Got my Date! March 6! Can't Wait! Butttock Implants

I had my buttock implants done about 8 years ago. ...

I had my buttock implants done about 8 years ago. I'm having them replaced. I'm also getting a butt lift and full body lipo. I'm not nervous. This is literally my 3rd surgery. 1st surgery was in costa rica 10 years ago and i had fat grafting and it didn't work, next butt was fine for a while but i should have done more research on the surgeon and i didn't. implants have shifted (more so with me working out).. I'm very happy i have friends have went to Gongora so im excited!! I was actually thinking of going smaller (i know that sounds crazy) lol but i have 480 cc implant and the way they were placed makes my butt look pointy. I get tons of attention and it's getting annoying honestly to always be known for my butt! ugh idk. i wish it was maybe 400cc. I'm 5'11 so it looks great but the attention sometimes isn;t. Also if i i stand a certain way it looks overly fake and super pointy. i think it's either due to shifting or the placement idk.. but anyway im happy to get it corrected!!!


Hi Fari!! I'm getting implants April 1st SOO excited!! I have some questions for you since you already have implants. What style do you have round or oval? Did you originally want just projection or an overall hourglass? Will you get a replacment and fat transfer this time or just implants. I am torn between round and oval currently so any feedback is so helpful. Please post pics if you are comfortable. Thanks in advance!
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Hello, and thanks for sharing. However, I am 5`10" and I am planning on getting round 500ccs implants, however, I don't have a visual about how big it is. Lke mentioned earlier, if you feel comfortable with posting pictures, we will appreciate it and it will also be helpful. Thanks again,

post op photo

480 cc implant done 8 years ago. if i bend over implant pokes out and if very visible. Having a butt lift with new implants, and lipo all over... i can't wait for my surgery!


I just had mine done 2 weeks ago. I'm loving it. You are going to look amazing, which you already do! Good ouck
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Aww thanks!!! i can't wait im tired of the loose skin and want the implants to feel normal! can't wait for my results!!
I also doing lipo on my arms, stomach, inner thighs, a lil on my hips (i have hips so want to keep some lol) also a little under my chin. im so happy!!!

before pics

Cant wait to get my lipo


Hi where were implants placed as they are visable??? I heard under or sub muscular they wontt b seen??
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It It was suppose to be under but idk if the doc just told me that.. I've had for 8 years and now it's visible
U look good... I think what you have is perfect for ur frame... I'm impressed and confident now that I see you that I will be good with 500cc round. However, I won't be going to Dr.Gongora, one girl on here mentioned that she went to him, and his work is great, buthe didn't give her what she wanted... But she's a trooper... I'm sure that you will be in good hands and ur results are Going to be good..

changing surgeons

I decided not to go to gongora my own personal choice based on on research and just my gut. Have plane ticket and hotel booked. Need suggestions on on surgeons??? Leaning towards Fuentes


Never mind lol sorry just saw the comment. That's awesome girl:) same date??
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Have you made a decision yet?
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YES! same date im very excited and nervous.. more excited!

Dr Jacome it is!

got my supplies! arnica, etc! should be interesting. Nervous and excited!


Just checked out your doc's website. His results look awesome! Are you getting oval or round implants?
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Not sure yet. will determine when i get there. Come to find out i have silimed 480cc but this size doesn't come in butt implants so i found out that i actually have breast implants in my butt! LOL SMH! im very upset but they last for 8 years so hey. For silimed cohesive gel round only goes up to 360cc and oval goes up to 500cc. Not sure which one i would choose i may go oval 400 or 450cc or round 360cc because i wanted smaller just not that small lol
OMG breast implants? That's crazy, breast & but implants are shaped completely different. U still look really good especially for having breast implants, now u know why they point at angles tho. Glad ur gettin it fixed hun:)

450cc oval

Doctor recommended 450 cc oval cohesive gel. Surgery is tomorrow! Very excited and nervous!


Wishing you well. I cant wait to see your results
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switched out old implant

Notice the left one is rippled

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love dr jacome

Revision 450 cc oval silimed


Thx im in pain ugh cant wait to see the form... im flat now lol dr said I should see results In about 2 weeks to a month...very happy
The good thing is the pain dont last too long. After like the 4 day i stopped taking the pain meds. Now Im just uncimfortable.Yay! Me too. Im waiting too for mine to form. I was one week yesterday. Looking forward to seeing more pics:)
I got oval... I had oval originally and stuck with that... im a slight snaller went from 485cc to 450cc

3 days post op

Wow! so today feel much better!!! i can actually walk semi normal. butt is starting to form a little.. ugh i get the rest of my lipo on my arms and abs tomorrow. doctor didnt want to complete because it actually took about 3 hours on the butt surgery alone. had alot of scar tissue so he thought it was safer to do the others another day... hey im all for safety!


were you not worried that you had lot of scar tissue/dead tissues from last implant your body might react the same way for new implants ? or could accumulation of dead tissue spark infection years down the line!
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i was worried.. i did have scar tissue doc said... my surgery was actually 3 hours due to scar tissue and i had the implants placed above the muscle prior (i was told under).. and he made a pocket to place them under.... im about 4 days post op doing well minimal pain. i have 450cc implants oval and im happy..
What made you change your mind about Dr Gongora? reason for my asking is im scheduled to go to him and im super nervous about it.. i would love to know why you chose not to. thanks
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still bruised

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6 days post op

450 cc silimed oval


Damn, girl look at you!!!!! Wow your booty is sprouting so fast!!!! Amazing :)
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Hey girl thx yes the doctor said it will get bigger im like oh boy. Lol but its so painful in the morning. Every morning feels like implant is pushing though muscle
I haven't felt that yet! But girl your butts banging! Go get emmmm gurl !!

