I'm like 5'7 and I weigh 140 pounds. - BBL - Miami, FL

I'm about to walk into Dr. Perry's office for my...

I'm about to walk into Dr. Perry's office for my procedure! Wish me luck guys...I'm so nervous...it's ridiculous! I'm like 5'7 and I weigh 140 pounds. Already having some regret but there's no turning back now...I'll definitely inform you all about my experience...if I can! I hope the recovery process is realistically 2 weeks...I'm rambling because I have to have so many characters, lol.

Ok, today was the day!!! I drove from Lakeland and...

Ok, today was the day!!! I drove from Lakeland and was supposed to be there at 10am but didn't make until about 12am! The anesthesiologist was pissed! I almost cancelled! Also, I went over the before surgery instructions barely thinking...it did say not to eat or drink anything after 12! Ladies please don't! I had a small drink before & they ended up having to do something different to empty my stomach...I guess! The anesthesiologist was so upset and started to tell me why it was so important that I follow instructions, I felt so bad! Ladies follow instructions! On the other hand, Dr. Perry was extremely comforting until the second I went to sleep. He held my hand & consoled me as I quoted the Lords prayer silently...I was shaking incontrollably...even my mouth, lol.
Anyway, this is basically day 1 for me & I must say it wasn't as bad as I expected! It isn't really so much painful as it is uncomfortable. The laying on my stomach is KILLING me already. I got up & walked 3 times today on top of getting up for the bathroom so I've been kind of active as instructed by Dr. Perry. As far as results, I really don't know!! I do know im draining everywhere, lol! I can see some improvement though. I won't know until I go see Dr. Perry tomorrow. Wish me luck you guys.
What's your email? Pics are on my phone.
hey boo. do you have to take your garment off to pee. and dose it work go for you. they told me they get the garments for $50. if we want another one. but it dont look like dr. s garments.

xxx@yahoo.com Thanks :) Trying to decide who to go with.


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Hadn't posted in a while but I'm almost 4 weeks...

Hadn't posted in a while but I'm almost 4 weeks into this thing. I'm satisfied with my results but I have the most aggravating burn ever. Everybody notices that I've had something done. I didnt tell anyone but they're like your butt looks bigger & your waist is smaller...from my friends to my hair stylist, lol. I keep denying it saying I've been working out, everyone's looking at me like "yea right!" Ladies this is a definite sacrifice!
Can you email me some pics too. Im thin too and would love to see your results.email: janetisxo@yahoo.com
Can u send some pics? What was included in your price?
Hey Nikki 26 how's everything going so far ? ... Is it possbile that you can upload some pics or ill inbox you my email .. I'm also considering dr perry
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Had a great consultation! I'm skinny though so I'm nervous!! Hoping for a bigger booty:)

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