Never thought any of this was possible, I figured...

Never thought any of this was possible, I figured I was just too old and I have lived with a troubled bottom half my whole life, so just thought that was the way things had to be. Never in my adult life have I even worn shorts or a skirt above the knee. I have always had fat knees and fat legs and a flat saggy butt. It wasn't until I had my breast lift and my arm lift that my Plastic Surgeon said, I am sure you will want to come back to have a body lift so your bottom half will match your top half. Honestly I never even considered it since I have a flat stomach, flat with plenty of wrinkles that is...well he pulled up the sagging skin on my outer thighs to show me the difference it would make and OMG I become a new woman!!!

As far as being too old, well I could say that, maybe I should have done this earlier, but I am just finding out about it now so why not, I still have a few good years ahead of me. I thought body lifts were only for those who have those large aprons of skin hanging down. I had no idea it is really to help with all that has fallen south, south as down to the thighs and legs. I have a flat butt, but it's hard to tell where the butt stops and the legs begin...He wants to add fat to the butt for volume.

I most likely will return to my original plastic surgeon, Dr. Quiroz, as he did a wonderful job with my 3 other procedures. Last month while I was visiting LA, I did have a consult with an other Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Katzen, who is considered the tops in this field. I wanted to get his perspective on what I needed and see what type of cost would be involved. I absolutely loved him, if insurance would cover the surgery I would go to him in a heart beat. I have viewed his TLC special he did on this type of surgery several times just as a way to mentally prepare. If you want to find it just look up 360 body lift on the internet and you will find it.

As it turns out both Doctors were pretty much on the same page as to what I need none. Dr. Quiroz's prices are a lot less of course, which for me makes all the difference. And Dr Q will do a great job I am sure.

I had planned on having this done in the Spring, but now that my daughter is having a baby and I need to be there to help her I have postponed my surgery until the fall. Since I can't do it in the Spring and be healed in time for the baby, I have decided to take a month long cruise to Tahiti, of course this trip is so I can mentally prepare for the upcoming surgery. Only problem is I will now need to come up with the extra money for the surgery, but if there is a will, there will be a way.

One of the best ways to prepare is my following all the post op patients here. You all have been so inspiring, I can't wait to join you on the other side!!!

Here is a before picture

This is where it all began, 260 lbs!!! I went on to lose 100 lbs and started on fixing the body which was left after the big loss. You can see from the photo why the arms were my number one area to fix, now I am on to the lower half I will be taking and posting some pre photos of my stomach and saggy butt...just have to get the nerve up to take them!

before and afters

The good, the bad and the ugly...

When I started my Plastic surgery journey I really did not know about this site, so I went into it blind sorta speak. The good part was, I was unaware of the horror stories told my some. But also unaware of the great suggestions that come from those who have gone before me. And of course you can't talk about this site without mentioning the great support from other patients. This site has been a wealth of knowledge, some good, some bad, and yes some just plan ugly...I am even thankful for those who have shared some pretty gruesome pictures of just what can happen. It's all been an education, which helps in making informed decisions. My husband just today, said he wished we were staying home and focusing on my having surgery. Meaning my postponement from this spring to the fall. My daughter is having a baby so I thought it best to wait until after that happens in May. He would like me to have the surgery sometime in the summer rather than waiting any longer. I would be lying if I said a little bit of my rescheduling wasn't due to fear that has come from all this education on this site. but that's okay, with knowledge comes power, so I know I will make the best decisions when the time comes. I am very confident in my doctor, Dr. Quiroz, he is well trained in this area. After reading some of the reviews on just how they were treated by their plastic surgeon, I am so thankful I would such a caring doctor. I can not stress enough to do your own homework when it comes to choosing a doctor, don't just go by what you have read somewhere, go find out for yourself...I truly believe my surgeon's plan is to do the best job he ever has done before.....And I am moving ahead as my surgeon wanted me to have my veins fixed before my surgery and I am having those down in two weeks, so I am moving ahead!

wrinkly belly

Never would I ever think I would post pictures like these like these, but if someone is going to the extreme of having their body cut in two, they must have just cause...these photos speak for themselves... Sorry these are not for the faint of heart...

These are more of the berfore LBL pictures don't mind the bruising due to the vein treatment

Here is a good look at the back side looks need of great help. bruising from vein treatment doesn't help but since I am posting I gotta post a back side photo from 3 years ago, taken on the day I decided to try the HCG diet...(what a life saver that was!!!)

