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I always wanted a breast augmentation since I was...

I always wanted a breast augmentation since I was young, 17 years old, but thought I was too young so thought I would some day do it. I waited patiently but growing up I had other things to worry about, that never really came to mind for awhile. At age 20-23 I had gained weight and I for once felt I filled out a bra. After 23 I lost weight and the thought was there again, but as I asked friends they said they don't really care for big boobs, and I didn't have the money or time to do it anyway. Over the years I gained so much weight about 50lbs and even though I looked chubby I loved my breasts, but one day I saw a picture of myself and thought wooh how did I get here"I'm so fat" I need to start caring for my body. Now age 27, on Feb I decided to eat healthy and start exercising. And Wow that was the best 6mths of my life. I started my weight loss and by Aug 24 (surgery date, worst day of my life) i had lost 40lbs already, I still had 8lbs to go. So now that I was slimming down I felt like a boy and thought about BA AGAIN! Huge mistake. I believe in May my mom had told me about this surgeon that does great work and that her friends came out so good, and her friends daughter was happy. I was unsure of what I wanted so I just wanted to know what this surgeons work looked like and then I would decide what I wanted. I was so confused about the size, I just knew I wanted to look natural.

Fast forward day of surgery the surgeon comes and says what do u have in mind. I brought a couple of pictures and he said oh ok this looks like a C I kinda wanted a full B to not look exaggerated but he assures me that a C would look better on my body frame so then I told him can I see the sizers and he refuses to let me see them! I said ok why not? he said because I would be tricking myself as far as what I wanted since I would be putting it in top of my breasts, mind you, I had tiny breasts. (I wanted incisions under my crease of my breasts but he said he would rather do it on the nipple because itll look much better, now the fact that he said that, was that he was just being lazy because it takes time and measurements so he pushed the areola incision more. Now that I explanted I wish that I never said yes to that area.) I didn't like that so I told him I wanted my mother to come in so she can advice me he said ok hold on let me just mark you here, when hes marking me im thinking of what I really want and started having second thoughts. If you have second thoughts listen to your mind.

He then tells me to put on my gown and my mom is called I told my mom that it didn't seem right that he wouldn't show me the implants so she calls the nurse and they go back and forth on how thats not right because the receptionist reassured us that he would be thorough and so nurse apologizes and says its because they are sterile and no one should touch them my mom tells her I understand the real ones are but we want samples so then surgeon steps in and tells my mom I'm in good hands and he just needs to know what cup size I want and he will make it happen for me, I told him I didn't want anything exaggerated and fake I wanted the natural implants. He said to not worry and that we were worrying too much that after I'm done I would love my results more than ever and that we think the results are going to be ok but that I will have outstanding results. My mom told him please do a good job and I'm sure to refer people and I will be next as well.

I am implanted and cant see them since im wrapped, when i first saw them I thought they were huge but I knew i was swollen too so i didnt panick. As time went by i felt so much pain that I couldnt take it anymore (these are the things no one talks about here) i wanted them out as soon as possible, I had a consult for explant, and was dead set on removing them after I found out the REAL truth about IMPLANTS.

Fast forward 2 mths and the swelling had subsided but the size remained the same they had just dropped and by no means did they look natural anyway because this surgeon inserted ultra high profile implants, those are very dangerous they can damage your real breast tissue and if you ever decide to explant in later years you can lose your breast significantly. So, after 2 mths implants are out and I instantly felt relieved. I no longer had shoulder and neck pain by carrying those huge things. I always wondered if I had less cc's put in if I wouldve experienced the same issue or if i would have learned to love them without complications, I already found the answer, it is NO. Regardless, of the size you will still experience the same issues from what i have read from other ladies that had smaller implants.

I will go ahead and write a thorough review of the cons of breast augmentation and post links of celebrities who regret going under the knife because they as well were not informed.

We need to be very informative so that we can make an educated decision and I feel I was very bad informed and if I knew everything I know now I would have never done this procedure. Natural is 110% better!

Ill leave you with this link first, many young ladies look up to her, so here it is, the truth about implants

Here is the link

For some reason the link didnt post the first time, here it is, there are various pictures showing you what implants can do to your body. Lilly opted to get other type of implants because she probably doesnt know of anyone that has had their implants taken out and thought she would be disfigured. Like she said in her post, she would feel like the odd one out because all her friends have implants.


Women express how implants can harm you later in life

"No woman should be made to sacrifice so much for the truth about her health. I would never have taken the chance had I known about the lack of safety data regarding breast implants. The more I have found out, the more angry I have become that women are still being told that breast implants do not pose serious risks to their health. Women deserve the right to make an informed decision. These problems could have been prevented by doing a simple HLA test for genetic factors for risk of autoimmune response before consenting to surgery." Rosie said.

