5 weeks Post OP

I will be departing Oklahoma on Tuesday June 12,...

I will be departing Oklahoma on Tuesday June 12, 2012 by plane and arriving in San Diego, Ca picked up by driver Luis and driven into Mexicali, Mexico. I will be taken to the Family Hospital, where I will have a consultation, and blood work conducted. I will stay at the hospital that night and have my procedures performed Wednesday June 13, 2012 at 10a.m. I am 5'7, 175lbs, age 25. I have two children a 5 year old son and a 1 year old son. I breast fed both of my children, therefore I will be getting a Tummy Tuck, Lipo to my lower flanks, Breast lift+breast implants. I am really excited, I have 8 days to go before travel. I will also update evereyone after surgery and also upload pictures before and after ladies.


Okay, I am feeling much better today. I actually went and paid a visit to the surgeon. After i sent an emotional email to the hospital staff. I was given a follow up visit asap. I expressed my concerns of my expectations and current results. I feel much better now that the surgeon actually listen to me as i did not feel he had done during the brief and rushed consultation. The surgeon reinforced to me that I am only 5 days Post Op and that I just had major surgery and many area's of my body. He explained that my breast will eventually decrease in size, i stated that i have read that they will on decrease if any by 12 to 10 percent. He assured me that I had major areola correction due to the donut lift and too the implant. The surgeon said It will decrease a lot by far ( suppposely). He said my concerns about the bulks in buldges in my lower back will smooth out as fluid leaves and swelling leaves. He promised me I will have great results and will begin to see progress within 4 to 6 weeks and even up to 6 months for final results, idk, i hope he is not just bluffing. He said I have to remember I was cut in half and sewed back up with 1 liter of fat suctioned from my left and my right lower back and waist a total of 2 liters plus....idk, i sure hope he is right. He scheduled to meet with me again this Thursday, I currently have an eased mind.
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lol, you just really made me laugh, and i did not even consider all the meds that have been pumped into my system the last 4 days. I will look over the reviews and thanks again.
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Great minds (& moms) think alike :) and I really would say the same to my daughters, who are 30 & 20, btw. I was just reading through the book of pre op paperwork my PS office just sent me. Here's something they said about the lipo, "Following liposuction, tissue fluids 'leak' or shift into the spaces created by the suctioning process. It will take your body a few days to adjust..." Also, another MM girl, thenewmeafter, is feeling blue about herself today and a neat lady, liftedandtucked, posted some really encouraging & thoughtful comments. You should read through her posts. You can find them through my review where I've posted to them. Your body is still adjusting & so are your emotions and the way you see yourself. Just all the drugs you had to take will mess with your head, take it from an old hippie haha!
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I am currently 6 days Post Op today. Everything...

I am currently 6 days Post Op today. Everything appears to be the same since Post Op day 1. Time really does fly as I will be one week post op as of tomorrow. I can not wait to be 4 week post op and so forth. I am no longer on any pain medicine, and I have not had much of an appetite at all. I finally took a shower yesterday at 5 days Post Op and that felt so good. I also have washed my CG twice in 4 days. I had my first BM at 5 days Post Op too, and it was not uneasy at all but regular no struggle.

My drains are still in collecting a lot of fluid still. I was hoping to get them of at 1 week Post Op but as much as I am draining I know that will not be happening. I saw my PS yesterday as I had some concerns about my body and I am scheduled to see him again Thursday hopefully my drains will be able to be removed then because I am traveling back home Friday to the United States.

I am still numb on my belly area and getting the feeling back in my lipoed area's. I am in no pain whatsoever and still not walking up straight but not that bad of a hunch either. I actually walk faster and straighter w/o my CG, it is more difficult to walk with my CG. My breast has not been a bother to me since my areola lift or the implant. I had my implants placed above the muscle so I dont know if that makes a huge difference but they are comfortable and painless. Only issue with my breast is that I think they are too big and I hate that so far.

Other then that I can not wait to get home so I can lay in my own bed that I can not wait for at all.


You need some ruby slippers ;) Ten days from home for me is a long time even on a vaca! Good luck @post op. Will that be the last appt with your PS or will yo
u come back?
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Yes it will be my last.
Girl, I am sooo glad you & newme are blogging buddies now! It seems like you're in the same place in your healing journey. I'm sorry I haven't responded recently. I've been bizzy haha. Oops! But I've been thinking bout cha. I'm really getting attached to you girls, and I feel bad if I don't stay in touch! So I hope today is a good day!
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I am currently 8 days Post Op. I had my second...