So Happy with My Results! Thanks to Dr Jacome and Dr Bernardo at Clinica Del Rey

Hi! so many l have asked my story. So here it is. I went to fat graphing 10 years ago and my results didn't work. Did butt implants 8 years ago with Dr Rosas. Surgery and results were good. I noticed a few years ago my implants were shifted i had unders (so i thought) so didn't see why it would shift. Anyone i scheduled my revision surgery with Dr Gongora. After speaking to some patients and seeing some of his recent work. Sorry i wasnt impressed. One of his patients told me "If you can research someone else, go ahead, he's not the best, and he won't give you what you want." I felt that if someone that just went to him won't recommend him then why should i go with him, so i changed my mind! I already booked my plane ticket and took time off, so i had to pick a surgeon fast. Checked Fuentas and others but still didn't feel right. Went on youtube and saw Dr Jacome's work and was impressed. Barbie31 on realself went to him and was happy so i thought hey i will be in good hands! My expectations were exceeding! When i first got to the clinic it was nice, located in Matamoras, Mexico. Took a plane to Brownsville, TX and taxi across the boarder. First, i had blood work and EKG done. Note: EKG, blood, and cardiologist were seperate in payment from surgery. After that i met with Dr jacome and also Dr Bernardo who would both perform my surgery together. They were extremely knowledgable in butt implants and i felt safe. I chose 450cc oval implants.
Day of surgery-i told the doctor i had implants under the muscle , 485 cc silimed and that i heard they could possibly be breast implants placed in because silimed didn't go up to that size. What i found amazing about the doctor jacome is right before i went into surgery, he went into my room, close the door and prayed! YES Prayed with me, he says he does that with all his patients and that was amazing to me. After that went under general anesthetia, and the rest was history. My surgery took 3 and 1/2 hours.... so i was suppose to have lipo on my arms, but they didn't do it because they felt they didn't want me to close too much blood because of the butt surgery. I was told i had so much scar tissue from previous surgery. When i woke up i was in my worse pain ever. but i was nervous because my butt looked flat i was like no! omg! Dr Bernardo also showed me my old implants one was deflated and one was like a rupture of some sort. Also i didn't have it under!!! i had above the muscle which shocked me but explained everything. He informed me that my butt will look flat until implant pushes through the muscle and i would be fine thereafter.
Day2-left the clinic everyone was so nice and accomodating and was in the worse pain every crossing the boarder back to Brownsville, TX. They transported me in a car so i had to endure the pain of sitting uncomfortable because the car was small. I tried to lean to the side, but since i had lipo on my thighs, that hurt as well. All i did once i got to the hotel was sleep!
Day3-I paid a nurse at the clinic to help me. I had lipo on my inner and outer thighs, and my upper and lower, back and waist area. I could barely move, pain meds wasn't working i was crying at night. Nurse had to help me take a shower and clean my incision. In doing that i looked in the mirror and damn!!! my butt was poking out so i felt better knowing my results were coming!so happy!
Day4-still pain but better, nurse came again to help me take a shower and rest up
Day5-Went back to clinic for them to check on me. My results were amazing so pleased with everything.
Day6-Doctors finished the other surgeries they couldnt complete-i did my stomach, my arms, and also a little chin lipo.
I left on Day 8 and honestly was crying, not because of the pain more becuase of the staff. they called and check on me every single day. Wanted to make sure i was happy and if they could do anything. One of the nurses even took me to Walmart and shopped with me on her own personal time and she didn't need to do that. One of the nurses spoke little English and said "she's glad im here i helped her english a little" i smiled.
The patient coordinator Christina was extremely nice. I mean i was so happy and in great hands! I want to thank the entire staff of Clinica Del Ray. My surgery in it's entirety was about 9,500. The only bad thing i would say about the clinic is that nothing is really included in the price except for surgery and anesthetia was included. Garments, meds, nurse fee, exams, are all seperate. At first i was little annoyed by that but with my amazing results, and the amazing staff, money didn't mean anything. Even today, on a Saturday, they called me to check on me. And said they will call me next week. I felt happy i was in such good hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


