Hi beautifuls! well i finally scheduled my surgery...

Hi beautifuls! well i finally scheduled my surgery with Dr Gongora in mexico! my surgery is scheduled for april 9th but they suggested i come a day earlier so the can run tests or what not. I'm 5'4 125 lbs, i already had a boob job and now i need the butt to match! i am getting lipo on my back and flanks, butt implants, and fat grafting around the implant for $8,000 USD. that includes: surgery, anesthesia, pre-op studies, medication,surgical and medical supplies private recovery room with private restroom and shower, all of my food and beverages and a 5 day stay at their clinic with 24hr nurse assistance. and on top of that I'm allowed to have one person accompany me the whole time free of charge which is awesome. not to bad.. don't get me wrong i am sooooo nervous especially because I'm going to mexico for this. but other then that i've been talking to Jessica ( an employee at the clinic) she is super nice and answers all of my questions. i will be arriving in san diego april 8th and she will be there to pick me up and drive me to the clinic. that service is an extra $200 but id rather her pick me up then trying to find the clinic by myself and get lost somewhere in mexico. since i live in chicago, i had to send them 10% of the 8,000 which is $800 to hold my spot. i did that through banks, she emails you the account info, and pre-op requirements. pretty simple just the basics. i cant wait to have this butt especially since my b-day is may 27th so hopefully i will be healed by then lol.. ill be sure to put "pre" booty pics up tonight


You look amazing. Did you get butt implants or bbl
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Dr Gongora will give you that booty you've always wanted! Will be following your journey
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I hope so :)

Exactly one month away!

so today i am exactly one month away, and wanting the time to fly by so i can go already.. here are a few pics to give you an idea of my size :) ill have the BF take better ones later


Can wait to see results
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How was your surgery do you have any pictures
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I didn't have it yet. I'm scheduled April 9th.

Flight info was sent!

So ladies I just emailed my flight information to Jessica and she will be picking me up from the airport! Now reality is setting in. Now all I have to do is prepare my list of items I will need for my healing process and my recovery. I'll be sure to update my list as I go.


I have a supply list and a couple pics/websites that might be helpful. Good luck girl! Hope everything goes as planned:)
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OMG yes that would be so helpful! Thanks!
They're all posted on my page. I'll be posting more helpful supplies/websites almost every day:)

pre op pictures


Hey! Don't forget to start taking your 325 mg of iron. I bought mine at GNC. I'm soo excited for you! I know everything will turn out the fabulous. Ciao
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Hi thanks! I'll be sure to get some tomorrow. I'm soooo nervous
What else should I be taking

Wish pics

Here are some wish pics! Hopefully It turns out exactly like this lol.. I don't want anything to big. Less then a month away! Can't wait to get this over with already. ?? Have a great day ladies..


So excited for you! I cannot wait to see your body !!
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im a little over 2 weeks til my SX!!! super excited if anyone knows of anything i will need for after my SX PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE let me know. im sooo nervous and now that its getting closer to the date im even more nervous. like i kind of want to back out.(but i wont). does anyone regret doing it?


text me 9094770093
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im getting mine one month after u
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feel me inn so excited for u girly
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Flying out tomorrow!

Hi girls, so I just got an email from Jessica confirming my pick up time from San Diego tomorrow! I'll be landing at 1050am I'll be sure to keep everyone posted as I go.. Wish my luck ??


Surgery today!!! I'm praying for you :-)
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Tomorrow is the big day! Good luck beautiful, I'm excited for you!!!!
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Good luck girl!:)
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1 day post op

So I finally landed in beautiful Dan Diego and the weather is amazing :) Jessica emailed me last night telling me what car she would be in and it was a blue van with the clinic logo on the side, really easy to spot. She's super nice to. So when I landed I noticed that she wasn't there.. I gave it about 40 mins until I called the clinic to make sure she was still coming lol. And she was.. So after an hour of waiting I noticed the van! I jumped in and Jessica greeted me.. Then we were off! It took about 15 minutes to get to the border. After that it took about 15 more minutes to get to the clinic. When I got there I filled out some paper wk and headed to my room.

