fi put it .....I dont have no money for seconds. Ladies you both b bless. By the way dont get no small batty fi we batty muss big and strong. ....dwrcl
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I am just seeing this comment and I am so late lol sorry love. Woyyyy 2000ccs! Shit girl every man woman and child will be watching dat ass lol. I want a big ass too, I cant even front. Being from a jamaica, in my opinion, we dont really have big ass. We more so have breast so mi want ass now! Lol yes batty hav fi strong an round lol
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Lol..big batty we seh...I want mines big and round as well I just had me some curry goat rice and peas at 7am dwrcl...I'm on a serious diet now I would like to lose 20 pounds so when 2/28/14 come I'm ready plus my belly be so flat when doc C liposuction my waist....girl good luck to you cant wait to see your new butt
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Thanks babes, I cant wait to see your butt too. Who are you going to have your surgery with, and which areas are you getting done
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