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I am 3 weeks away from surgery not sure if I'm...

I am 3 weeks away from surgery not sure if I'm ready. I honestly don't think it's hit me yet ... Trying to figure out the things I will need. I see a lot of the girls on here talk bout vitamins not sure which ones ill need. But anyways ... I have made my $800 dollar deposit. Angie told me I could take the remaining of the money cash the day of the surgery. I'm glad I can do that I have read a lot or most girls have problems with their deposits. I will post as much information as I can... Also every single one of their quotes is different here is mine:

Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back 2800
Fat grafting in to buttocks 600
Discount - 500
Surgical Facility 1100
Anesthesia Fee 500 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120

Total 4620 usd
Welcome and congratulations to u! Well at this stage and so close to ur sx date go to a CVS and get your arnica gel, slow fe iron,bromelian PILL, womens multivitanind
Cont....go to gnc and get ur arnica tea, pineapple juice for hone whn u get bck to prevent SWELLING ....hope this info helps!
Thank you soooo much @Sexeeangel I really appreciate it. I have a question do you by any chance know how to get a hold of marypaz I hear a lot of good things bout her and would like my first massage from her. Did you have a surgery by dr campos also? Or going to..

Wish pictures

So did u get the nmbr to club med i posted? I dont have maripaz direct nmbe but if u call and let Marvin or suzanna knw ur dr campos pt they will direct u!

Hello dolls :))

Can anyone help me on where to find Marypaz I hear she works wonders. I will not be staying at clubMed or anything like that. My bf is driving me there he suggested it would be easier if we stay at a hotel in TJ since we have to go back to remove tubbing. I wanted to contact Marypaz and get my first couple of massages from her does she work at clubMed? Or where would I be able to reach her? Thank you!
Omg I must have missed the num let me look again... You have been such great help thank you very much

Ahh can't sleep...

Thinking of all the things i need and reading RealSelf lol .... Btw I'm 24 years old and my current weight is 120 pounds.
Marvin @ club med has MariPaz's info she goes over almost every day. Good luck!
Thank you :))
can't wait to see yours !

My pictures at 120 pounds


the girl at dr pantojas office tanya, gave me maripaz's number, she goes to all the recovery homes at tj. and she goes to your hotel to, her cel is 6641635408, or email her, you can email her with the dates that youre gonna be in tj and where youre staying, and She'll go see you, her email is: maripazhdos@hotmail.com
Hey girl ! Did you go through with it!? I had surgery with Dr campos in jan 2013 and stayed with club med. I know it sounds easier and a lot cheaper to stay in a hotel, but truth is it was the best thing I did. There was no way I could have done the post op period without them. There is someone on staff 24 hrs to cater to every one of your needs. (I even needed someone to help me shower cause I would pass out in the shower) If you need any advice let me know !
did you have your surgery already!??
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