Butt Injections is NOT FDA Approved but I Have Complications from FDA APPROVED Procedures?

I want to have a butt like Jlo or kim k.i have...

i want to have a butt like Jlo or kim k.i have been considering butt injections for over 2years now and i hope the injections work for me if not i don't know what else to do. i do not have fats for BBL neither do i wnat implants and the BBL goes away and implants u will feel them and oh lord i dont want any man asking me why my butty feels that way


   i am planning on doing butt injections at clinic estetica in tijuana sometime this month,i have been reading about it for over 2years now before i ventured into my first cosmetic surgery,i read on this boards and what Dr's say and i feel terribly like i want to reply everyone and say something. the FDA is not the end of the world or only people who approve things,i am from a 3rd world country where people are treated with things like mud,leaves and all sorts of things that FDA will never even come close to but it heals them.Back to my point,i had breast augmentation and rhino by a board certified surgeon in los angeles and guess what it went wrong i mean super wrong,fucked up rhino and breast fucked up,i am still trying to go for revision but i am scared.i am not a candidate for BBL but neither will i do the implants because just like my breast it will be fucked up i can feel it and see it. Now I am planning on doing this injections and still reading,i have read horrible scary stories which made me thing twice and stories that made me think its not that bad too.Does that mean people from 3rd world countries dont have good products because its not FDA approved?no all these surgeons screaming FDA board certified here and there i am sorry i dont trust any of you,i am sure my nose and breast will be better if i did it in mexico but because i trusted fda and board certified where am i now? Well i will keep everyone updated on what happens.I am going to tijuana because i cant find anything that seems legit in America,i will not do it in a hotel room or so and its hard for me to go past 120ponds so thats my only option.My friends did theirs recently it looks good,check out Draya from basket ball wives and jasmine Jaye her friend they did their butt about 4months ago but wont give anyone of their friends the contact and it was done in America, when i ahve a complication and fda and board certified surgeons can help,i will trust them again.Everything has its ups and downs and complications, BBL,implants all i have seen them gone wrong under board certified surgeons so. God will se eme through.  I hope i make sense

Finally done

Due to the fact that I have had two surgeries gone wrong I just had the shots done here in America.My butt is on fire but my friend who's had her and took me says within 3 days I will be fine.i took Anti biotics n Medicines for bruising etc i will update pictures later I can barely take any.the pain is ok my breast hurt more than this so I will survive

Butt done

So I finally got my butt done in Atl by a guy who does celebrities he did industry grade silicone and I actually paid $1000 just to get his contact.he has done most celebrities like Nicki,k Michelle (I hate K's butt she over did it she needs a tummy lipo) he did Keshia cole and everyone else and I love my butt it's did and giggly and he charged me $1500 but he did an axing job compared to what I had to pay in Tijuana it was cheaper.i flew to Atl and got it done since he is in the A.yes strippers got the hookup I paid and I don't regret it at all the girl who hooked me up has had silicone for over 10years no problems.Its tough out here that we have to pay for contacts but I guess its a business but I sure wouldn't charge anyone $1000 for contacts I was desperately do I paid max should be $500 honestly because first it's really hard getting the contacts and someone trust worthy.i'd asked close friends of mine like draya from basketball wives and jasmine jaye their contact who did their butt a year ago these hoes told me they lost it lmao its a cold world but now I got contacts so I am good .
clinic estetica

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Can't you ladies see this is a scam! Omg, really s.m.h how people are so quickly taken in by rip off artist. The spelling is horrible, clue number 1. I don't even believe its the same woman in each picture. The list goes on!
Draya and this celebrities did not get butt injections. Don't be stupid ladies, they're not going to risk their lives for a cheap injection that's not FDA approved.. The ladies fallen for this scam must be in the 20's! Lol
Draya and Jasmines ass look damn good for butt injections and I'm very slim like draya just minus the boobs lol. I'm having my butt done next week in NYC so I'm pretty excited and scared at the same time so I'll def post some before and after pix.
You people have NO idea what nicki minaj or K Michelle had done to their butts or by who or where. And while this illegal injector may very well be lying about injecting these specific people, do not doubt for a second they absolutely had illegal butt shots at one point. In fact nicki minaj raps about it in a song with big Shawn. So don't listen to what these people have to say. They here only the negative and form am opinion. You have to just do your research, trust your decision, and do what's best for yourself. Best wishes
if u think niki got butt shots ur delusional she clearly got a Brazilian butt lift and implants and k michelle amited in an interview she had a butt lift not butt shots so that injector lied to u i just hope it doesnt move and cause issues for u later
Might I also add that threw my research I found clinic aesthetica in tj and was quoted 3k for 600cc. To me it also seemed the most legit although in a third world country it is in a doctors office by a trained medical professional. However, several patients also listed on real self came home from clinic esthetics and spent several months in the hospital and had multiple surgeries to remove the foreign matter. There is also a more recent review of somebody who went there who describes her butt as feeling like skittles. Unfortunately there is no recourse for this because you went to another country.
These illegal injectors don't care about you, your health, or your family. They prey on people who "are desperate". Have patience although I know it's hard and do your research, make wise choices, and do t do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. It's easy to inject......bit do research on how hard it is to find somebody to help you after if/when you have problems. Nobody wants anything to do with it
I got overwhelmed with emails asking if this lady responded to me. No she has not. I have zero interest in having silicone injected in my body by anybody and you guys should reconsider too. Bbl is the best option. There are more reasonably priced doctors with just as much skill if you look hard enough! Good luck
hello could you please send me your doctor information I'll be back in New York in February trying to get my b*** Dorindagarcia7@ gmail. Com
Hi did she reply to you I'm desperate here!
Can u email me the docs info pls tierag0809@yahoo.com
Hi did she reply to you I'm desperate here!
Hi did she reply to you I'm desperate here!
Need that info ready to pay now lee.keyss@gmail.com
Hi did she reply to you I'm desperate here!
Please send me his contact info vhall716@live
Hi did she reply to you I'm desperate here!
Wow really can u give me his contact info I have no problem going to ATL please email me vhall716@live.com
Hi did she reply to you I'm desperate here!
Wow really only 1000 n ur ass looks great
i am ready to pay 1000 for the contact dear please email me safietou@hotmail.com i'll travel to atlanta
Hi did she reply to you I'm desperate here!
I don't understand why you are all begging to get the connect. This procedure is illegal and has many Good reasons why. I had a bbl and the results are amazing!! Previously I had hydrogel. So I paid 4k and risked my life or 6k for life long results that are very safe....hmmmmm
i want his info I live in ATL email me please goodmorning@iname.com. I need my butt done asap!