Vein Treatment Done for now...

Had my last and most intensive treatment yesterday...Ouch that one hurt, but my surgeon finished up all the sites that needed treatment, now I have three weeks for them to heal until I leave on my big trip. Would love to fit a lipo session in on my thighs to get rid of some of the fat so when I do the thigh lift they can make them even smaller, still waiting on the center to get me a date for that, hopefully earlier in May...

I got a Date!!!

Looks like I am having surgery May13th....OMG that's in two weeks!!! I did all my blood work the day before I left on my big trip last month and got the word that they came back great, while I was on my cruise, so I have known for a while now, but being on the ship I was not really able to prepare, but I am not worried, I will just re read what everyone here has done. One thing I am doing is buying a package of 6 hyperbolic treatments at a local center here in Phoenix, they say the pure oxygen really helps with healing, keeping infections away and also helping with scaring. The center told me they have a lot of Plastic Surgery Patients, for after care. I will be flying to San Diego on the 12th and flying home on the 20th and finishing my recovery at home....I will spend a week at the recovery center. 3 months of wearing those garments is not going to be fun in Phoenix during the summer, but oh well......

In less than two weeks!!!

Money being sent today, plane tickets purchased now I just need to get busy on my list of needed items. PS sent me a list, on that list were depends! they said they come in handy the first few days when you are slow to getting to the bathroom!!! Really? I sure hope I am not that bad. I am excited to get this all done and move on with life. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to go on my cruise last month is, that we went to Tahiti three years ago and had beautiful pictures, but there I was in all of them so fat I could not stand to view them so I wanted to go back and enjoy the Islands thin. I enjoyed every minute of it. I swam in all the pools, even with the flabby skin I felt confident enough, knowing it was soon going to be gone anyway....One day we were at a beach with a couple from the ship, when the lady says to me, "I used to have bad cellulite, like you do but found a great product to help"...I interrupted her, by saying "Oh nothing can help this, it's from weight loss"....She then says "that's what my Husband thought" WTF??? They were discussing my saggy skin??? I was speechless...Had it not been that I know it will soon be gone, I would have really been depressed. But for now it is what it is, some people are just grateful for the weight loss and can live with the skin, and then there are us here who will endue the surgeries to have a body we can truly be confident in....

One week till I leave!!!

I just got my aftercare lined up, 10 sessions at a hyperbaric oxygen treatment center. Many PS's send their patients to this center as it helps you to avoid infections, speeds healing and helps with scaring. I believe in the long run it will be well worth the cost. They give a discount to local Plastic Surgeons so I am hoping I can have the same discount even though mine is not local. Trying to get everything here covered work wise, since I have been away so much not nearly caught up yet, looks like many late nights until I leave....Feeling excited more than nervous. Can't wait to join everyone else on the other side of LBL...

Leaving on a Jet plane in 4 days!!!

I should be working on getting ready, but I am just trying to take time to breath...So much to do work wise before I can sneak away...Yes that is right I am sneaking away, told work I needed to have a procedure to correct something...that's true, right? Anyway since I have been gone so much I didn't want to really discuss it with them. I head up my own dept. at work so as long as I have everything covered no one will even miss me....and when I return on the 20th I will be stopping in at my desk since my aftercare treatment center is right next door to my work. I guess I will post some official before pictures here so we can all seem the tremendous difference after surgery!

Leaving in the Morning!!!

I am ready to go and excited...(not sure why I am excited but I am) A few days ago I watched a you tube video from a women here, who was 55 last year when she had her LBL, and also she is a nurse, so she made a recovery video 3 days after surgery. She was already home and looking and doing great! I know that's not the norm, but I am going with that...That's how I plan to feel...haha That is until I am proven otherwise...We shall see, but that's my plan as of now to feel great in 3 days....(Stop raining on my parade, I can feel it as you read this!!!) Thanks for all the well wishes and I will see you on the skinny side!!!

Today is the day!!!


