My tummy tuck all done Denver co

I am 41 with three girls (26,23 and 6 my surprise)...

I am 41 with three girls (26,23 and 6 my surprise). I have wanted this for so long and now the time is getting closer and am scared.You hear so many things. My husband is very supportive. But at the same time he don't understand. I am tried of my body. I guess it sounds like we all get a little scared at the end

I am 41 also, with three kids. I live in Mexico too. My full TT and MR is scheduled for Nov8th! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. But the excitement is strong than the nervousness!!! Good luck on your procedure!
Bluedragonfly, I live in Denver,Co. But I am going to have my procedure in TJ Mx. You will have to keeps me updated on your TT and MR. Good Luck!!
I will keep you updated Mommy V. I live in Hermosillo temporarily due to my husbands job with the US Gov. We will only be in Mexico for a short time longer, couple of months, and I am really impressed with the level of service here at CIMA Hosp. I hope you have a great experience. I will post pics, before and after. Just 6 days!!!

I am still feeling scared. I read reviews about...

I am still feeling scared. I read reviews about how terrible you feel and how you can't do anything.I have to be able to function alittle I have a 6yr old little princess that needs me and I need her.I am two weeks away from getting my TT and lipo!!!! I am just a little worried I don't want my baby girl to get scared seeing her mommy so sick. :-(
Does anyone know how long do I have to wait after my TT can I get a massage

I hope you are doing well:)

Hi you will be in pain and your baby girl will be scared.. Just try to keep a happy face and tell her that everything will be ok... Please be sure to have a strong support team someone that can take her out and do things with her so she don't have to see her mommy removing as much just try to keep things around the house very normal.. And give her lots of kisses and hugs and tell her that her kisses and hugs helps you feel better. I had a Tt in July 2012 and I must tell you that YOU will need HELP sometimes as moms we are super women but remember u just had surgery rest take you meds and just do everything your dr. Says and u will be alright... God bless
Thank you, I do have a lot of support and yes she is very much loved by all. She is my snuggle bunny. I figure lots of movies with her and a lots of snuggle time. I guess I wouldn't know how I will feel till I am there. Everyone says something different on how painful it is and other say different. God bless you and thanks

I am hurting like a mother!!!!! I had a TT and MR...

I am hurting like a mother!!!!! I had a TT and MR with lipo with no drains. I am swollen in my face,hands and feet . The pain is bare able it's not too bad my surgery was yesterday. I will post before and after photos soon
I have 7 year old twins and my boy twin was sad and he kept saying " mom I hope your gonna be okay... after surgery I just kept telling him Mommy was okay and that I was gonna have a cute skinny stomach after ward. My two year old daughter she used to lie on my chubby belly and tell me , " Mommy I love your belly... now she tells me mommy I dont like your tummy tuck and every time she sees me looking at my pictures of my tt or sees it in person she says the same thing. So your kids are gonna be scared you just gotta show them as soon a your well enough how much happier it makes you...and they will feel much better. I hope you start feeling better... did you have your tt in mexico? I thought I saw in your comments that you worte that you did? Are you able to have pain medications? feel better!! I started feeling better after the first 3 days but fortunatley I had little to no pain.. I had a pain pump for the first 3 days and kept up on my pain pills.But I did not get muscle repair doc said that muscles were in the right place I just got a full tt with lypo above my ribs and on the sides and in the front of my belly.

Anyone who is totally considering this surgery...

Anyone who is totally considering this surgery better stop and think about. Everything at risk time, pain, BURNING and family.
It is a BIG deal you see so many things on this site. But I am going to tell like it is. I had a TT with MR and Lipo in my legs ,arms and flanks/back.Today is my 6th day op and I haven't take pain killers since day 3. OUR life's have been hell not because of the TT but because of the LIPO. It is the worst pain discomfort and burning you could ever image. I was so worried about my TT but LIPO is the worst you swell,you leak, (yuck ), you burn and you are so sore it hurts to move. My legs re fine but my back and arms are the worst. My butt is so sore from sitting. My TT is a piece of cake only thing is that you can walk to great you walk hunchback. The tightness is intense but other then that piece of cake no pain.
Before I had the surgery my nurse explained ...........TT they cut through your skin not the muscle just the skin. Muscle covers your organs so it is totally safe. So first Skin, Muscle then Organs. I have had so much discomfort from the lipo it really SUCKS!!!!! My poor husband he probably hates me with all my discomfort. I am such a pain in the ass. Anyone knows when all this soreness goes away? When I will stop leaking?
I am three weeks post op and just finally feeling a little normal. But I totally agree that I was unprepared for the pain. I am not to the point yet that I am happy that I had the surgery. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be to that point. We are going through this together, hang in there...
Wwww my friend, I feel the same way. I was asked the other day if someone paid me a million dollars to do this again would I? I say "HELL NO!!!!" I have very depressed with all of this. I hate asking for help. I have always been very independent but now. OMG!!!!! I am so needy!!!! I am such a whiner!!!! But if all my soreness and leakness went away I would the happiest woman in the world!!!!!!
I did have my TT in Mexico. Very good doctor, yes he did give me pain meds. But I stopped take them on my 3rd day. I had lipo upper belly ,arms,flanks, legs with no drains. I have no pain just soreness and a lots of bruising with leaking. I think that's the worst the lipo TT o pain just tightness. When did your leaking stop? Just my arms leak.

16 day op I am still very sore in lipo areas. I...

16 day op I am still very sore in lipo areas. I took my garment off on day 13th because it was killing me. But I have many many of you wore the garment for the full four weeks. Or how many didn't? Did you have sweling with hardness is that normal? I am very swollen on my tummy and my belly button is sore. Ouch!!!! Is all normal?
So glad to finally hear from you. I was worried. I also wore my CG very little due to it making me nauseated. My tummy was very swollen and hard at first, but not it is softer, but still swollen. My BB is completely healed, but even if it was sore I wouldn't be able to feel it! Completely numb! So glad you are feeling better. Keep us updated. Hugs.
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