I am currently 8 days Post Op. I had my second Follow Up visit with my PS today. He stated everything is looking good and healing as expected. I am so happy he took the tape off my tummy and my breast. I am excited to say that my scar on my belly is nice, I can not wait until 4 weeks Post Op. My incision and stitches around my areola look good too. I was given a small kit to care for my incisions such as gaze, sprays, and ect. Unfortunately, I was unable to have my drains removed. I suspected this though, he gave me iinstruction on how to remove them my self and advised me to remove them Sunday at home. He and I discussed the importance of all my fluids draining and the risk if I he were to remove them too early. So nevertheless I am fine with flying back home with ,y drains attached to my hip,lol.

I got out a little an enjoyed a great lunch at a Chinese Buffet, and even do a little shopping in the local strip mall. I am back at the hotel now to relax before my flight back home. Yippy!!!!!


Too bad about the drains :( but good news on the belly scar :) I'm sure you're ready to go & probably sleeping in your ruby slippers!
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how is it going bizzybody87
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Thank you, same to you. My scar is not bad at all on my Tummy I will take a pic of that tonight and Post it. I will tell the Airport about my drains and inform them I need a Wheelchair. I am up and walking but seriously doubt I can do excessive walking through a major city airport,lol. Happy healing to you also.
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I am only 13 days post op, I have some bulging...

I am only 13 days post op, I have some bulging from my hip to waist. I wanted to know if this is similar to a potentially dog ear. I know that I am less than two weeks Post Op and that I have a lot of healing ahead of me and even minor swelling still. Can someone help me on this?


U looking good girl u getting there
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I am currently 3 weeks 5 days post. I am very...

I am currently 3 weeks 5 days post. I am very thankful for all of the women on realself that take interest in this website. A few weeks ago prior to me having my procedures I was interested in finding out from women that recieved procedures from Dr. Gaspar in Mexicali, Mexico if they liked their results and if they could provide me with any information. Nonetheless, I emailed 3 of the women and blogged on their mommy makeover post but they never replied. I moved forward with my procedures in Mexico. I am now nearly 4 weeks post op and I blogged about my experience and my results as this is what this website is for! Now, that I am on this website and other women are new comers ane interested in my surgeon they are emailing me requesting pictures and information about my results. I never once went looking for these women that were interested in Medical Tourism in Mexicali, Mexico they came to my page. After all this is what this website if for right?! Well, I sent eahch lady pictures of the area they were interested in and they all did not like my results just as I do not like them and I have raised several concerns my self to the staff, surgeon, medical tourism coordinator anfd so forth. I went nearly a week in a half without any response from the surgeon.

Well, 2 out of the 3 women decided after seeing my results to cancel with the hospital and surgeon all together based off my results. This is not my fault. Well, i get a very very long text message not email but text message from Carlo. Saying it is unfair that I post negative comments about Dr. Gaspar when the Dr. did a good job and that I am too early in recovery to be judging my results......Like I told Carlo and I will say it again. Results speak for themselves and my pictures do not lie. The only thing that is unfair is that I have emailed this doctor sevreral times with concerns about my breast and belly button only to get no reply. What is unfair is that it took me a very long time to save the $6900.00 cash that I gave your Country not including flights, passport, hotel, and food and than not to even be able to get a proper response from a surgeon that I gave my dollars to. I am a consumer/customer and a paying one at that. I deserve to be treated as such and my concerns at that time were very real. I take and took my Post op follow up care very seriously unlike Dr. Gaspar and the hospital staff.

How dare anyone tell me I am being unfair when I have said nothing negative at all. If people are finding this website and locating patients of Dr. Gaspar or any other Mexicali Surgeon or ibox and email me I will continue to answer their questions and send them whatever pictures they request. The only thing that is unfair is that you try and tell me not to speak on my own behalf. This is my body, my money, my profile, my results...o okay, yes I thought so. I could have said a whole lot of stuff about the unprofessionalism, no time management, unethical staff, and so more stuff but I never did. Please do not make me go there. The only thing that is unfair is that Mexicali Family Hospital only thinks about the american dollar as the only business side. The follow up care and correspondence are no factor at all. It is very unethical to tell me Dr. Gaspar performs 50 surgeries a month, has 4 children, has consultations and follow ups and it is hard for him to do it all. Well, who fault is that? So I the paying consumer she compromise and understand? No, if he the doctor can not handle all of his duties in his job decsription maybe he should rdeuce the number of surgeries he performs a month to be able to provide all patients with adequate consultations and Post Op Follow Up Care as these two things are just as important as the surgery its self and even more important.


hi bizzybody87 hope everything is going well with you.
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i don't know what girls you talking to you look great!
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thanks, there are pictures i didnt post on here off my breast w/o the tape and my belly button and a full view of my body with no clothes. I only send them when women contact me personally. Pics are not present on this profile and wont be but thanks!

