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I started my research over a year ago. After...

I started my research over a year ago. After reading, reviewing and few consultations later, I decided Dr. Jamie Campos Leon was the surgeon for me. The interaction with the office was great! Angie is on it. And Dr. Campos is an artist!!! His work is amazing! We are both so lucky to come across eachothers paths. I can barely sit still thinking that this Friday I will have a completly different body, the one I should really have :) I cannot wait for him to wok his magic on me.

I'm 5'5" 135 pounds (yes I did gain weight for the BBL). I'm 36H natural breasted woman and i'm very small from the waist down. I'm looking forward to a hot sexy perky round delicious booty and a tiny cinched smooth waist!

That's all I'm asking for LOL!

It 2/6/13. My appointment will be here in 2 days....

It 2/6/13. My appointment will be here in 2 days. I have nerves of excitement!

Today is 02/07/ thi time tomorrow Dr....

Today is 02/07/ thi time tomorrow Dr. Campos will be sculpting my new body. I cant eat, I cant sleep, I cant work, call I can think about is my sx!!! I have to remind myself to breathe!

I'm on day two post-op. because of the TT & BBL...

I'm on day two post-op. because of the TT & BBL it's been a bit tricky to rest/sleep. I have pillows propping my back up, a bobby pillow for my big but to sink into and pillows under my thighs. Yes that is how I sleep as well. I get up every 2 hrs and walk around. Getting back into my "propped up" position is a challenge but its well worth it! Ill take pics soon and post.

Day 5 post surgery. The results look better and...

Day 5 post surgery. The results look better and better everyday. I see Dr. Campos this Friday morning. Im looking forward to a lymphatic massage.

Tomorrow will be day 7 post surgery. I feel good....

Tomorrow will be day 7 post surgery. I feel good. Walking around and showering alone. I have an appointment with Dr. Campos tomorrow at 8:30am. I'm sure he is going to tell me I'm healing well because I feel well. Ill keep you all posted!

Not sure if my last post made it to the website......

Not sure if my last post made it to the was acting up.
It's 3:30am and I'm up. Had a dream about my new body lol. Seriously I did...
Yesterday for me follow up w/ Dr. Campos he removed my drain (it didn't hurt but it was so gross to see being taken out), he removed my stitches (didn't hurt) and got a lymphatic massage. Ok so everyone has their opinions on these. What's my opinion; GET AS MANY AS YOU CAN! The massage therapist did an amazing job! Her name way Maria Paz. She was gentle and made it painless for me. She moved all the fluid towards my back and at the end she poked me with a needle and began to massage it, literally, out of my body. I felt it coming out!!! I didn't know this was even possibly to do, to manually "drain" the fluid out. I wish I was closer to Dr. Campos so I can go at least 3-4 X's a week...if anyone knows of any massage place that does this exact same technique here in L.A. or in the San Fernando Valley PLEASE let me know!!! From the research I've done thus far, no luck.... I really hope I can find someone closer. Well that's all for now. TTYL!!! XOXO BBL SISTA'S!

8th day post surgery, and today I woke up with...

8th day post surgery, and today I woke up with swollen feet and ankles. They look like they belong to someone else. I got worried and called the doc. Seems like its normal. Because of my 2 hour drive back home from TJ caused my feet and ankles to swell. I have my feet elavated. I hope to see improvement soon :(

I had a lymphatic massage and I have to say that...

I had a lymphatic massage and I have to say that the way they do lymphatic massages here in the states are completely different than the massages in TJ. The massage in TJ was better but it's better than not getting any massage....

Here are some new pics. 2 weeks 4 days post op. as...

Here are some new pics. 2 weeks 4 days post op. as you can see the swelling is going down and I'm beginning to get a more natural shape.

This past weekend I went to see Dr. Campos for my...