Here is another link that tells you more in depth from various ladies what has happened to them. It gives information about how implants are not your only option but I wouldn't go that route I would just learn to accept myself. But I also understand how their is some women that need reconstructive surgery and can opt for this other option, she gives information on the option.

Alyssa also writes about how any of you can be tested before getting implants to rule out some complications, regardless you can still carry complications like CC, bottoming out, asymmetry, breast feeding difficulties, breast sagging, also called “ptosis”, calcium build-up in breast tissue, also called “calcification”, chest wall deformity, deflation of the breast implant (this happens quite often), delayed wound healing, extrusion—when the skin breaks down and the implant appears through the skin, hematoma—collection of blood near the surgical site, Iatrogenic injury or damage—when new injury or damage occurs to the tissue or implant as a result of implant surgery, Implant displacement or malposition, implant palpability or visibility—when the implant can be felt through the skin, implant wrinkling or rippling, infection, including Toxic Shock Syndrome—when during breast implant surgery, wounds are contaminated with micro-organisms, such as bacteria or fungi, inflammation or irritation, necrosis—when there is dead skin or tissue around the breast, nipple or breast changes, including change in or loss of nipple sensation, redness or bruising, reoperation—additional surgeries, rupture of the breast implant, scarring, seroma—the collection of fluid around the breast implant, skin rash, swollen or enlarged lymph nodes, also called “lymphedema or lymphadenopathy”, thinning and shrinking of the skin, also called “breast tissue atrophy”, unsatisfactory appearance due to implant style or size, and these are only a few of the complications.

But at least you know now you can get tested for possible auto immune issues if you want implants.

Please comment on this, now that you are more educated, what are your thoughts, is your self-esteem really low that you rather risk your health, or now you think that you rather not take the plunge and have this surgery.

For the ladies that write, I dont have self-esteem issues i just want my breasts to be bigger and more round, well sorry to tell you, but many years of therapy makes me know that this is a sign of low self-esteem because youre wanting to change something. Dont say you love your breasts but then want to change them that doesnt make sense. I was one of those persons and thats why I know now that I was foolish to think this way.

I took mine out for several reasons throughout the course of those 2 months I had them in, I will write a full post about it later, just thought id share this with you now.
Raul Gongora

Do not go to this surgeon Dr. Raul Gongora, he will only tell you lies, not inform you, and rush you so you cant have 2nd thoughts or if you have 2nd thoughts his nurses are there to feed you lies so you can feel guilty if you dont get anything done. He will not provide after care follow-ups as well. He will tell you he will but he is not willing to see you only after 3 mths!!! That is no way to treat a patient! Do yourself a favor, love yourself, the way you are, all your imperfections, it doesnt matter if you feel ugly, start working on your confidence and if you have confidence you can make anyone believe you are beautiful the way you are. Your imperfections make you perfect!

