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I am unhappy at my eyelids are different the right...

I am unhappy at my eyelids are different the right lid is noticeably droopier, and I have a large clump of skin under my chin.I was a bloody mess all over my head and ears, I have long hair and it was just pilled on top with blood. My forehead looks good as does my neck expect for the scar and lump of skin on it.

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.The Doctor at first was very kind and was polite throughout. But after surgery at the removal of stitches, very little comments were made from him how things went or what I might expect. Another words very little communication.I wanted to ask him why my right eyelid was noticeably droopier than the left and would this big lump of skin on my neck go away. But he was already out the door letting a assistant remove the rest of my stitches. I had to leave quickly because other people were waiting for me for are ride back over the border, so I got no answers no pictures taken of me of the final result and no appointment.

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Would love to hear how you are recovering...I too had a face/neck lift with Dr Q. and I also had a bump under my chin, which at my 6 week check up was told it would go away, which it did. My after pics were taken at the 6 week apt when things had healed more. Hope you are liking your results better as you heal, for me everything got better as time went on. It took 6 months to fully heal and I love my results. I would say please call the Doc if you are not happy, I've talked with him several times since my surgery, he calls me right back whenever I have called in plus even called on his own just to do a phone follow up...so definitely reach out if you are the least bit unhappy!
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Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have the outcome you were hoping for and understand your concerns about your eyes. If I were in your shoes, I would wait until you've reached 2 months post-op and if you still see no improvement with your eyes, I would get a second opinion with another surgeon. The good news is post-surgical Ptosis (which is what I believe you have) can be corrected if it doesn't resolve on its own. If you want some free medical advice post a picture of your eyes (include pics of before & after surgery) in the Doctors forum on RealSelf. Ask the doctors on RS what can be done to resolve the problem and how long you should wait before you seek any kind of revision. I hope this is just a case of excess swelling and that your eyes become even again on their own in time. it. The scar under your chin looks very ropey and thick and uneven - this would concern me as well. I believe there are ways to fix this if you don't want to live with it permanently. How do the rest of your scars look next to your ears and elsewhere on your head & face? If possible can you please post pictures of all your scars, I would really appreciate it if you would. Thanks again for sharing your story...take care.
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I am very sorry for how you are feeling with your experience, have you sent an email to them explaining how you feel, and possibly send some pictures too? Maybe you should post pictures online here and ask other doctor's their opinion? That way you may get a better knowledge base on whether everything is status quo or maybe revisions may need to be done in the future, I do know that time is the determining factor for things to settle down with face lifts, keep us updated on your status, best of luck.
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How are you doing? Are things beginning to settle in for you?
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Thank you I am doing better. I have noticed a few things though. Dr Quiroz and or staff did not remove all my stitches.. I found this out the hard way while combing my hair it pulled in several places leaving a bit of pain.Yes I still have a bump of skin under my chin it has been over a month. I still have numbness hair line but my skin is very tight on my neck. I will post better pictures of before and after tomorrow..I must say I am not sure why I was treated differently but I distinctly remember several things like not getting ice on my face the first 24 hours , I had to ask. I am not clear why there were no after surgery pictures taken by the staff after most of the stitches were removed.
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Dr Q cut some stiches in the stiches in the back of my head but told me they were not quite ready to come out and would come out on their own later which they did but they should have mentioned it to you. II returned for a 6 week follow up visit, at that time I had post op pictures taken. I never even thought about ice on the face, didn't do that either, but was on medication so I guess I didn't miss it...Did you stay at the recovery center? The nurses there washed my hair for me.
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I had a bump under my chin also but it goes down with each passing week. Mine is almost gone and it's only been 4 months, message it lightly while watching TV, that is what helped mine go down. No after pictures were taken of me and I came home with most of my stitches, I stayed there for 10 days and they weren't ready to come out. I was not given ice for my face because they said it can cause more bruising. Dr Quiroz did not come to see me any while I was there, I'm sure he would have if I needed him. I saw him the day of the surgery and the day he took out 1 or 2 of my stitches. Don't feel slighted because the way he treated you was the same way he treated me but I was very happy about everything. You will love your results after the healing is over. You do need to send him pics of your eyes and see what he has to say. I hope everything works out for you. God Bless.
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I had my surgery with Dr Quiroz, and I also have a bump under my chin, this will diminish with time, my ears also looked the way yours does and are healing nicely. My surgery is 14 days post op. From the many comments from the surgeons here on realself, your face will heal differently and at times and become a little lopsided until the healing is complete. I hope after the healing, you are pleased with your results. I will post a more detailed post on my experience as soon as I'm completely healed. So far I am happy with my results even though I have some uneven and crooked healing which is normal.
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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf. It looks like you're starting to get some nice support from others here in the Facelift community.

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Yes, I was wondering also if these are recent pictures.  I'm sorry your experience was not a good one.  I've also seen a lot of good reviews on this doctor out there although for me personally, going out of the country would be out of the question; first for my location in the Northeast but also the comfort of having an American PS at my backdoor who is accessible.  This is a tough surgery emotionally!  Can you post the pics of your eyes for comparison?  Perhaps everything needs to settle in as well?  Alternatively, perhaps you can get a consult from a PS locally. Good luck!
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Are these recent pictures? I had heard good thongs about your doctor. I am so sorry that he was not able to spend more time with you. You have a right to have your question answered. Please keep us posted. The best of luck with the healing process and hope it goes well.
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