July 10 I'm so happy

I'm a 24 years old mother of a 5 year girl, two...

I'm a 24 years old mother of a 5 year girl, two years ago I had a bbl and for 6 months it was great but then the fat started to disappear and now it's gone so I want to have butt implants, the only problem is I don't know what shape is the best for me and for the results I'm looking for, I'm small and skinny am 160cm tall and 50kg, I don't want a long butt I want a round butt but I don't want it to look fake, I'm doing my procedure here in Mexico with the same doctor that made my bbl he is just amazing!!

Wish pics

Oval or round??

I'm trying to figure out which implant would be better for me I've been researching for hours I'm going crazy!! Need help

Another wish pic


Wish pic of me modified on an plastic surgery app

This is what I want!!!

I've got my day 10 July!!

Hello!! I went to the doctor yesterday, I have my day of surgery now it's going to be July 10, I'm so excited and sooooo nervous at the same time, the doctor says 350 oval will be better for my body type, he says he is going to order 300 and 350 to see which one fits better, hopefully 350, I was talking to him about the anesthesia and he says he can do it with epidural, has anyone here had it done with that??? He says according to my wish pic oval will be better

3 more days!!!!

Just 3 more days! I'm very excited and nervous at the same I just hope I don't feel a lot of pain, and if I do, that I can manage it, I don't want to tell my whole family, but I don't think I can hide it, the drains are suspicious lol!! I just hate giving explanations of why Im doing this, tomorrow I'll be posting more before pics

Tomorow si the big day!!!

Tomorow at 9am is my surgery, I'm praying everything goes well, girls wish me luck, I will keep you updated,


Hello!! I'm home now and I'm feeling good I'm not in a lot of pain, only when I walk, my doctor told me I could lie on my back with two pillows one in my lower back and two pillows under my legs it's more comfortable than lying on my stomach all day I hate the drains it's only been one day and they drive me crazy doctor put 350 oval on me I'm happy it fits i just hope the swelling goes down quickly, I'm trying to be calmed

The drains!!

I hate this things!! I can't do anything or wear anything, anyone now how much do I need to drain everyday I'm not draining to much Is it normal??

5 days post op

So, today I went to the doctor and he changed my bandages and all of that, he says I'm going very good, that maybe next week he's going to take out the drains!! I hope so, this things are so annoying, and I can't wear anything except long dresses, I have a question, in all cases the implant drops a little, or it stays up, I see mine a little bit up, but I don't now if it's to early to be worried, anyone has experience this??

New PICS!!!

This are my pics don't look at the drains!! So far I'm very happy with my results, doctor says the muscle needs to stretch a little so it would look a little bigger, but right now I love them the look so natural, and they look the exactly same size I wanted them not to big cus I'm Small and not to small

This pills help with the scar

Some of my friends who have surgery take this pills and they are amazing!! It helps the scar to heel faster, also helps the skin, I love them

The pills

Drains out!!!

Today the doctor removed my drains, It was a little bit painful but not so much, he said on Monday I should wear a garment, I haven't seat yet I'm scared of doing it but I feel it's time to seat, any of you have any advice for my first seat??

Almost 2 months!!

I'm super happy!! It's been almost two months and I'm feeling normal now!! They are very soft and my scar is going so good, I love the way it fits my body type they are not so big or small I think just perfect for my body, I'm just waiting so I can go to the gym, the recovery was ok not painful but really need to be patient and not rush on doing things, I'm so happy I did this and my husband to!!
Dr. Cesar Torres