The room is pretty basic. It's a twin hospital bed and a tv (with English Chanel's) then the male nurse Eddie introduced himself and so did the female cook.. She asked me what I liked to eat cause all they served was chicken, salad, and salmon.. Of course I said chicken. Then about 30 minutes later she brought me a tray of food. Also I've been trying to connect to wifi for the past 4 1/2 hours. Still not working and it's driving me insane cause it's only 430 and I'm beyond bored out of my mind.

So it's 630 now and still nothing new.. Still no wifi and I'm about to go insane lol.. Ughhh so bored..

Ok so it's 745am and one Of the nurses came in to draw some blood and give me and IV.. Then she brought me a ton of paper wk to fill out but I only filled out the English ones cause I can't understand Spanish. Then after that she said for me to shower with some green soap and put a gown on.. It's now 820 and I'm just relaxing for now and watching some tv. I'm beginning to get nervous, cause just in a few hours I will be getting my SX!! Oh and still no wifi!! Lol

Around 830 I had an EKG then the nutritionist can in then a physiatrist can it to talk me.. Then dr gongora!!! We then preceded Tk another room where he took some pictures and I was off to Sx!!

I woke up in some pain and they gave me a pain killer through my iv that worked wonders! No pain at all. I slept through the night but when I woke up this morning I was in pain and they gave me another shot right away.. Not to long after the the nurses came in to chance me cause there was some blood and leaking. They said that's normal. They brought me some breakfast and I passed out again. Now I'm up and the nurse just gave me some more pain meds and a shot in my leg to prevent blood clots.. I'll be on here as much as I can to keep up updates..

Oh and by the way I have 360 cc round implant :) so far I'm super happy about my results and it's only day one! It only gets better!


Your body is going to be amazing!!!
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U go girl!!!! X
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Looking good girl!:)
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So today I feel a lot better and able to get up walk around and go to the bathroom. Thank god cause being confined to that bed is horrible. The dr said my results came out wonderfully. I'm still all bandaged up but I will put more pics up ASAP

So it's now 7 am and they woke me up to give me an antibiotic and pain meds. Nothing else more. Hope fully they come in and change my garments soon cause they are pretty messy for the leaking. But other then that im ok. I'm in some
Pain and major discomfort especially from being in my stomach all day..

It's 9am and I'm bored lol the nurse just gave me another pill for my stomach.


You're going to look amazing, your body was already really nice before sx :) do you know how much fat he transferred?
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I'm home!

So I just got off my flight back home.. Today was great I woke up took a shower and dr gongora came in to see me. Unfortunately my drains aren't ready to be taken out yet so I will be making another trip to get them removed by him. They gave me a garment to wear for my arms and my back but not for my butt.. I'll just order one.. The plane ride wasn't bad at all and I has to fly 4 hours back to Chicago.. It's just uncomfortable but painless.. Can't wait to get home and take some pics for you girls! Be sure to look tomorrow I'll post as much as I can.. Feel free to ask any questions.. And does anyone know when the implants drop approximately?


You look great hun.. do you know how much you weight going into sx? And did he tell you how much fat he transfer? Also when you made your deposit did you have to do a money wire? Sorry for all the questions lol
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I was 130 going into surgery, and he didn't tell me how much he transferred but I'll find out tomorrow when I talk to Jessica his assistant. And yes I had to do a wire directly into their account. Completely safe. Just 10% and I paid the rest there
Glad you got home safely and comfortably, but you came back to snow! Lol
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5 Days Post Op!