It's 4 am and I am awake, not too worried about sleep since I will be in surgery for at least 8 hours...Hard to believe it's going to be so long but my plastic surgeon says the most important part is the sewing and he takes his time to do it right. He showed me countless photos of lower body lifts that he has done and the scaring is amazing so faint it's unbelievable. I just met two ladies from LA to day that look like models, one who had just had a facelift last week. No F-ing way, she's 43 looks like she is in her twenties and no signs of any work and she's in no pain...WTF when I had mine last year, I seriously wanted someone to just put me out of my misery. Her friend had just had a noise job and again no swelling and bruising. Then last night a lady came in because she had just done a lower body lift 4 days before and she was moving around just fine. Dr Gutierrez tells me it's because he doesn't let his patients bleed, that they have such good recoveries...This is a small clinic, just the way he likes it, so he can spend a great deal of time with his patients, so different from the large center I went to last time. I spent the whole day and into the evening at the center with the Dr and his patient coordinator Elsa They took me out to eat at a great Fish Restaurant . Then the markup took 2 hours. Looks like I am not having the long in the thigh lift, but rather a inside, medial thigh lift mainly because of those pesky veins I have, the dr doesn't want to risk hitting one, but says I will have a good result with the aggressive lift. Also says I will have my 24 inch waist back plus a nice booty when he's done building me one...He is also fixing about a 3 inch area on both arms that have a pulled looking scar or what is called a dog ear from the arm surgery I had last year. I am not scared at all just feeling so blessed to have found such a surgeon. My surgery will be a twilight surgery so I don't have to worry about being under for all that time. And the most important part of all, my cut lines, well this is why I searched high and low for a Doctor with good cut line, and my drawings on my body look great I should have really nice low lines. The last thing I wanted was to look like I had worked for a magician until a trick went terribly wrong....(looking like I was sawed in half!) So many of the pictures from other Dr's looked just like that..I am going to have a sorta heart shaped rear cut that slopes around the hip bone nice and low in front....So wish me luck, I will post either this evening or in the morning!

I made it too the other side...

First thing I have to say, is I am in no pain! Weird but true, my surgeon told me I would not have pain, but didn't really believe it. I have read all the reviews and knew there would be pain. When I asked him why no pain, I thought it was drugs, but he said it's how the surgeon treats your tissue during surgery. Well yesterday i was transferred to my recovery center right when I should have gotten my pain med, so by the time I finally got then it was about 2 hours past time, and still no pain???? I'm not complaining, just a little surprised...The worst part of recovery is having to lay in bed, hopefully day 2 I will be able to get up....

I'm not one really to complain....

But! this compression garment that they poured me into is like something out of the sixties all stiff with practically no give...Something our poor mothers must have endured for little waist shown in all those movies with the ladies wearing the belted house dresses that made their waist look like they must have been 16 inches...All I can say is this is only day 3 of wearing it for 6 weeks, it better make a huge difference....I was expecting a soft spandex type of spanx thing, but No....Hopefully I will settle into it before going crazy . Other than that I feel good, no other complaints...Lol

Big day!

Drain removal and checking out the incision sites. Everything looks great, the incisions are all closed with the exception of a area in the inner thigh that was being irritated by the groin opening of the support garment. Steri tape and a different garment temporarily should do the trick! I feel like the old me again. Now I feel like I am on the road to recovery....I go tomorrow for 4 treatments in a row with the hyperbolic oxygen treatments so I am confident that will help close the remaining area. I have to say the cut lines are amazing, they look like a pen drawing....I hope they remain so thin.... Feeling really great today also...not bad for day 13

Two weeks out

So today is two weeks post op!!! Yay!!!! I can't even begin to say how exciting this is....For a year now, I have read everyone's stories of their Lower Body Lifts, wishing it was me. Thinking would this really ever happen for me, or would I chicken out, could I come up with the money....etc. So to finally be on the other side, is just do dam exciting....So my question is, when does the swelling pretty much go down? I know they say your body is still changing for 6 months or more, but the initial surgery swelling is what I am referring too...I got on the scale this morning, it's just my nature to do so each morning. I am now 8 lbs lighter than surgery day, is that good for 2 weeks out?

Only because my garment was being washed....

I am not supposed to be out of my garment and I promise I haven't been only to wash and dry for a short period, so I thought I would quickly take a couple 2 week pictures. Please note that I had a reaction to the tape, this the scabs above and below the scar line. I was bad, I itched, so I scratched them when wearing the garment, not good I know...but if you don't dwell on those the actually scars look great very thin and not even raised...

Tummy shot

Okay so here's the belly button, I really like can see the groin cut, I will have to make sure I find the right kind of suit to cover it , but it's so small I am sure it will fade...this is still only day 16, so hopefully things will continue to get better....

Here's the Funny thing about the healing time.....