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Hey first off you look amazing... secondly thanks for the updates they are very helpful. I was wondering how much did you weight before surgery? ? And did you get fat grafting around the implants?
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Newmee I just read that toi had bbl done and in matter of months the fat disappeared Wow!! That's exactly what I've been told and it's not cool due to the money and pain one must go thru for nothing ;( I'm also learning and not getting fat transfer without butt implants. I'm just looking for a Doctor that has experience in butt implants and aggressive lipoz. Im not leaving the State of Florida trying to stay near home in Miami.
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Well 2 years ago I had fat transferred and only like 25 percent survived so I would recommend you to have like the most fat you can so when it disappears you end with your desired result, my doctor make an aggressive lipo on me 2 years ago and It really gave me a nice shape
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Newmee-your looking Fabulousa!! Where did you get your info about the sizes of the implants from? I really want to look natural not fake and I'm wondering if 550cc and 600cc of fat transfer will look too big .... I'm trying to figure out what will look best on me . DR. suggested 550cc and 600 CC of fat transfer but I'm still wondering what it would actually look like on me :) I just sent her my wish pictures on my page. Thank you in advance :)
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You really look amazing! I'm so happy for you hun! Enjoy it!!!
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Thank you girl, I been following your journey and I keep you in my prayers, I'm really sorry for what happened to you, but I was talking to my doctor and he says that even when you remove the implants it's not completely flat as before so don't worry, your life is first, and I'm sure you will look beautiful with or without them!
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Thank you and yea it's really not bc of the fat that was injected as well. It's just the lift and the perkiness the implants give that r not there anymore. But I'm ok now and the depression period is over. It's was a misfortune and it can happen to anyone even thou some ppl here think they r better and smarter than me for not having any complications and say I got what I deserved. But it's ok bc I'm bigger person and don't let this kind ppl get under my skin bc they r not worth any thing from me. You are very nice and kind and I'm really happy everything went well for you and everybody else who has been successful without any complications.
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You look so good sweetie! Congrats!!!
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Thanks!! A lot!!
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Hey Newmee-you look amazing! Where did you get your info about the sizes of the implants from? I have a long bottie also-I guess medium and I'm trying to figure out what will look best on me as well as size. I want nice projection but nothing too insane. What do you think? Is there a website that you know of that allows you to see what size implants come in and simulate how that size will look on you? Just a though? Thanx for sharing!
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Hi Newmeee, how are you doing? Are you feeling better now that your drains are out?
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Where is Dr Torres located? He doesn't have a profile on RealSelf.. I searched online and found one in Queretaro, MX is that the same one?
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Yes he is in Queretaro, he is an amazing surgeon I know a loooot of his patients, a lot of them come all over the country to get the procedure with him.
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I was thinking of going to Dr Gongora in Rosarito, because it's closer to LA.. I'll have to do my research on Dr Torres now, I think it will be worth the trip
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Definitely worth it, and total was 6700dollars i think it's a good price and he takes a lot of care of you,
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Great results! You look so natural. Why did the doctor choose oval over round? Why did he think it was better for your body type?
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Thank you!! Well the doctor said I don't have a small butt it was medium not large but not small, and if he put the round one it wouldn't cover my whole butt just the top of it, and it could look fake and ugly, he said oval looks super natural and cover more part of the butt, when you have a medium large butt and you put a round implant it looks pointy on top and flat on the bottom, and that's why he choose oval, he showed to me pictures of her patients with oval and I loved the look, you couldn't even notice she had butt implants and you couldn't se the scars!!
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That's what my doctor told me about round implants - creates a step off with no fullness at the bottom. Best for a short person or someone with small buttocks. Oval is longer (vertical) which covers more of the buttocks, kinda gives u a apple bottom & bubble butt. Round provides upper fullness, so if a person has fullness in the bottom it may work well. I've seen a few with round and they look awesome with a smaller/petite frame.
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Also be aware that some doctors have used the oval upside down. Which is not intended. Area where projection should be fullest is at the mid/bottom section. That creates a really nice curve on the lower back.
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Yes exactly that's the reason he used oval, I'm small but my butt is medium long lol.. So that's why oval worked better for me
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Ok you ladies have my attention lol I'm exchanging my implants for round 360cc I currently have 300cc oval and I have very little projection I wanted the bubble butt look . I'm short I'm 5'2 and I think my bum is very short and small but if you can ,could you ladies review my before picture and tell me what you think if my butt looks small ?
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Hello Abercrombie girl, I saw your pics, and in my opinion you have a small butt you were right about the implant should be round for more projection, but I read you want your implant placed low, and there's only one position they can place the implant they can't place it to low, because the lower muscle is where you put all the Pressure when you sit, so round will give you a fullness at top and this are the measures of the implants silimed makes, if he is using a round 360 from that mark, the size of that implant would be: tall 12,3cm and projection 4,3cm, I think round would look good on you!! Hope it helps!!
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What size implant did you get? You look amazing!
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Hello Thanks!! I've got 350 oval silimed, and so far I love my results!
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I saw one of your questions to the doctors about fat transfer and 2 years ago I had bbl and by now all fat is gone, I work out not a lot and trust me it's just a waste of money
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