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Im 31 and mother of 4. Im so excited to finally...

Im 31 and mother of 4. Im so excited to finally get my mommy make over.I've been wanting to get my books done for years and now Im getting the whole ten yards. I have awhe before my procedure 142 days left, but its all i think of. Right now Im not sure if i need a lift or if i can do just implants. Right now Im a 40 DD after surgery i want to be a 36. I've always wanted big boobs. I've been reading everyone post and it helps out a lot.
I hope after surgery i look as wonderful as other women on here. Some doc do amazing work.


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Will you be posting photos so we can follow along on your transformation?

Here's a great post by Scrappy about what to expect the first three days after surgery.

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Well its been a month since my last post, i have...

well its been a month since my last post, i have done a lot of research on real self and make me heal. i ve also looking into other doc. in TJ.
So ive gotten several qoutes for my surgery.
doc A is charging $6800 ETT, lipo,BBL
doc B is charging $7000 ETT, BA,BL,lipo, BBL
im still waiting on two more doc qoutes.
if anyone went to TJ to have all of theese procedures done can you please tell me how recovery was, how long you stayed in TJ, and what doc you used.

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Ok so I've gotten qoutes from several doc in tj....

ok so I've gotten qoutes from several doc in tj. cardenas quote was $6200 FOR EET, LIPO. BBL. Dr pantoja quote was 7000 for lipo.BBL. i still have herd from campos. i did see another doc in tj his price was 8400 for
i have in person consult with pantoja on the 29th of march and as long as everything seems good Im going to go with him
if anyone has had all these procedures done at once with Dr. P. please send me pic
and let me know how everthingturned out

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So i can't believe Im posting these pic. i look...

so i can't believe Im posting these pic. i look horrible but after June i hope i look decent. Im not looking to be a vixon but to wear regular clothes and fell good in them.
anyone have a tt+ba/bl + lipo and bbl with Pantoja please let me know how it went. how was recovery? do u feel it was to much at once and how you like ur results.
any one else going on 17th of June?


Good luck on your upcoming surgery. I am going to Pantoja in 16 days OMG.
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have u meet doc in person? what r u getting done
Yes I have. He did my tummy tuck, lipo, and bbl about 6 months ago. I am having a bl/ba.


well i went to my consult with Dr pantoja on sat. and it didn't go the way i expected. i sent my pic and was told i could have tt bl ba lipo and bbl. for 7000. but at my consult he said i can't do them all together that i will have to waited 6 months for bl ba. and doing 2 separate surgeries will cost a total 8600. that 1600 first choice doc was charging 8000 for everything. not sure what to do. also hearing girls not happy with pantoja is worring me. what to do.


Did you figure out yet if youre going to pantoja for sure?
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I went to Pantoja 6 months ago and did not get the bl/ba. Boy am I glad I didn't get that at the same time. With a bl/ba you have to sleep on your back. With having a tt, lipo, and bbl you can get away with sleeping on your hips. Not with the boobs. Which is why I am going back to him in to days for that. I say do boobs after.
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i know the doc is looking out for my health but am hart broken. my books were the most important yo me. i know that sounds funny. Im already a 40dd but want to be a 36f. i guess Im just getting nervous. this apt made it so real. i wish u luck with ur boobs. what size r u getting. are you completely happy with your first surgery?did u have any complication?

big day tomorrow

well tomorrow my big day. Im excited and not very nervous. but will be once Im on the table.i hope every thing turns out good. i wi post as soon as i can hopefully with pic.flat side here i come


Yay!!! Your day is coming. Good luck.
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its done

well Im out of surgery. everthi.g went well. will post tomorrow about everything.


Can't wait to see your results. Post lot's of pictures :)
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thanks you are the main reason Im going to him
ok Im home but not in much pain except from the swelling in back. did you have this problem and is their anything that helps it


well i made it home. everyone at Dr pantoja took such good care of me but am glad to be home. everything went good. i can't believe how much the doc was able to take off. Im 4 days post op and am not taking any pain meds except tylonal pm at night. feel good but the swelling in lower back is the worst part. Im really swollen but already down 5 inches.


Any updates?
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Im 9 days post op. Im doing well. my back is the only thing that really hurts. i wake up and am stiff but once i start moving i feel better. Im sleeping in power lift chair can't wait to be able to sleep in my bed.i have to say doc Pantoja did an amazing job. will post pic soon
I'm so happy you are doing well.
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8 days post op

8 days post op


OMG CHICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LOOK SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thank you. it still has not hit me yet. but people who saw me 2 weeks before surgery and didn't know i had surgery keep telling me I've lost so much weight.
I had the BBL and TT with Dr Panjota
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Im worried

i had my husband take pic of butt and i think it looks worse than before. doc said he put 900cc but i look at others people pic and they get 700 ccand are huge let me know what you think


Did you sit on you Butt. When I got mine done I didn't sit on it for three weeks I used my boppy pillow and I'm still using it and it been 5 weeks
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Your butt look bigger then the before picture I can see the difference. It look likehe put fat at top of you butt and side. You have to becareful how u sleep I had a TT and a BBL I slept under my bobby pillow u can't sit on nothing extermely hard like a chair or anything super hard I also brought a lawn chair and cut the Butt out to sit in during the day. Its like your sitting on the back of your thighs and your butt is not touching the seat.
the opening of my garment was cutting into my butt. my husband sewed it and my butt looks a lot better. Im starting to notice a difference. so Im going to give it some time before i complain to doc. i do use a boppy to sit on and sleep on my sides

love my body

so Im almost 2 months post op. Im really loving my new body. feel great and even think my butt is starting to fluff. my butt has taken on a nice shape and i my husband loves it. now that i don't have a big stomache my boobs look so big. but look horrible w/out a bra. so i will be getting that fixed next summer with pantoja.
Im a little nervous i go back to work Monday hopeeeverything goes well.
will post pic later today


Hi any updates. Pictures?
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Can't wait to see your results!
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Hey! Just read your profile, so how are things coming along? I would love to see what you look like now. I hope everything is good!
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team pantoja

Im so happy i went to Doc Pantoja. he did an amazing job on my body. i will be going back next summer for bl/ba and maybe more lipo.

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