I feel normal, my energy level is what it always is, I am ready to get up and go...So I do...but I don't get very far...Walking in from the car to my appointment yesterday, I found myself out of breath. Went to a friends birthday party, thought I would stay for a short while, had to go take a seat on the sofa and nearly fell a sleep.... It's hard to know what you can do since I feel so good, yesterday I didn't do any thing strenuous but I left home at 10am and returned at 7pm so that was a little much, good news is no real swelling. I think I am not swelling because there just isn't any place that could swell outside of my toes, since I am wearing the long support stockings and the garment...I can feel the insides all coming together, I can stretch and it doesn't pull anything, I can laugh or cough and it doesn't hurt...So glad going up and down stairs was never a issue and that I was able to sleep in my bed and not have to use a recliner, and I have been able to bend to pick up dropped items and use the reg. toilet seat. So all the things I had heard might be issues never seemed to be with me...Even the dreaded BM, happened without too much crying the first time...So it's all been pretty good. Just wish my appetite wasn't so good, as I know I don't need all the calories with so little movement. Trying to focus on proteins. All in all recovery has been great, it just takes time I guess, and there's no rushing that!!!

3 Weeks out tomorrow...

I'm counting the days on the calendar to see when I will officially be done with recovery...It's not like I don't enjoy wearing a restrictive garment in the AZ summer...but I sure am looking forward to being cleared to swim in our beautiful pool that's just sitting back there waiting for me...There is something that I feel I need to address concerning surgery. I am so fortunate that I had a wonderful outcome, and the credit is ALL due to my surgeon who I totally believe was a Godsend to me. This is not always the case, sometimes things can go wrong, nobodies fault but things happen during and after surgery and you must have someone that has the capability of handing such things. Thus was the case with me. I only mentioned this briefly, but it turns out during surgery, I was a bleeder, I mean I bled a lot, my surgeon had to go so slow, making the smallest cuts and having to stop the bleeding before he could continue. I was a sleep of course, so I didn't know, but my surgery took double the time it should have taken. He took so much care, making sure I wasn't bleeding that my surgery broke his all time record in length. The other good news is, he uses twilight sedation, so I wasn't under heavy anesthesia, which is not good during a long surgery. I honestly don't know what would have happened to me had I not been with such a experienced and capable surgeon. I did not want to write about this in fear it would scar someone off from having their much needed surgery, But I feel I must be real and tell you, the first and foremost thing when deciding where to have your surgery is your Doctor...If you must travel out of state to find the best, do so, if you must spend a few more dollars to go them DO so, Ask your doctor how he handles emergencies, what's his backup plan, what hospital does he use in case of a emergency, how will you be transferred there? These are not the kinds of things we want to be thinking of when we are planning our surgery, as we think we will be the ones who sail though without any complications. I sailed though without any complications only because of my surgeon. It's hard for me to imagine what could have happened if I had gone elsewhere to have my surgery. I originally wanted the long thigh lift, but my surgeon told me it would not be safe, so we opted for the medial thigh lift, I can't even imagine if I had gone to another doctor who would have done, it where I would be now...The morning following surgery I had a my blood drawn to see how I was doing and it came back great, why because I had a great surgeon looking out for me!

I am one Happy girl!!!

Finally my stage 2 compression garment showed up's longer right to the knees, so off with the support's been 3 weeks! and the garment feels like second skin...It's so nice, where have you been Compression garment!!! I am excited since it seems like I will be able to wear normal clothes with it...This is just one more step in my recovery....Yeah!!! I don't think I have been so excited for a package to arrive, since Christmas as a child!!!

4 Weeks Post Op today!!!

I am feeling pretty good, still feel like I have incisions, many only notice the stomach ones since they seem to be the most sensitive. I haven't been wearing the support stockings since it's been 4 weeks, but for the last couple of days I have noticed some swelling, all the way down to my feet. I have been asked to post updated pictures so we took some, I think by the time I got around to taking them after washing and drying the garment, I was out of the garment for 4 hours so that could be the reason for all the extra swelling. I hope you can look past the swelling in the stomach, thighs and legs....I still have those peky marks on my rear from the surgical tape that didn't agree with me...

Off Topic...but

I am so excited!!! many of you know, I had a hard time trying to figure out just when to have my surgery due to the fact that my daughter was going to have a baby and that of course I wanted to be there. Well, I am pretty healed up, and she just called to inform me she is in the hospital in labor!!! Looks like I'm getting a Granddaughter today!!!

