31yr Old Mom of Two ... Ready to Bounce Back N Get Bodied

I just want to say hello Ive been lurking for 2...

I just want to say hello Ive been lurking for 2 weeks now, and Im so delighted to find so many others just like myself in search of a firm n plump apple bottom. Im 5'8 253lbs ..... I used to be bad and then came a serious relationship and then 2 kids back to back. I love them dearly but they F'd my body up. I actually lost weight during both but after I stopped breast feeding the pounds just poured on literally my once onion booty is now sponge bob square pants . I still have my butt but the stomach, love handles, and not to metion over 30 extra pounds has made my girl disappear.

Im so torn as to where I want to go to have SX done. I see florida prices are decent and so is DR. I tried looking in NYC and the only Dr I seen that specializes in BBL is Dr. Shanine (which ive read some so-so reviews)

Im so aware that you cant always go for price because you could end up not getting the results or possibly worse but I cant afford to pay more than $7k - $8k with two small babies....IMPOSSIBLE.....

where do I go on RS to find photos of a specific Dr BBL work?
Are their any dr recommendations that are fairly priced?

please ladies feel free to add anything else. ....im a virgin at this so take it easy.

ps. if there are any ladies in NYC that are looking for a SX buddy Im looking to do this tax time next year around march - may. ( I work for the IRS so hopefully I can still take off the two weeks needed during the busy season)
Welcome to RS babe......glad to see purple around my way.....Im in Jersey 15 minutes away from the city....Girl I know how it is to be looking for a doctor.....for the most part just type in the doctor name and look for reviews on that particular doctor......if you gotv to write down notes and do process of elimination then do it....for the most part I looked at all potential doctors...And I particularly wanted a round shape booty with projection...but natural looking for the most part...... I fell between salz, salama, Schulman, and jimmerson.. They all want a lot of money, but seeing the reviews have me a change of heart....so good luck I'm your journey , ill be following you
Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

If you're looking for review/photos from specific doctors, you can either simply type a doctor name into the search bar at the top of the page and it will bring up the doctor profile. Or, you can use our Find a Doctor feature. Simply click the link, choose the city/state you're looking in and then choose BBL. It will bring up a list of board certified doctors in those areas and you can click on their photos to get to their reviews and pics.

We also have some great BBL preparation guides, which may be helpful to you.

Good luck and keep us updated with your progress!

bbl questions

For all my women getting a BBL over 230 lbs or with a "kangaroo pouch" I have a question. I know with a tummy tuck you can get rid of all the extra skin but if you have a BBL with that tighten up your tummy extra skin or will it sag and be loose but you will have a flatter stomach?
thanks big booty Ill follow u as well.... yes huntttty the struggle is real!!!! Ive looked at doctors here in NYC but im sketchy because they are tooooo much and since NY dr dont really do many BBL i would hate to spend that money and not get the results that I want. I have searched dr in miami which seem considerably cheaper, but im still confused lol...

Pre photos

Honestly that question should be answered by a doctor.....he or she could give you the advice you need to know if your skin would be loose or tight after sx....you could ask the question on this site to one of the surgeons or just see one for free in the area...for fun....that's how I got out off not getting a tt


So between yesterday and today I have contacted several doctors, the list is out so far its been Dr. Suarez- who told me that I need to be 170- 180lbs (which means to lose 85+ lbs .... yea ok.... next)
Im still waiting on Dr. Pantoja, Dr. Campos (mexico), Dra Duran, Dra Yily, Dr. Disla, Dr. Ortega (US) ihas a special $5999, and Dr. Perry (Miami).

I could be missing a few more because I really want to get a good candidate pool to selct from. My mind keeps saying not to go with the cheapest but honestly I want a Dr. who is aggressive with lipo.