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Hello..! Nice post If you know about How to Enlarge Breast Size.
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Your post gave me such a great view and now I understand that I should look forward and go for ”better breast treatment” because I don’t want to be ignored any more by others. Thank you
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Thank you for your review. Fortunately for us in the U.S., the FDA is very thorough and has an overprotective eye over the manufacturers of implants. There have been many trials and studies done on the FDA approved implants. Making sure that your surgeon is board certified is also very important. Doing the proper research first is a must before simply going to a surgeon and consenting to something that will change your life forever. I have done my research and consulted with several surgeons to make sure that I am getting the best care and will get great results. I am sorry that you had such a horrible experience. I see that your surgeon was in Mexico. I am not sure how they are regulated there but here in the U.S. our surgeons must have the special training. Although we do have quacks that pretend to be plastic surgeons here too, it is up to the patient to do her research and ensure that the surgeon in whom she is placing her trust, has the proper training and credentials to perform the procedure. Yes I agree we are all beautiful inside and we should love ourselves the way God made us and we do. However, we (I know I can speak for several girls here after reading their reviews) feel like there is something missing to make ourselves feel sexy or more like a woman, not boyish. I don't know what your proportions are but imagine having no breasts whatsoever (as some of us here don't). How do you think that would make you feel. I see some girls here are B cups and want to go bigger or fuller, that's fine but for those of us who have A cups or barely A cups, we want something more. I appreciate you posting your experience. We have self-confidence and self-esteem, no doubt. It seems that if only you had done the proper research (which you didn't mention if you did), you wouldn't have been disappointed. If you had trusted your instincts, you wouldn't be in this position. This may serve as a learning experience for you and other girls out there contemplating BA that this is something serious and deserves a lot of research time and consideration, not something to be done on a whim. Thank you again!
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No thank you for your response, you are right I should update my review so people like you have a better understanding. I had natrelle implants, they are USA implants. It does not matter where you travel for surgery, it is the procedure itself that can do harm. Some people turn out perfectly fine after augmentation others reject the implant like my body did. My ps that did my explant works in the us but did her residency in Mexico because medicine and surgeries for her were more advanced there. She is chinese, so I'm not sure what youre talking about when you say only in the US there are FDA implants and procedures. I also feel a lil bit offended and I'm sure other girls like ironbaby would too. I didnt have alot of breast tissue and still don't but in no way do I feel like a boy now, I am probably a 32A now and society makes us believe that we are not feminine enough which is not true. On the contrary, please ask your male friends and you will find out that they dont care about breast size, if your self esteem is there thats all that matters to them. I still cannot understand how do people say they have high self esteem but still want to change their appearance, please make me believe this because as much as I try to understand this I can't. Also I posted a website of Lilly Ghalichi I'm unsure if you know who she is but obviously she did her implants in the US and she still had complications. My review is to let women know that these complications can be very serious and to educate them since I was told nothing but marvelous stories and its not the case, the stories are everywhere, look at my latest posts, do you not feel for these women that wanted the implants so bad but now they are fighting for their health, they had a clean bill of health prior to implants, so my heart goes out to them that they cannot bear the pain anymore so they have to explant. Point is wether your dentist put your breast implants in or a triple board certified surgeon did, THEY ARE STILL IMPLANTS in your body, that doesn't change. I did my research, talked to few ladies, I followed many girls on youtube, all that came up was satisfied ladies that said they would do it all over again, and my mother has implants as well so this was not a decision that was made overnight. Clearly, I wanted them since I was young as I state in my review. This has truly been a learning experience for me because what I thought I wanted so bad once I actually didn't want it. Society/media makes you believe you need to eat less, have flawless skin, perfect nose, bigger breasts, etc but the truth is you need to learn to love yourself, period. I will update my review later and post pictures of my FDA USA approved implant size card. My original surgeon is a licensed cosmetic surgeon that has 20 years of experience, which clearly this doesn't mean anything, for all I care he could have 100 years of experience it is still not going to take away the fact that implants can cause harm, it could not be immediately but one day they will, wether they are physical symptoms or visible breast symptoms like CC. If you go to the removal implant section you can see, many of the ladies are explanting because of complications not only because they have regrets or because they didn't do research or because they didn't do their implants with board certified surgeons. I am not here to tell someone that implants are not for them, I only want ppl to know that they have to have a much stronger will to look good then to feel good. At some point in your life you have to replace your implants, are you willing to spend more money on them, at some point youre probably going to second guess yourself, are you going to be ok with that, at some point you may get CC are you going to live with yourself if your breasts turn out distorted if your surgeon feels it is deemed necessary to take the implants out. They are just so many questions to ask yourself instead of just, do I want to look good in a bathing suit and feel confident. This is why I posted websites, its not only me saying these things, the facts are everywhere but surgeons sugarcoat it to make more money.
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Faith...I know I understand what you are saying. I apologize if you felt offended. I did not mean to sound offensive. I just wanted to point out that although some girls may have poor self-esteem and confidence and get them for superficial means, others get them to feel good, despite having good self-esteem. It is just a feeling that I cannot describe in words. It's kind of like the women who have had reconstruction after breast cancer, they get implants to get their womanhood back. It's like breasts are our womanhood, as much as penises are for men. I don't know if that makes sense. I am a medical professional and so I am well aware of the risks of surgery and all that hoopla making me extra cautious of what I am doing. I understand the risks and don't get me wrong it sounds scary but I also have to have faith that it will be alright. I am sorry that your body rejected them and that you had those horrible issues. Implants are not for everyone, unfortunately. Thank you for letting the Real Self community know about your experience. It is truly valuable.
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Thank you for acknowledging that there are complications involving breasts implants. And I'm glad that you are very aware of them and youre ok with it. I was also in denial and thought I had good self esteem and this would make me feel so much better, but after digging in deeper and talking to my therapist, and family, I didn't have good self esteem otherwise I wouldn't have thought of the surgery. Perhaps if you have a session you may know if youre doing it for the right reasons? My original surgeon has his patients go through a psychologist first for clearance something that of course was missed with me, and certainly wished I had remembered, but at the time of surgery, youre just very nervous, its inevitable and you forget things, anyway I just think it would be very beneficial, I dont think anyone wikl lose anything from having a session to talk about their wishes of going through with surgery. And I understand about reconstructive surgery, I dont really think we can compare both, as the woman who has cancer will have no breasts so NEEDS the implants, as for the women who has lil breast tissue and no complications WANTS the implants. But weirdly when you say this, I remember a couple of reviews that are on here with woman who are survivors of breast cancer and got implants but decided that they were not for them so they explanted, so yes, implants are not for everyone. Sadly we can only know once we get there unless we are tested to know if our bodies reject silicone. Since your in the medical field do you know approx. how much a test would cost?
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What kind of test? You mean like an allergy test?
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Thank you for review.
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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf. We appreciate you taking the time to help other women in the future with their decision to get breast augmentation. It is definitely not a good choice for all women. Glad you feel relief now that they are out. Wishing you the best!

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