This past weekend I went to see Dr. Campos for my 1 month post op. he said I look great! He said I don't have any fluid so my lower abdomen is just swollen. I bought a new garment (here in the states) per his instructions. I went from a large to a xsmall.
I was bothered with one thing........the doc said that he doesn't want ANY compression on the ass because it absorbed more than he wanted. I still think it looks good but he doesn't want it to get any smaller. NOW THIS IS WHERE I BEGIN TO GET BOTHERED.... about 2 weeks ago I called the office and left a message about my "shrinkage" concern. Angie called me back, not the doctor. I told her I think I should switch to a butt free garment because of too much compression. She insisted I stay with what the doctor gave me. Why did Dr. Campos tell me to get the butt less one now?? If she would have asked or past on my message I would have told Dr. Campos my concern and I am sure he would have had me use the butt less one 2 weeks ago!!!!
My booty still looks big and everyone tells me how good it looks so no damage done UNLESS it continues to absorb.... Time will tell.

3/18/2013: When you read about the "raw burning...

3/18/2013: When you read about the "raw burning sensation" after lipo, it's all true. This feeling truly does exsist. Sometimes I cant sleep from this irratation. I take Ibuprofen 800mg to subside the feeling. Sometimes it works. Other times, not so much.

Now about the garments. I purchased a Lipo Express which has A LOT of compression and works for me becuase my other garment wasn't compressioning me enough and I was getting so swollen. To the point it hurt. With a tighter compression I feel good BUT the straps are irritating my skin, like by my under arms. I'm allergic to the metal so I have to wrap the metal part with a band-aid.

1 year Later

It's been a whole year since I had my new body. Here are a few pics. I started working out, hoping my butt will get muscular. I may go back for round 2......?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

By doing my homework ;)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looking great!! :-)
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Did you find somewhere here in LA or the SFV that does lymphatic massages?
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I found 1 in studio city. I can message you her info if you like?
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That would be great! I just started my research and came across your post. I think I'll use your pic as a wish pic ;)
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Hi Jpo818! I scheduled my sx and now I'm really nervous. Could you send me the name of the place in Studio City you went to?
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Oh wow!! How exciting! I'm sure it will make a big differance :)
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I'll post pics after the reduction
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If you decided to go for round 2 will you go back to dr campos?
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Thanks for the update!! You still look awsome. I love the way dr campos sculpted you! I actually followed you last yr I was scheduled last June but chicken out :( but Im now scheduled for may with campos
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Hey Baaabycakes! If I go for round 2 I WILL definitely go back with Dr. Campos. If I go back I'll get those bra rolls sucked out and my tummy lipo'ed too. I'm getting a breast reduction done 3/28/14 here in the states (my insurance is covering it). Dr Campos recommended one too. You can't really see my frame with the 36H breastesssss lol You are going to be so happy with you surgery! Remember that it gets better over time :)
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thank you!
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What did you take that you didn't need? And what do you feel you should've brought that you didn't have?
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I pretty much used the things I purchased. I wish I would have bought a bed wedge to elevate my legs for the TT.
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Can we have more pics please? Hungry for more pics
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I'll take some pics this weekend for you :)
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You look great jpo. Thanks for playing it forward so that those of us who are waiting with anticipation know what to look forward to. I hope you continue to have good success with your recovery!
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UPDATE about the GARMENT: DO NOT BUY THE LIPO EXPRESS. The garment was fantastic until the material started rubbing/diggin into my skin. Now I have bruises on both sides of my waist and scarring :( I purchsed the ISAVELA stage 2 garment with bootycheck holes. I had to get an XS bcuz Dr. Campos sculpted a barbie ;) LOL but i did have to cut the sides of the hips for the new rump! :) The material of the ISAVELA is soooooooo much softer than the Brillo pad feel of the Lipo Express.
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jp, can you tell me where you purchased your ISAVELA garment and how did you know what size to buy. I want to have an extra garment to take with me when I go to TJ in June. Thanks hun
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love at you!!! you gonna be bikini ready!!!! looking good HAPPY HEALing!
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I can't wait to get into a sexy bikini ;)
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Luv that toosh!! Perky to. When u say your skin felt raw, is it due to the garment? Or u mean burning affects from Lipo?
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Icecream, the burning is from the lipo. I feel it when I'm in and out of my garment.
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You look great, omg mine is on Thursday, I'm freaking out... Lol!!!!
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