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A Little Nervous - Mexico, MX

My surgery with dr. cardenas is net week tuesday...

My surgery with dr. cardenas is net week tuesday and I am a little nervous. I am having a TT, lipo and FG. My hubby is going down with me but is only staying till net week thursday. I dont know if i can do this by mayself. If there is anyone out there who has been to the bcrh and been thorugh this recently please let me know just looking for someword of encouragement.


Day 2 post op and b I feel good getting around a little better. My hubby left today kind of sad been sleeping all day. But my body feels good. My butt is a little numb and my stomach is soar and swollen.
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Awww. I remember that feeling. The things women do for beauty. Lol. Honey its gonna get better. Just take it easy and make sure to walk a little.
Thank u ladies for all your support I am doing good and will be posting picture's soon once I am able to stand up a little more.
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finally home!!!!!

10 day post op. I feel good no real pain. Just got in the house feels good to be home, but I will miss the women from the recovery house. U ladies are something special. so I notice out of the garment I stand up pretty good but once it's on it's back to be hunched over. I am swollen from the flight and a little soar. But its okay cause I am home about to go to bed will update super sleepy.


Any pic updates !?
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6 months post op

I am sorry I am late but better late then never. So I hit my 6 month mark and I love my body. I am going back for a second round to finish up somethings but I have to say dr cardenas is the best. I started my journey at 208lbs I am now 190lbs . I never thought I would be able to wear crop tops or bikinis and I have brought 5 already. Dr cardenas you made my dream come true must ppl ask about my bbl and I tell who cares about that I don't have a gut anymore.


Your beautiful and you look great I csnt wait to see more pics. I will be goinv to Dr. C in july also.
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Thanks OCVera. Its process but it was worth it for me. Good look and u look great also keep up the good work.
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