Meet my newest Granddaughter born this afternoon!

D. Gutierrez said I would be fine by the time she was born and he was right, I feel great and now ever greater since she's here!!!


Gosh, I thought this day would never come...Why is it, that the month before surgery went by so fast, barely having time to get everything done in time for surgery??? Then surgery and it was as if time stood still, this month as shown so much improvement. I was blessed to have all my incisions closed by two weeks, with the exception of a little place in my inner groin where my first garment pressed on a stich and broke it, so other than that spot that I have been carefully following Dr's instructions everything looks really good. I was thankful I didn't get the dreaded butt crack split of a stich that so may have talked about...My stiches in the rear and sides seem to be less tender than the ones in the stomach area. I now am able to sleep on my side again, which takes the pressure of my butt. I have been having to learn to adjust to the new rear, I am told that there will come a day that I no longer feel like something has been added there, that it will feel like it's really a part of me... It's hard to describe, it doesn't hurt or anything like that but I can feel there's a little something extra there. I was the one person who didn't want a "Brazilin Butt Lift' as I prefer the smaller look to the rear. I did this for medical reasons only...haha I know that having a LBL can make your rear even flatter and I started out with a rear that was so flat, my tail bone actually stuck out making sitting or exercising difficult at times...So I was a little concerned with just what I was going to end up with...I did not want to have a Kardashian butt, and thankfully I ended up with a smaller rear with a nice curve. I know this next month will show even more improvement. I still have swelling, some days more than others. I am wearing my stage 2 binder 24/7 with the exception of when I wash it every other day... I guess I will continue to wear the garment for another month as least. I am going for a follow up in a week, so I will see what my Surgeon says...Thanks for all the support it has really helped!

It's just the camera angle...

My PS asked for some photos this morning so the hubby got busy taking some, and did a shot from the bottom looking up....OMG this picture was taken. Thank God I don't really look like this, I just found it to hilarious not to post....I call it, "Baby's' got back!!!"
You can see by the next one taken it was just the angle of the camera...funny

5 week post op office visit

The hubby and I picked up a new friend from RS aand we all drove out to San Diego where. We met another RS and we then parked at the border and took a taxi to Dr. Gutierrez's office where we met Elsa and then went for Lunch at that wonderful fish rest. I mentioned before. We had a great lunch with even some Mexican beer. Dr. G joined us and we all had a great time getting to know each other better. After several hours of lunching we went back to the office where we all had our appointments. I went first and everything seems great. Still healing as my stomach still has alot of swelling going on. Found out I must still wear the binder for another 6 weeks....then it was time for the ladies, Dr G did not rush things but took his time spending up to 2 hours with each of them. Then. It was a quick taxi ride to the border and 1 1/2 hour wait for processing We ended up getting back at the San Diego hotel at it turned out to be a full day....Can't wait to get to go back to finish up all the little fixes I need fromm that other surgeon....

6 weeks Post Op Today....

I am going to need to post some pictures, just this week I have seen some great changes, my stomach swelling is leaving...thank goodness, and the place in the groin that I split the stick with the garment is almost 100% healed, so it looks like swimming is just around the corner. I am feeling 100% normal again, I can sleep on the stomach, no tightness anywhere and I no longer get tired after a long day...I was told to keep wearing the garment for another couple months, so I will...incisions are all healed, just waiting for them to turn white and not be noticeable. Life is good....

Went shopping on the way home...

Stopped in a my favorite store last night on the way home from work. It's a store owned by Nordstrom's sorta like the Rack but even better, selling overstocks and closeouts at 70% off. Last night they were selling their gowns at a additional 50% so I just had to pick up three of them...Not too bad for $15 each....Now I am going to need a cruise so I can wear them....Here's one of them...

Before and after....

Here is a side by side that show how much things have changed....

Two Month Post Op Today!!!

Life is good....I started swimming at the end of June, at first I felt a little tight in the stomach when I started swimming but after a couple of laps that was gone. I feel really good. I think I am completely healed. I no longer get tired in the afternoons...All the incisions look good. I will do my best to get new photos taken. I have been using bio oil on the incisions, they are nice and small and flat but still have the redness to them which is normal I know...can't wait until it turns white since they are so tiny I know they will not even be noticeable then...Not sure when I will be going back for the other things I still need done. I wanted to wait until it cools down some before having anything else done. I want to be able to swim this summer...