I am 5 weeks and 1 day Post op as of today. Today...

I am 5 weeks and 1 day Post op as of today. Today i decided to jog 2 miles and I shocked myself that I made it through the 2 miles without any pain. I added in 50 crunches and 25 push up's,lol. It was a little awkward to jog and to have breast bouncing and that was very different being that I have always been flat chested,lol. Nonetheless, I am excited to be back working out! I usually can walk/jog 5 miles and get at least 30 miles in a week. Yes, thats 5 miles 6 days a week. I am going to work my way back up to that. Taking baby steps. Even when I did my Push Up's it did not hurt at all.

I am hoping to keep tone and in shape. It has been over a month since I was last able to exercise.

A little update is that my stomach appears a little flatter on one side than the other. (my right side is actually not as flat as my left side) Also, my left flank is bigger than my rigjt flank. I have read a few other women profiles and it appears this is normal and I am not the only one experiencing this. Overall, my breast are looking much better. I had a benelli lift and it gave my breast a weird fire cracker explosion look around the areola but that too is healing and decreasing in appearance as I was told it was.

I am fitting all of my old clothes and feeling good, I really just hope this left flank goes down and decreases in size but as of right now that is irking my last nerve just because the cotour is not symmetrical....

I am still wearing my compression garment and I actually prefer to wear it than not to. My PS did advice me to wear it for 8 weeks. I am currently using Bio Oil on my scar and belly button and apply it twice a day. I also apply all natural Shea Butter straight from Ethiopia. It has not been processed and this Shea Butter is 100% the real stuff, so hopefully it helps with my scar and belly button too.

Happy healing to all.


Lookin good hun!!! Hope you are still improving :-)
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hi bizzybody87, i know how you feel, i think one side is also sticking out, but i think it also has to do with the compression garment, ifs it to tight.
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@Islandgirlsxm- IDK if it has anything to with my compression garment. It just looks like some fat may have stored and pocketed in the flank area above the incision. IDK, overall if this goes down I would havve no complaints,lol. Nonetheless if all else fails maybe I can get that lil area liposuctioned out by a PS here in the states to have the results I desire......but I hope it goes down in do time on its own being that I am only 5 weeks Post OP...

How is your recovery coming alone? Are you seeing more results daily?

I am now 2 in a half months POST OP. I need a...

I am now 2 in a half months POST OP. I need a revision as I have dog ears on both side of my waist. I accommodate them by wearing my panties high..... I have extra skin on my lower abdominal area to the right side. My right scar is significantly higher than the left. My right lower abdominal area buldges out and the left side is flat. My tummy Tummu Tuck is very uneven. As for the Lipo done it was not done and if so very little. Dr. Gaspar stated he would remove 4 liters of fat from my flanks, and lower back area, Well, I just had a consult with a PS that stated he could remove 5 liters of fat from the same areas ( how is this possible if the fat has already been removed)?????? EXACTLY MY POINT. My waist and flanks look the same.

So I will be paying additional monies to get my body fixed as I can not live with this and I will not be returning to Mexicali. DR. Gaspar is not a good surgeon anf Carlo only helps to fish american women in to Mexicali to help with the country's economic state. I have not heard from anyone since I left even after I made several complaints and concerns about my results. Please be aware of Mexicali Mexico Health Care anf Dr. Gaspar has no idea how to conduct body sculpting, nor a TT.


i'm sorry about what happened, i must say i had the same thing done with dr. manjarrez and healed rapidly and very good, and was given specific after care so nothing happened to me
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I'm really surprised with your results, and I'm really sorry for all the troubles you've been through. Three family members have had breast augmentations with Dr. Gaspar and their results have been amazing! Its hard to believe all the bad comments I've read about him. I was even thinking about doing my rhinoplasty with him, but now I'm doubting it.
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don't go with dr gaspar please go with dr Ramirez hes awesome ill post some pics
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