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Hiiiii :) I've spoken to Jessica today that works...

Hiiiii :)
I've spoken to Jessica today that works for Dr. Gongora. I choose to go with Dr. Gongora 10 months ago when I had my son since I felt like his results were AMAZING. I'm really tiny I'm 5'5 and weight 108lbs ???? it's really hard for me to gain weight. And when I do I loose it days later. This is something I've always wanted. Btw I'm 20 years old (birthday July) my quote that was giving to me was $7000.00 that includes the 5 day stay lipo and fat grafting. I can also bring a friend that can stay there for free. :) I haven't set a date yet but I will soon. Hopefully I will meet some nice ladies on here that can give me tips and we can share our stories ..

I will post before pictures soon

Xoxo :* :*

My wish pictures

I'm really tiny (will post before pictures later) so here are my wish pictures. I emailed them to Jessica so she can ask Dr. Gongora if we can do that. I just want a nice round bubble butt :))

Also who else is going to go see Dr.Gongora and wants to buddy up? Comment below when you wanted to go :)

Xoxo :*

Respond from Jessica & Dr. Gongora

So I've heard back from Jessica, because I wanted to know if I can get those results ( my wish pictures). The size and shape of implant I will find out the day of the surgery which is understandable. She also said "But the Doctor said you would still have great results, a nice and perky butt to get you as close as possible to your wish pics."

I want to gain weight anyways so hopefully I can gain 10-15lbs before my surgery, so he can use that fat :)) wish me luck.

Here are some before pictures.

surgery date ?

So I've messaged Jessica to see when I can come in. Since I have to gain some weight I can't go anytime soon. Defiantly because it's not that easy for me to gain weight.


I didn't mean to post that just yet. But yeah as soon as Jessica gets back to me I'll also pay for my deposit :) IM SO EXCITED!! Who else is going to see Dr. Gongora ? Message me and let me know when you were planning on going we might be able to buddy up.
Are there any skinny girls that have gotten implants by Dr.Gongora and have before and after pictures ?

Dr. DRA DURAN ? What you guys think ?

Hey loves, I came across Dr. Dra Duran. What do you guys think about her? I'm skinny I want a nice round perky bootey. I've seen lots of reviews about her and her work is great. Just really hard to get in contact with :-(.
If you know of any skinny girls that got butt implants, please coent below
Thank you

Any skinny girls with butt implants?

I was wondering if there are any skinny girls that've gotten butt inplants on RS ? If yes please comment below or if you know someone please comment their name below. I just would like to see more skinny girls that have gotten them done.

Dr. salama Quote

So I spoke to Cynthia and sent my pictures so I could just get a quote. Dr salama took a look at my pictures and said I'm defiantly a candidate for butt Implants and not BBL because I don't have enough fat. He said I would have to gain 10-12lbs so some fat can also go to my hips. (I was planning on gaining weight anyways because my weight right now is not my reg weight just been going through a lot) my quote that was giving to me was $9,300 !


You guys don't even know lol so I thought I had to wait forever to get a hold of her well it only took 2 days. So my advice is DONT PAY $150.00 just to get a quote etc. :) guess all those text messages and emails was worth it lol. I wrote her in Spanish and in English, she replied in Spanish.
Her quote for butt implants was $5.000
She told me to call the office and schedule my appointment if Id like. I replied to her with more questions so let's see what she says :) if anyone has gotten butt implants with Dr.Dra Duran please message me or comment below :)

Not going with Dr.DRA DURAN because ..

Hey so I'm not going with Dr. dra Duran she replied and said if I choose butt implants there won't be fat transfer to the buttocks. Its either or .. & of course I need BOTH!
Guessing Dr.Gongora (which was my first choice) it is :) I'll keep you guys updated

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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I'm 5'3 and weight 115 it's super hard for me to gain weight .. Almost freakin impossible at times :( ugh
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Were u able to gain the weight ?
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Did you got your surgery ? How are you?
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Hi.. I'm a petite girl too, I'm 5'2 weigh 120lbs.. I just got my quote from Dr G. , I'm planing on scheduling my surgery towards the end of the year.. I have 3 kids so I have to schedule it around the time they will be on winter break. In the meantime I'm doing lots of research!
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Somebody prompt please, whether can increase buttocks, by means of others fat, the close relative. I have no fat, I thin
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Ок :(
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I am as skinny as you too and have the same problem... No hips no butt Let me know if it works out for you
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Alright I will
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Help me please! ! I from Russia, very much want to make to myself big buttocks, advise the good surgeon and clinic, fat change probably won't manage to be made at me as I thin and so much fat won't be. It is necessary to do implants probably. And still I don't know language, I should go on operation with the translator? :) I want big buttocks
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Hey if your skinny I suggest doing implants, but make sure you also have enough fat to transfer (for around the implants)
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I heard that well do in Thailand as there are a lot of transsexuals
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So are u going July and was that a birthday special
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Hey no I'm not going in July. No that wasn't a birthday special. The price went up so it's $8,000. I just secured my spot because I already got my quote last year and paid deposit.
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Help me please! ! I from Russia, very much want to make to myself big buttocks, advise the good surgeon and clinic, fat change probably won't manage to be made at me as I thin and so much fat won't be. It is necessary to do implants probably. And still I don't know language, I should go on operation with the translator? :) I want big buttocks
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Im hoping to go to gongora too! Beginning of next yesr fingers crossed! Ive been on the website a long time reading other girls stories and so on and the only story what did concern me was a woman who was very tiny went to get implants from gongora which came out horrendous! It didn't put me of It just showed that you have to go for the right size shape and so on.. the girl has erased her pics of her experience and i thought that wasn't good because it could warn other girls you have to go for what u want if your ting dont go for a huge implant n so on..... Im really excited for the future it just so hsrd saving!!!!! I will defo follow ur story xx
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Help me please, I'm from Russia, want a big butt, but I'm thin and fat will not be enough (that would transplant it in the buttocks. Probably have to do implants, or may be some sort of gel. Prompt please, clinic and surgeon. Very hot and as soon as possible I want to make a big buttocks.
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I've been stalking real self for a minute too, trying to get as much info as possible..I don't want to go thru all of this to have the work look horrible! I saw the pics of the girl that you're talking about, it looked really bad! That's what I'm afraid of, on her profile it said she was going back to get it fixed but never updated. I'm tempted to email Jessica and ask her why this case went wrong? I was thinking of scheduling with Dr G at the beginning of next year.
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