Ladies feel free to chime in and tell me if there is someone that I should possibly conssider
Hey girl..I'm booked with Dr bass from vanity in Miami $4000 for a BBL I'm 245lbs was told that he worked with bigger women I'm still trying to see his work but not much luck they told me he is very good and most of his work is in the office portfolio..I paid 2000 down and I'm booked for aug 12
Hey there, congrats on choosing your doctor. Here's a link to a list of reviews for Dr. Bass, hopefully this will help with your research.
I will check him out thanks... its important that i see the dr work like new york is not a state where they do alot of bbl so i would be hurt that i paid so much money n didnt get the results

Dra. Disla is quick and prompt

Im not sure If that was Dra. Disla that actually contacted me with a quote but how do you say fast response in spanish???? I sent her a quoye request today and within hours she responded back. She stated for $5000 usd i could get basically full body aggressive lipo and BBL.

kinda nervous

I like to get things done quick.... but Im starting to get nervous.... Ive read where US doctors have stated not to get a TT and Lipo at the same time .. but out of the country doctors do both and even a BL all together..... I want to one and done.... what is a girl to do??????


Dr. Pantojla (misspelling) said I'm not a candidate due to weight (sad face) , well darn doc at least tell me what I need to lose!!
That's true!!! But give me a goal weight don't just shut me down.... no offense but I've seen bigger women on RS my skin is super tight ... I think I'm 5'8 1/2
Yessssss...girlll I think you should go with the doctor that are telling you the truth......instead of doctors just wanting to take ur mula.......how tall are you...

Dra Cardenas... yes bish yes bish!!!1

So I got the call yesterday what a real person we were talking like we were old friends... I didnt have much to ask cause she answered everything and she also responded fast. One thing I like about her is that she said she does "muscle repair" not sure what that is and if other docs do the same thing but I looked her youtube video up and it helps loose like 6- 8 inches of your waist i think.

I will say that she is very professional and has the patients overall well being in mind she quoted me $6200 for lipo to full back and thighs, TT, and BBL, kinda costly especially since the recovery house was like $130 or so a day and its recommended to stay 7-10 days. That price doesnt included garments,meds, or really anything else.

what is a girl to do????? with airfare and all the extras ill be close to 9k ( sad face) impossible with two babies .... sigh
Hey sweetie. . I'm actually trying to finda sx buddy for this March. I'm going to Dr Duran. She told me I had to be at 180 pds so I'm in the process of losing weight. The states r very expensive. .. which is one major reason for wanting to go to DR. I live in NYC so its outta the question to do it here.
Hey s3xi where in nyc I'm in queens! I've been trying to contact Dr duran also but it's been 3 weeks n no answer n i refuse to pay a middleman to help me contact her n capitalize on my dollar plus her work is banging but I don't want a Hollywood dr. If seen good results on smaller frame women but not a big girl like myself. I looked into colombian docs. They are more advanced with their technology. I won't lie and say I can be ur buddy cause I have to see if I can get the time out of work n my bread up etc. But we can definitely follow each others journey!


So I decided to check out Dr. J'S work n I'm so freaking mad..... he is the official boots king.... His transformations are outstanding!!!! He does cartoon boots n i love it sad thing is I have booty already my main concern is my tummy and back n naturally I want to add definition to my back side but dang it man he is too expensive I mean that is a car loan for some or a deposit on a house.... my boo would kill me to know I was even thinking about it with a price like that... I guess that's what happens when u turn Hollywood status
Dr jimerson did my bbl last year and mini tummy tuck for 20000$ and It was a mess...I m going to miami for a revision ...good luck
Ok great ill do the same

dra. baez

Got an estimated quote from her, she wantss me to lose 50 lbs ... which i want to do so that I can get the best bounce back possible. she is like $2k cheaper than the other dr's in DR. Ive seen her work and she does nice work i havent seen anything horrible her stuff is a bit more natural and she is quick with the responses so far.

Dra. Duran

I have nothing to say bad about her but I just seen she posted a comment saying that she is really busy and apologizes if it takes forever to respond back to emails, messages etc. Now with a Dr in high demand like that she should appoint someone(s) to handle those inquiries a not for a fee what do I look like paying you $150 to basically do the same thing Im a do? only difference is you have a working relationship with her so she will respond quicker to you which I think is crazy. Her work speaks for itself but the sad thing about these docs is that they fail to realize that ppl such as myself and the others are who make them famous or popular. The number one goal in this industry is/should be customer service which apparently isnt important. Thats why I will not knock anyone from their doc decision but Im going with someone a little less famous who will have time to appreciate my hard earned money and I will appreciate their hard work on my body.

