Petite 24 Year Old 92lb, 220cc Subfascial Implants, AA Cup To.. ??? - Mexico

I'm 24 years and was always frustrated about my...

I'm 24 years and was always frustrated about my flat chest. I recently had BA and I am still waiting for the final result. I am 4' 9 (1.50cm) and weight is 92lb. The doctor was going to place originally between 255-280cc but told me that there wasn't enough space in my chest for bigger implants than 220, since I had the surgery in a different country than my own he didn't want to send me home with complications but I am not sure I am glad with his last minute decision...

I want to share my experience for all the small girls out there, because it was hard for me to find pictures of women around my size with implants. When I came out of surgery I expected huge looking boobs but there didn't look or feel that big. My goal was to have a full B/small C, but I think by the moment I saw them for the first time I already wanted them bigger hahahha I was warned and didn't believe it.

Now I am waiting to see the final result but I do believe I might get bigger implants later if I finally gain some weight (at least 10lb), which is a huge problem for me.

Progress, 10 days post-Op

First I want to start by talking about the surgery day, I talked to my doctor about my expectations again and showed him a couple of pictures. I woke up from surgery throwing up, the anesthesia really made me feel sick, I felt like I couldn't wake up completely. My boobs looked too small under the surgical bra and the ride home was way too painful.

The doctor used: MOTIVA Implants, 220cc Round SmoothSilk, RSF-220, PROJ: 4.00cm

The first day I started to feel mad about how small my boobs looked but I tried to remember that the final results take time.
They left 2 draining bags that ended up staying 5 more days than expected. I showered on the 3rd day, my mom had to wash my hair. I started using coconut oil that same day because I am prone to develop stretch marks.
The first 6 days I couldn't do much without help. The first doctor I saw told me that most patients he saw could go back to work on the 4th day post-Op, maybe those with space to fit the implants because I felt like my chest was gonna explode and I could barely walk 20 meters before I got tired.
I don't know whether it was my small size or I just can't handle pain but I would recommend everybody to take 2 weeks off from work.

It has been 10 days since my surgery and my breasts still feel hard and sore near the scar. I just started the massages yesterday since the doctor recommended I waited a couple of days after the drainage was removed to start massaging.


I am 14 days post-op and couldn't resist getting measured at Victoria Secret. I have been hearing "You'll get small after the swelling" and "You'll look bigger after the implants settle (or D&F)", so I need to see what happens to me.

I know looking bigger or smaller after BA depends in lots of things so just for those who have similar stats and want to predict their outcome here I will post what changes in my boobs.

At Victoria Secret they measured 32D, yes D!!! and honestly the bras were so comfy and beautiful I am crossing my fingers to NOT GET SMALL!! I LOVE MY BOOBS NOW!!! I really really want to stay on the size I am now or fluff but with my luck... we'll see.

1 month anniversary!!

After 1 month I feel the inflammation is almost completely gone. I haven't had any alarming symptoms, no pain, the itching stopped and the implants have softened. I do the massages every day and now I feel the huge difference compared to how hard they were at the beginning.

The fullness of the upper pole of my breasts has decreased, so they do kind of feel smaller than before, but looking at the pictures I realize they are just dropping so I am still not sure if the bra size I was measured almost 2 weeks ago (32D at VS) still fits on me. I currently fit perfectly on a 32C Calvin Klein bra with No padding at all.

I can't wait to wear real bras!! My boobs are barely noticeable through my clothes. I think I am definitely going to get a second surgery done to get bigger implants a couple of years from now. I realized I have the results I requested to my doctor, the reason I think they are too small is because I didn't know about boobs sizes!! so keep reading because this is a very important thing you need to know if you are considering breast implants:
-Look at the boobs of women close to your size and weight and ask "what cup size are you??", because I thought a Full B/small C was big since I was looking at bigger women than me, I didn't consider a C on such a small person like me LOOKS SO SMALL!!
-I never saw or touched boobs before in my entire life so I didn't know the "Normal consistency of a breast" also I had the idea that a D cup was gigantic! and now I realize it is not!!, again, I am a petite girl, a D cup would have made my dreams come true, but I didn't know before I went for surgery.
My doctor asked me "What cup size do you want to be?", I answered "maximum C", he works in Mexico so I know it is different in every country, but seriously girls do your research!! and it is true that more often than not is better to go a little bigger than being traumatized by how small your boobs look. I requested a size that I realize now it doesn't look like I imagined it would.

However I am very happy with my new boobs even if they are small, because on the bright side I didn't have to tell anybody about my surgery and they are really easy to hide so yay! no awkward conversations with my in-laws and friends hahah. I know I can wear a push-up bra and rock this boobs so no big deal I will save money again and get my second surgery when I am ready for it. And when I get a little down about the size I go back to see my Before pictures and Oh GOD! how did I live like that for so long!! Lol, breast implants bring you a lot of confidence and yes happiness so it is absolutely worth it when you go with an experimented doctor.

I'll keep updating to see if anything changes and if they shrink or fluff in the subfascial placement :-)
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You have absolutely great results! So amazing! I also have small implants, 255cc shaped gummies, almost 9 weeks ago. Feels the same way you do about size, although mine was sub muscular, so looks even smaller. :-) Still loving it though!
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Oh my! You have such a great results just 2 weeks after surgery. Mine were high for so long, but you look amazing. So, I made the same mistake... I got a couple of bras when I was around 2 months, and they are small now. I definitely recommend you to be a little bit more patient before you spend your $$$. Anyway, enjoy your results! xoxo
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totally following this . . . I cant seem to find many people who have gone with the subfascial placement.
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I didn't even know there was a subfascial placement, I had asked my doctor about the under the muscle placement, but apparently at the time of the surgery he couldn't access that space because it wasn't big enough or something like that.
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I ended up getting 235ccs and I am loving them more and more each day :) I am currently 7 weeks post op and couldnt be happier! I think you look beautiful! Very Natural :) I think that with your height and weight, any bigger would be very obvious that were fake. If that's the look you are going for then by all means, go bigger later! I still wish I would have at least gone to 250ccs but again, it would be very obvious on my frame in more revealing clothing that they were enhanced which I do not want. I am quite a bit taller and heavier than you too, at 5'5 and 130 lbs. I need to drop about 5 lbs and put some muscle back on but I am very petite on top. In my opinion, you should stay where you are. But that's just me :) Take care!!
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Thanks for the comment, I just can't wait for the implants to settle they are so rounded right now! hahaha
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Same here!! I got 225cc for my first BA and was upset with the outcome (I'm 5'2 and 105 lbs, so I have the 10 pds you wish to gain, lol). My first doc also wouldn't go higher than 225 because they were over the muscle also and I was upset at the outcome, overall just disappointed. Then I developed complications a year later and my new doc easily fit 350 under the muscle. In clothing I do not look that much bigger but I can go without a bra now and they look amazing. Read my profile(s) when you get a chance. Sorry you are disappointed but your doc was being cautious about complications -- they do happen. It's just amazing how even being little, we can still have much bigger boobs and it still looks natural. I would guess there aren't many women quite as small as you, so he was right to be cautious -- if they're too big, there's more risk for complications AND you can't make them smaller, but if they are too little, you can still use push-up bras and they look amazing. Just go to your before pics when you feel disappointed and notice the difference. That may help-- it did for me. And enjoy them while you have them with good bras. You can change them later, which is something you can look forward to.
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Thanks for the comment I'm liking them more every day and I do think I can go bigger later :-)
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