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I am here, coming out of the shadows of my lurking...

I am here, coming out of the shadows of my lurking because I can't take it anymore. I'm 5'4 250 lbs, months out of vertical sleeve surgery. But my self esteem has yet to bounce back from rock bottom because with an apple shaped figure, nothing looks good on me. Plenty of boobs, all my weight in my gut, upper arms are large but objectively by whole frame seems small. My midsection overwhelms me and my options. It makes my hips look more narrow than it actually is. I'm not a lazy girl, I work very hard with the gym and will continue to do so. But for leaner or fatter this midsection/pannus is just here to stay

I want to just pull the trigger and have BBL done as soon as I possibly can. I've considered this over the last two years. My goal is primarily that hourglass shape. I want to round out my squarish (but I have a bit of size? just throw off by midsection proportions!!!) butt. A sweet heart shape, some projection, not too much. I want to know that even if I were to gain weight, or better off, continue to lose weight that my proportions are still sexy and feminine! That I would still have a waist! I can't take another minute of my twenties feeling sorry with these futile attempts to fix my shape!

I know I sound so emotional, I am.

I'm in love with the results I've seen with Dr. Campos. I wonder if he will tell me I have to lose weight. I just want a doctor who understands I am primarily concerned about my proportions/contour. I am not interested in a tummy tuck at this point because I will continually be losing weight with my bariatric sleeve (If I can help it I will avoid the cut to avoid keloid scarring) . Is it unheard of that I want to do this surgery as is, and just continue to improve as time goes on

If not Campos, any other apple shaped girls have experience with understanding, talented surgeons?

I will be paying cash, just want to do this so much I am getting over my fear of going international (no small feat). I'm so comforted by the wealth of knowledge the ladies in this community share and plan to give back with information as I go along this journey

I have hour-glass dreams... :'(

Well upon further research I have discovered Dra...

Well upon further research I have discovered Dra Yily and I have to tell you. That itty bitty waist, hourglass dreams seem possible in her hands. I reached out with all my info and pictures a few days back and I'm still waiting for a response.

Which works out because Dr Campos finally emailed me back and told me because of my surgery last year I would need to wait up to 18 months to do the bbl. I strongly disagree as my biggest cramp in self esteem is due to the my body shape and not by my weight. I've always been this shape and I just want a much more flattering fit instead of feeling anxious every time I need to dress up and go out. I want to feel feminine not boxy.

I'm continuing eating very clean and working out. This approach isn't for suckers either lol. I'm lifting weights, my cardio is ON girls. I have some muscle underneath and I know when I do lose all this weight it'll be a great thing. But this "apple"? This apple has to go.

I'm going to call Dra Yily again later today. Maybe I should email again? This is the one thing so far that I'm not loving - someone should really be getting back to us sooner out of that office.

Aiming for mid-late March, I need to get this show on the road!

I just added international long distance to my...

I just added international long distance to my phone plan to call the Dominican Republic. I'll be honest, I got a response through the cell phone number (after a confusing moment with the landline and voicemail)

I don't speak spanish so I was limited to junior high school spanish lessons. Feeling a little flustered because an assistant picked up- one with VERY limited english but I managed to give her my number.. She said someone would call me today . I've sent a few emails with pictures for an estimate, left a vm on the US number. No response and my urgency grows. I know I really want this but . I don't know, it was just a phone call. Just feeling a little emotional about how far out of my comfort zone I am pushing and pushing. Becuase usually, Me? would stick within the US and be comforted by the millions of pamphlets, over explanation, and what not. Never realized how much that helped

thats how unhappy I am with my shape and struggles over the past couple of years. The dates I turn down or avoid over the same thing, its emotionally very taxing and lonely while grinning and bearing it as hard as I do.


Hey girls Well I - finally - received a reply...

Hey girls

Well I - finally - received a reply from Dr .Yily. Yesterday evening was the 4th time I emailed, but the first time I took one of the girls' tips and DID IT IN SPANISH (thank you Google Translator!)

My March dream is gone because now its completely full :( :( :(
So I would have to wait until Spring semester was over and go late May
She told me it was possible to achieve my desired shape and to lose some weight (55 lbs). Had she said this a few weeks ago I would have been depressed lol but I lost 5 lbs this week, and think I have finally found my stride with the diet and exercise deal. I'm highly motivated so lets see how I do!

My quote was $3300 for "grafting to buttock and agressive liposuction of abdomen, armpit, upper arms, back, flanks, waist It also includes 1 compression garment, compression sleeves, pre-operatory tests( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).


I'm going to check out the recovery centers there. If its going to be after spring semester then I'll be able to stay a full 14 days.

So what I'mma do is continue to train hard in the gym and eat very clean. This is going to be my year and I finna hurt some feelings and break NECKS girls LOL

I can do this and I WILL get this done. Stay tuned ladies!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Queen of sculpting - have you seen those results around the site ladies?!

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Hour glass dreams, I too have apple shape! Its sooo square instead of curved. I am on the slimmer side, people love to tell me that if I lost a few lbs, my stomach would be gone. Little do they understand, I could lose 20 lbs and I would still have midsection that is too large for my body. Good luck to you and continue to post hon!
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:: drags feet :: I'll get there hubbysdream! wah lol
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The next step is to post before pix on here !
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Hey,I can def. relate about being an apple shaped girl I'm sick of trying to disguise body shape :/ I'm also on a weight loss journey and I'm trying to get down to my goal weight of 130 before I request a quote.Regarding not wanting the tummy tuck, I know that Campos is honest so I'm sure he would give you his honest opinion on if he can produce your desired results w/o a TT.Good Luck on your weight loss :)
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thank you smiley. The frustration can be overwhelming sometimes. Today I put that into my workout. I'm almost sure he's going to suggest a tummy tuck however I never had kids and I plan to, I scar pretty badly. As I wait to face the music.. thanks for the support!
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When were you thinking of going ?
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honestly when I wrote this post, I was thinking asap asap. but spring break for me (Mid March) would be a reasonable time. Working hard in the gym and eating right in the meantime (and thereafter!)
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I was thinking the same thing and I was going to bring my sister with me to take care of me and she could make some extra money by taking care of whoever wanted to share a room with me (my sister is a nurse trained in wound care) but since then I "accidently" suggested she should get a tummy tuck so there goes my nurse AND she says Mid March does not work for her so she is thinking mid summer but that does not work for me...idk
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I am not apple shaped but I am also in the 2hunnis so I understand feeling like your main concern is contour and curves ! I also chose Campos and even emailed him but then chickened out when it came to sending pix. I want to lose 10 more pounds before I submit pix...good luck to you.
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sending him pics tomorrow, with my head cut off. baby steps. lol honestly I know how you feel. and thank you!
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I have not sent the pictures yet because someone told me the bigger you are the more work he has to do...the more money he will charge. But then again it is what it is right ? You know what I'm going to send mine
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exactly right! It is what it is! I sent mine off today and was told I'd get my quote in about a week.
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