Enough on my rants... which Im sure there will be more to come.
Thanks for the info, I'll be following your review
Dr Jimmersen is a WONDERFUL PS!!! Before one tries to bash a surgeon he /she should tell the TRUTH, admitting their faults and considering new members may not experience what you did on your journey bcz you both have different body style and your problem may not be the same as yours!! As a VET, my advice to you GETMEBODIEDNY is to make your final decision on your PS based on who is the best doctor for your temple, take your time no rush whatsoever and pay no attention to NEGATIVE hype or HATERS!!! Bby girl.... If any PS tells you to do this or that in order to have the best results do whatever it is he tells you! Don't hate the player, hate the game! Get bodied... U got this girly!!!! Again best wishes!


I found this on a RS blog this is really good

Cris777 prep list:

3o Day Cocktail

(PILL ORGANIZER, pill cutter)
4weeks Pre-sx
Vitamin C 500mg
Iron 130mg

3weeks & 2weeks Pre-sx
Vitamin C 1000mg
Iron 260mg
Bioflavonoid 1000mg (1 w/ ea meal)
garlic,tropical fruit, citrus fruits,
RedBell Peppers -raw form)
•support blood circulation, as an
antioxidant, and to treat allergies,
viruses, or arthritis and other
inflammatory conditions

B-100 Bcomplex vitamins (1/day)
prevent vitamin deficiency
due to poor diet
Zinc 30mg
vital for growth and development. Zinc is instrumental in immune response, brain function and the ability to reproduce/helps control the release of hormones and the transmission of nerve impulses.zinc-rich foods. These include red meat, poultry, crab, lobster, nuts, beans, milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grain bread and fortified breakfast cereal (oysters no more than 3/ highest zinc source ) max 40mg in a day

1week Pre-sx
Arnica Montana 30c (3/day)
Bromelain (3/day) helps w/ swelling bruising healing and pain after sx (from pineapples)
Iron 325mg
Arnica 2/day and gel as needed
Vitamin C 1000mg
Pineapples/pineapple juice ( slow blood clotting)
Water (often)
Percocet/Oxycodone/(pain) 1/ 2hrs on schedule vs just when in
Bicorneum (scars)
Acidophilus (yeast and bacteria infections ( can be caused from pills)
Sleep Aid (ask doc)
Stool softener (colace) /laxative
Benadryl pills and cream (itching)-or.
Tynelol Pain cream
Muscle relaxer
Motrin PM

•no sodium/salt
•no vitamin E
•no aspirin
•no diet supplements (during 30daycocktail

**compiled from bbl vets with common lists***
Sx Item List Stage1&2 Garment ...
2 Dec 2012 4 months post
Sx Item List
Stage1&2 Garment •Vedette,LipoExpress,Faja,Veroniqe
Waist cincher
Tank tops/female tees(smooth)
• Wear under garment
Maxi dresses
Over sized pajama top (mens)
Compression Stockings/long socks
Robe, gloves, anti-septic spray,shower cap, toothpaste/brush
Rolling pin -self massages
Suction hooks or headband
•to hang drains
Female urinal
Anti-bacterial body wash (Hibiclen)
Sugar scrub/olive oil, loofa, body scrubber
Heating pad for stomach and back
Ice packs for booty
Maxi pad va-jjswells wear beneath
Pillows (many) boppy, body, neck, roll
Sheets towels shower curtain ( for bed) dark in color
Small trash can
Firming lotion
Foldable chair (cut out bottom) bbl sista
Wet wipes,Tide pods, Carmax
Neosporin (lipo incision) gauze(clean around drains) band aids (lipo incision)
non stick medical tape, qtips, cotton balls(navel reform)
Steri strips (nexcare) lipo & TT scar
Scar guard (fades scar)
EpiFoam, Mederma
Silicone sheeting, gel zone gel wraps, kelocote
(Some items are used to treat the same just diff type/brand)
It is important for you to find someone that has experience or you gonna be looking for some one to do revisions later. I think you should go with Dr Duran. I would say Yily cause she does work with us larger girls. but people complain about her staff. just check on this website and you'll get a lot of reviews of the diffrent doctors. some only do one or two procedures at a time. If you decide to do a tummy tuck the muscle repair is a must. any dr that doesnt do one for you is not gonna do a good job. good luck with your search.
I see you getting your supplies in check...
I agree with the duran story..babe...make some time or hire someone to schedule appointments...something......
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