I was really considering Dr. Gongora but after reading your review and looking up Dr. Jacomes work also watching his videos on youtube really impressed me! I sent him an email but you do you mind me asking how much he charged for implants + full body lipo and do you know if he does fat grafting to your butt and hips? Also, where did you stay during your time there? He gives such great projection! Are you happy with the way he sculpted your body. That's one of the reasons why I like Dr. Gongora cause it seems like he has really great sculpting skills like he sucks every ounce of fat out of you. Well thank you so much for your help girl .. happy healing! Can't wait to see more of your results :-)
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Hi! again i dont' want people to go not with who they want. i just knew in my gutt gongora wasn't for me.. my implants was a special case since i already had them in so i paid around $7500 for implant revision and lipo then again $2,000 for lipo on my stomach. one thing is that he doesn't do lipo on the stomach with butt implants so i had to wait and get it done in a few days. He says that when you do lipo on stomach and turn patient around to do butt implants it may cause blood clots i respected his decision so i didn't do it. I don't have fat grafting, i did have it in the past and left me with one butt bigger than the other. he did sculpt my back to give me projection. Im very happy with the results, the only thing i didn't like is the pain. Ugh the first 3 days was the worst. he's a nice doc. i would recommend him. i felt at home but i wasn't expecting the pain to be that bad lol. Gongora does have great sculpting skills! like i said, if everyone has their opinion gongora just wasn't for me,but he may be for you! idk.. I stayed in Brownsville, TX across the border from Matamaros, Mexico about 20 mins away. i wish i would have stayed in mexico because crossing the boarder is fine but coming back it was too long to wait and i was getting annoyed. hope this helps you
Your butt looks huge and I love the arc. Happy healing girl
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Almost 2 weeks post op!

Feeling good not much pain.. went back to work.. my butt is getting bigger and feeling firm and i love it! so happy!!! im still swollen hope that goes down!!


You look great ;)
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2 weeks post op

Im loving my results no still uncomfortable to sit.. its getting bigger and rounder by the day. I pray it doesn't get bigger lol. Stomach looks great still swollen.


Girl you look aqesome5
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Aww Aww thx
hey girl, can you post a pic of your butt lol the one taken is a blury cant really see xx I really feel bad for gongora, i think gettin implants or any surgery is a big deal the one lady who went with him and is puttin alot of people off i believe with out sounding too harsh was bound to happen because she was tiny if you no what i mean, no room for a butt, i see alot of small framed women getting lifts and very small implants to accommodate thier bodies, from 2 of his butt implants jobs are my fav! the best ive seen besides durans work so i think im still gonna go with him fingers crossed. hope your healing well xxx
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tried a new garment

So my garment is done it has spread out so trying spanx for now til garment comes in


Hi just had implants put In on Wednesday , I feel like a freak , the top of my bum is round then it just flattens downword I would like to show you a pic but this stupid site won't let me add . Was your side view round when you had it first done?
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my side was flat it felt flat all over then out of nowhere everyday the implant would push through.....
We'll that gives me done hope I guess, I wish that the would show the before middle and end pictures , that way we know what to expect and won't freak out,

Almost 4 weeks post it!

Couldn't have felt better!! still swollen but so happy with my results!!!


Can't wait to c up ur new pics ! Happy continued healing . $9500 was ur sx price how much for RH n nurses?
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4 weeks post op

Love my new garment


Hey hun! How are things going?
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Its going well much better. I posted a video of my surgery.
Post new pics soon plus how u feeling girlyy
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Video of my surgery!!!

Video of my surgery posted below!!! enjoy!


What is the size of your butt now ? .. how many inches it increased?
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Did he transfer fat to your butt or nah?
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nah no fat transfer

new pic 2 and 1/2 months post op

Love it


i had 450cc implants its fairly large.. i actually wanted to decrease... i went from 480 to 450cc...
oh ok thanks :).. looking great

2 and 1/2 months


Looking good xxxxx

love my results!!!


Why did you change your mind about Gongora??? I am schedule to go with him on July. I read great reviews. Who did you talk to??? Please help!
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i just went with my gut feeling nothing else. plus i really wanted to talk with the doc before hand and that didnt' happen.. i wish you all the best!
You look good! Im looking into your Dr, just got my quote:) thanks for the YouTube video btw. How did you do your prep testing? Did they do it there when you came? Or did you do it with your Dr here in the states?
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My stomach looks amazing


Why does it still look poked out at the upper half? what it between the muscle?
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Is it that noticeable? idk.. i thought it was projection because when i first did the surgery it was flat and then slowly gradually started to poke out. Yes, it's placed under the muscle..
Ur butt looks great! I just butt implants done under 2 weeks ago, after reading ur post about butt looking flat after surgery. That's kinda what I'm experiencing, will it poke out more? When did ur butt start showing projection? Appreciate ur feedback:)

4 months posts up! feeling great!

Love my results!


Wich dr did you go to? Your review said Gongora, but you went with Jacome? Please specified? You can edit the name of the dr. Your results are fantastic !
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I went to Dr Jacome. Ok i will try to edit, i tried before and couldnt do lol. thanks so much . im about 6 months post op.
Dang i love your results … i almost went to Mx but changed my mind at the last minute, having my surgery with Dr. lucerna tuesday Sep. 30th i hope i made the right decision :)
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