Awesome Rhinoplasty Experience (35 Year Old Male)

Miami, FL - A little bit of a background, and then...

Miami, FL - A little bit of a background, and then I will tell you about my incredible experience. I am a 35 year old man, who has lived a lifetime with a horribly huge nose. My whole life it has plagued me, made self-conscious, etc., and a few months ago I decided that I had had enough. I began searching for plastic surgeons online, and narrowed my list down to about a half dozen.

From those half dozen, I looked at the following criteria:

1 - What type of experience do they have? In other words, did they just get out of their residency, or have they been practicing for a while?
2 - Where did they go to medical school?
3 - Do they do any work as medical school professors at any of the local medical schools?
4 - Are they board certified?
5 - How many times (if any) have they been sued (info such as this is usually available on your State's medical license search website)

Of the half dozen that I liked, I used the criteria mentioned above to narrow down my choices. The doctor that I eventually settled on: 1) had been practicing for 20+ years; 2) Went to a top med school; 3) Was a professor at one of the local medical schools; 4) Was double board certified (ENT and Plastic Surgeon).

The others that I looked didn't come anywhere near that criteria.

So I made an appointment to meet with this doctor. Upon arrival, I noticed that the office was very nice, but not overly "showy." I realize I live in South Florida, and I'm sure there is a MAJOR "bling" factor to how the doctors down here operate. But his office was nice and professional.

The staff was awesome. I met with the office manager first, and she was a wealth of knowledge. Then the doctor came in, explained what he thought was realistic in my situation, and took some pictures. Oh, I forgot to mention - the consultation was free (I know a lot of plastic surgeons charge for consults).

A week or so later he sent me some digitally altered photos, to show what I would look like, realistically, after the surgery. I loved the pics, but took a few weeks to think about it before committing.

After thinking about it for a few weeks, I decided to go forward with the surgery. I was completely freaked out about having surgery (this was my first time ever), but after meeting with the doctor a second time, he allayed all of my fears (mostly about anesthesia, post-op pain, etc.).

Well, at this exact moment, I am about 21 hours post op, and I must say that I have the GREATEST doctor ever! Here's why:

1 - I had NO pain when I woke up from the procedure (had twilight sedation, by the way - don't remember a THING!)

2 - From what I can see so far (with a minimal cast on), the nose looks perfectly straight!

3 - Minimal bleeding. I have only changed my "drip pad" three times, and all three times the gauze itself had only minimal blood on it.

4 - No nausea at all.

5 - Minimal swelling. I have some redness in between my eyes and nose, but no black eyes.

6 - Regarding post-op pain - I have only taken 3 pain pills - 2 after the surgery, and one last night before bed. Haven't even taken one this morning. I feel AWESOME!

So my rhinoplasty experience was incredible. I'm SO happy I went with this doctor, and that I had it done. I will post some pics in the near future (once he cast comes off on Tuesday).

So if anyone in the South Florida area is looking for a great doc, email me.

ALSO, some pre-op tips:

1 - Don't drink or smoke for at least 2-3 weeks pre-op.

2 - Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily for at least 2 weeks pre-op

3 - Take Bromelain (forget pineapple juice - too acidic, and doesn't have the bromelain in it) for a few days pre-op. I was taking 1000 mg/day (two pills)

4 - Relax! And just breathe. As of right now, I am NOT packed, and can breathe through my nose just fine.

Ok,everyone, I hope this helps! Had a great experience. Hope you do, too! :) And write me if you need anything. I'd be happy to help in any way.

At this exact moment, I am about 22 hours post-op.

Updated on Apr 26, 2010

Email me for his name

See my post. I explain how helpful, calming, and professional he was. He's got a wealth of experience, and did an AWESOME job!

