32 Yrs Old, 4 Kids, 36A Cup

I am getting 500cc's on each breast. My doctor...

I am getting 500cc's on each breast. My doctor told me this will get me a full C cup or small D. I will be having surgery Monday the 17th of February, in less than two weeks. I know I will be getting saline implants on top of my muscle, my incision will be right under my breast. I also had a full tummy tuck with lipo done almost two years ago, didn't want to get breast implants then but now can't wait to have my surgery. Will take pictures then.


You're probably an expert at "recovery" since you had a tummy tuck, but just in case, here are some items you may want to purchase and set up prior to your surgery. Wishing you the best...keep us posted!
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Good luck on you surgery my prays go your way for a speedy recovery! Can't wait to here how it goes for you :)
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5 days pre BA

I am so nervous at the same time really thrilled the time is near. I been waiting for this moment for 10 years. Also, ladies also had a tt done almost two years ago, it will actually be two years on my BA date. Here are pictures of what my breast look now, 36A and of my tt two years later. My scar is just scarring from tt is just starting to diminish. I do have silicon scarring medication on it right now so it looks darker.


Thank you! Can't wait either will show pictures from start to finish cause I know how important it is for many women.

2 days before my BIG day

Can't wait for Monday to come around! Just been thinking should I get smaller implants..... Don't know what to do. Will see what I decided to end up with.


Best of luck to you! It's right around the corner!
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Thank you! I am so thrilled in getting them. Will show my new girls tomorrow :)

I day before my surgery!

I been reading others reviews and now am thinking 500cc will be too big for me, but then again, I don't have really any breast tissue and do have an "A" cup. Don't know what to do..... I guest I should just trust my doctor, right? I just want the perfect boobies....don't want anything to go wrong. I live 2 hrs from the border of Mexicali so tomorrow I'll be leaving no later than 3:30am to get there by 5:30am. I will be having my surgery at 6am and will be back home that same day. I am not looking forward being in a car for 2 hrs after my surgery, that is the down size of getting surgery in Mexicali .... The long drive home. By the way I had a tt with lipo done with this same doctor 2 years ago so I trust his work.


OommGg yaaayy today! How exciting :D My best to you love! My surgery is exactly 2 months from today...I'll follow your recovery...be well! Hhooorrayy
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Try to get some rest -- and can't wait till' you get your new boobies! Exciting!!!
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Good luck tomorrow, will be looking for updates. My pre op boobs are the exact same as yours.my dr also suggest 500cc to get me to a d cup.rest well and enjoy.yay for tatas
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I have boobies.!

I just came out of surgery and in my room now. Well I decided to go with 465cc instead of 500cc. Everything went great. I feel no pain and I can even raise my arms up..... I am soooo happy with my results.


Congrats. How are you feeling. ? A lot pain? I' m scheduled for surgery this Friday, any advice?
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Very, very sore. My implants were place above my muscle. They say it is less painful, but every doctor recommends different.
Congrats! What are your stats? Happy healing!
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Very sore

WelI I was wrong. Right after I got home I started to feel pain and soreness in my breast. It's not a pain were I can't tolerate. I must of been in some very good meds at the hospital cause I spoke to soon. I been waking up every two, three hours ... not being able to sleep right. My breast do feel very heavy. But I do think it's well worth every moment I'm going through :-)


32 yrs old, 4 kiddos, 5"0, 114 pounds. 465cc round mod saline implants.
I spoke to soon... I started to feel the pain and soreness when I got home :-(

24 hrs post op

Here r just a few pics I took. Will take better pictures as I feel better.


Just wondering how you were doing haven't heard from you ? Hope your doing ok !
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Thank u :-) I feel great now. I was feeling depress but I'm back now :-)
Looking good! The heaviness will go away with time until then it will serve as a constant reminder that you have new editions try not to let this get you down, it really weighed on me. Hopefully your pain is better. Congrats and happy healing!
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12 days Post-op

Feel a lot better now. Today I am 12 days post-op. I stop taking my norco meds last Thursday. Been able to sleep sideways with a pillow on the side to support my breast. Was depress cause husband wasn't helping me with the house choirs. Really disappointed in him. But I think am healing well. I see my doctor on Monday for my 2 week appointment.


Oh sorry I just saw the comment that said over. lol
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Very fast recovery having them place over the muscle.
You look good! Were they placed under, over, or in the muscle? Congrats btw!!
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2weeks post

We'll I saw my doctor on Monday for my 2 week check up. All he said was that my left breast has more inflammation than my right. Other than that he gave me the ok to wear bras. Measured my breast, couldn't believe I am a 32ddd or 32f. I love my size. I do not think they are huge at all. I can still cover them if needed. I am really happy with my outcome. Will post more pics real soon. Also my doctor said my breast drop already.


Dr Gustavo Gaspar Blanco

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