Congrats hun you look amazing ! As for the implants dropping give it like 3-4 weeks to start
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Hey girl, I know your back is swollen but how do you like the way he lipo your flanks & back so far?
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I really can't tell yet because of me being swollen but the front of me looks awesome

7 days post op

I'm beginning to feel semi normal. I got out of the house today and went to the mall.. It wasn't bad at all I just can't walk fast.. Here are some more pics.. As you can tell im still very bruised and swollen.. But it's weird cause it doesn't hurt at all. I take a shower everyday so that everything is nice and clean and I use lots if baby wipes :) the drains are still leaking a lot but that's normal I guess.. So far I like what I see. Can't wait for it to fluff.. TEAM GONGORA

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Hey, did you have any problems going through security at the airport due to your drains? Did you sit on your boppy pillow while you were on the plane?
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No problems at all and ya I sat on it for 4 hours

8 days post op

I'm loving my new body every single day it seems to get better and better :-) i'm starting to be able to bend down a little more and actually do stuff LOL… here's some pics.


Since your drains and your stitches are still there after five days, when do you have to fly back to get them both removed? How many days post op?
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I'm 15 days po stop and they said that my sister can remove them since she's a nurse so I don't have to fly back
How long has it been since the surgery?
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Finally got my garment!

Hi ladies so today is day 15 and I feel good.. But I have been getting sharp pains in my left side. I called Jessica to mail me more pain pills basically so that I can sleep through the night. But other the that I feel good.. I still can't really bend or anything. I've been I the car with the boppy of course and I sAt on it and it wasn't bad at all. The garment came in the mail today and I def feel more sturdy with it on… It's a size small and fits me perfect.. So now I'm just taking it slow and waiting to heal day by day… Here's a picture of the garments we can see what it looks like :)

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in leggings


I'm happy to hear your recovery is coming along. My time is coming up soon. Do you have any critical advice for a smooth recovery that you may want to share with me?
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Just amazing
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Wow! You look amazing! I will want results like you! I am planning to go with him, but I am very scare about implants... Do you feel them?
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3 weeks post op

hi ladies! so far im doing great! i had the drains taken out on sunday and it feels amazingggggg... i hated those things.. im able to sit for longer periods but i try not to..im still a little sore but i feel like my butt is starting to round out nicely.. im loving it. but the one thing that i do hate re those garments!! i feel like it squeezes the life outta me and i feel like its making indents on my stomach where i had the lipo done... i basically wear it to bed only cause it drives me insaine, but other then that so far so good... im really wanting to drive and go places.. hopefully next week.. but i will be going out tonight for a cocktail lol.. if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask


Thanks for answering love. Will u be posting more photos?
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Congrats, very nice result! So now that it has been 2 months can you sit down with it feeling normal and comfortable?
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Yep and everything feels great! I can kind of feel them but it's not bad at all


Hi everyone Sorry I've been gone for a while I've been working and enjoying the weather.. But let me give you a quick up date.. As of today I can do everything and I live my results. I get sooooo many compliments. I wish I would if done this sooner and I couldn't if picked a better dr. Here's some recent pics for you girls.


Lizstarr.. Will you post more pics soon Hun... Everyone loves your result!
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I will this week
Hey girls! Does any1 know if her implants are under the muscle??
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Loving the summer butt!!

Hi girls so I'm absolutely in love with this summer butt and so is everyone else.. Lol.. It's feels and looks absolutely natural.. I have a video but I have no clue how to post it.. But here are some new pics.


Thanks for updating. You look perfect!
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Dam your butt looks good !!! He did a great job !!!
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Hi! I would live to see ur present pics too. I absolutely love ur results. You do look stunning. ?For how long did u have The drains? I'm about to loose my mind over this suckers :(
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From behind


I love your results!!!! I am seriously considering going to Dr. Gongora for the exact same thing! Jessica just gave me a quote today but I guess his prices went up because they are charging me $9,500 for butt implants, lipo of the back and flanks, and fat injections to the butt and hips. Have you had any complications whatsoever? Do you feel that the round 360 implant was enough for you or would you go bigger? Happy Healing!!!!
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You look AMAZING!!! Did you have them under the muscle?
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Nevermind I saw your weight in your updates lol sorry
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