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looks great! thanks for sharing
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HI, Who was the doctor???
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Can you please email me the name of your Dr. I live in Tampa and would really appreciate the information!
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Is you doctor Richard Davis? Please let me know as I am planning on booking a surgery with him next week and I am not able to find reviews online for him
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Anyone get the doctors name, could you please PM me ? Isn't this an "information site", why is it so hard to get this info ?
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Duster1975 your nose looks icncredible! Im glad that you are happy with the results, i live in miami and id really appreciate if i can have the doctors name :)
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Has anyone got a name to give out? Please.
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Duster1975 your nose looks icncredible! Im glad that you are happy with the results, i live in miami and id really appreciate if i can have the doctors name :)
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So what is better closed or open rhinoplasty?
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Not sure. I think mine was open.
  • Reply currently seeking a rhinoplasty specialist for my Primary Rhinoplasty... I have researched many surgeons and am scheduled for a consult with Dr. Tobias Ny..(any info), but have been researching Dr. Davis as well. Unfortunately, I live in Mass and traveling just for a consult can be costly for me. Would really appreciate any helpful feedback on experiences with Primary Rhinoplastys with Dr's noted above. Also, any valuable info on any local surgeons near Mass would also be a great help..

One more thing; any feedback on best rhino vs closed..for a primary rhinoplasty

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Could you please email me or someone who found out the doc's name email me his info?
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Could you send me your doctor's info too?
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Here is a link to my own review for anyone here that's interested: I hope you don't mind my mentioning your thread in mine, Duster :P
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Thank you so much Duster! So considerate of you to make this post and help others out.. if it hadn't been for you, I might not have gotten my new nose! who knows. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. :) You're great. I am getting my splint off this Tuesday. How is your swelling by the way?
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I got my surgery yesterday. Just wanted to post back to say It went really really well and I'm feeling great, have not had any pain (except my back from sleeping so much). The doctor is awesome, so calming and he has the softest hands ever! Haha, it was kind of funny because I was all worried that I might wake up during the surgery (have heard stories of it happening), but as soon as the anesthesiologist walked into the room, i was gone!! I don't even remember him giving me anything, just walking into the room and bam xD Next thing I know I'm waking up next to my mother in the waiting room. Well, I am going to go get my blood removed today and I'll post back hopefully with pics as soon as I get my splint off (it's removed 1 week after the surgery right?)
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Awesome! Great to hear! How funny - I was just about to email you and see how it went! :) Well, definitely post pics when you get a chance. Isn't he the best doc? Yeah, it takes about a week to get the splint removed (maybe less - I think I had my splint on for about 5 days). Then you will have tape for a few more days (about 3-4). That is when they take the stitches out. Then a bunch of follow-ups. I go back to see him at the end of this month. As of today, I am about 8 weeks post op, and trust me, Lynnster, it just keeps looking better and better! :) Well, get plenty of rest, and I look forward to seeing the results!
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Can someone post the doctors name already. this is way to inefficient.
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I am seeing him at the end of the month, for a follow-up, and I will ask him then if it is ok if I post his name. Thanks.
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I too would love to hear the name of your excellent surgeon. Your nose looks wonderful. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you posted it here?
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Thanks so much for the offer, Duster. You're a sweetheart! I'm very glad to hear how happy you are! My surgery is scheduled for June 9th; very excited! :-)
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And don't listen to the anon before me.. your new nose looks amazing!! utterly perfect and straight nose that makes your lips and appearance seem softer/ more gentle :)
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Thanks, Lynnster! I can't tell you how happy I am with the new nose! :) I feel like I have a new lease on life. Good luck with the doc! Isn't he awesome? I'm sure you will have a great experience. Private message me if you have any other questions, ok? When is the surgery? @ 9501anon - As far as the "before" photo, actually, that one doesn't even do justice to how big a honker I had. It was awful! I'll see if I have any more "before" photos laying around. I may have destroyed them all! :)
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I have just booked my appointment with your doc!!! Thanks so much! He is great, a totally nice guy and very professional :-) Ahhh, i cant wait till my surgery! I will update on how it goes in a few weeks!
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You looked better before. Just my opinion.
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