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I have read all of the reviews and I have finally...

I have read all of the reviews and I have finally made my decision to get this surgery. I have a banging body before I had my baby 11 months ago. My butt is now flat like a pancake. It's so bad that my pants don't even stay up. I have been to 4 consultations and everyone is 8k and up. My friend went to Dr. pantoja and has great results. I am skeptical about Mexico and all the rumors I hear. My family is against this surgery but I need to feel good about myself and get my "stuck up" self esteem back that I had before my baby took my body away. I called Nadia and sent an email And got a response back quick. She said $3,500. That's a great price but I am paying my wedding that's in November as well. I know by September I will have the money though.


My family and friends swear I dont need the surgery and I could do a lot with my money besides this surgery. I am doing this for me so that I can feel better about myself. They don't understand! My body is better than most but I want it to be better in my eyes. Yes I work out and eat right but I have no problem with my weight; I need a booty to go with it!


I booked my appointment for September 9 with Dr. Pantoja. I am excited yet scared! Should I start ordering my stuff I need now. How should I start prepping? Will anyone be down there then?


I had the the money for my surgery but my sister needs help so I have to go in my damn stash!

Back at square 1

I'm so sad. I had the money and my family had some emergencies and needed help now I'm back at square 1. I'm so mad! I was so close and now I'm so far away!

Dream booty

Starting over

I am reading everyone's reviews and I am so sad my surgery is going to get pushed back. I have to save this money all over again. Ugh!


What are the drains everyone keeps talking about? When can you take them out? Who takes them out?

I need a new body

I am going to get this ASAP!


I am going to yily in march 2014 for my bbl. I haven't decided the date yet.
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I know how you feel, I didn't have my surgery last year because of a similar situation, your time will come!
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My wedding is in November. I'm so sad!
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i had surgery 3 weeks ago with doc P. he did an amazing job on my lipo and tummy tuck. take a look at my profile and see my before and after pic. Im going for my stitches to be removed on wed and am going to have bl/ba with him in Dec ot April. you are in good hands
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Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

I've placed a couple of links below to some reviews, which have great preparation lists. Hopefully this will help you get prepared for surgery!



ForeverBooty Part 1

ForeverBooty Part 2

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I went to Dr. Pantoja he and his staff is amazing and Mexico is not what everyone makes it to be, I stayed at clubmed and it is soo beautiful there I felt safe the whole time I was there!
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Good Luck!
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