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Hi 23years old, 2kids from London City!!!! Over...

Hi 23years old, 2kids from London City!!!!
Over here in london surgery is not a big thing except breast implants... Im quite happy with my bod after 2 kids ive stayed the same, no stretch marks or saggyness so im lucky I know but I just want a hott ass to match and make me feel good!

So far ive save half the money £3000 so im feeling good about that!

what im going for

Hey girls

So I'm still here haven't had the surgery yet! I was so stuck on gongora but to travel that far and back was just not sitting well with me :/ so I've seen 2 ladies who have gone to Turkey to a place called comfort zone, where there results to me were nice. I want projection n a full butt it's taken me so long to save n I'm still saving for this procedure! One thing which was confusing is both girls paid around £3000 when I was quoted more for the same procedure exactly... So I email them about this and I'm just waiting for a response. Happy new yr xx

comfort zone!

So I am definitely going to Istanbul, comfort zone, my plan is to be ready by august and I will book closer to that date...... if anyone wants to do the same it would be fun to have a buddy.
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