Bio Oil....

Last year at exactly this point out 2 1/2 months post op I started using bio oil on my breast that were all nicely closed at that point. We were spending the night in a hotel in Seattle before boarding a ship for a 14 day Alaskan cruise when I woke to find the sheets were stained with some sort of leakage. Freaked out I went to a urgent care to make sure there wasn't some sort of infection. $179 later I found out it was a reaction to the bio oil I had just started using. I figured the breast area was just to sensitive for it, so I stopped using it. That is until last week when I decided to start using it on my LBL scars. Everything seemed to be fine with that. There was a little 3/4 of a inch spot on my rear that felt hard and dry so I thought the oil might be good for that. Last night as I was undressing I found that spot had turned into what looks like a red boil, with fluid under it....Damm Everything had been perfect up until this....I can tell it's not infected, but irritated. No more Bio Oil for me...I am 2 1/2 months post op with everything being closed since 2 weeks, and for me to irritate my incision like this, wow it's just like last year, everything had been closed there too for a long time....I should have known better...

Pricing for Surgery in Mexico

This is a subject that I have steered away from until now. I would like to say a few things on the subject. When I had surgery last year at another clinic I stated the prices that I was quoted when I first signed up to go but was it the price I paid? No, there were so many additional costs, such as day of surgery labs, EKG's, anesthesia, garments, pain meds, implants, and of course recovery. I don't like having those prices listed on those reviews because I feel it gives a false sense of cost. Because of all of that I decided to stay away from the money aspect when reviewing this surgery. I don't want to list a certain price then have someone upset that they were quoted a different price as each surgery is unique. Some people require more work than others even doing the same type of surgery, thus the difference in price. I will tell you this though, this time with Dr. Gutierrez the price I paid covered all the extras with the exception of my after care. I can tell you that Dr. G's prices fall right in line with other reputable surgeons in Tijuana. It is super easy to get a specific price quote from the good doctor, simply email them what you are interested in having done and they will tell you how and what to take pictures of. You then email them the photos and Dr. G will review them and send you a quote. No pressure, should you want to pursue it you then contact them, they will not contact you again, unless you request it. It is a very easy process. I hope you all understand my feelings on this subject. Thanks...

Three months out, could be three years out....

Thankfully I feel 100% healed, no signs what so ever that I recently had surgery. As I said it could be three years rather than 3 months...I just learned that the Hyperbaric treatment costs that were submitted to my insurance company for my after care were approved and all the money I paid were applied to my large deductible. They were sent in as wound care, and it was approved so please if you are planning a large procedure and you want to assure a good healing, please consider doing a few hyperbaric treatments it will make a great difference. Just google hyperbaric treatments for your area and see if there are any clinics close by. The one I went to was a private clinic that many of the local Plastic Surgeons use for their patients.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

After spending nearly a year looking for just the right Board Certified, Plastic Surgeon to perform my lower body lift, I decided to take a chance and follow that inner voice inside that was leading me to Dr. Victor Gutierrez in Tijuana Mexico. Trained in Israel, where the standards are so very high, I was intrigued.... Previously I had gone to a much larger, fancier clinic for the first procedures that I had done, the year before, and although I really loved the clinic and the other doctor, I found my work not to be up to standard it should have been. How did I learn this, well every PS I consulted for the upcoming LBL surgery, all told me I needed to look into revisions. Then when I spoke to Dr. Gutierrez he offered to fix some of these problems so I didn't have to go back to the original PS. That was a really nice gesture, but not enough to sway me as now I had become very picky about the cut lines and the sewing, all learned the hard way. I started looking at his results, and personally calling his patients, they all told the same story about a Surgeon, who becomes more like family member, and cares for you in such a manor. One who rather than just send a driver personally picks you up at the Airport. Spending several hours doing a mark up, checking and rechecking. And one who will not take chances by "doing whatever" a patient requests but rather takes the time to explain why certain things should or should not be done. A Doctor that takes his time to make the best cuts possible and takes his time with the sewing so you look perfect. And one who simply will not operate on you if your blood levels are just not where they should be. You Know you are in very confident hands. And most incredibly a doctor that operates in such a manor that he says you will not be in pain. So could all this really be true? I knew the pictures did not lie, and I trusted what these patients told me so I took a leap of faith and went with a Doctor that does not operate out of a big fancy clinic, but rather a nice smaller clinic that has everything needed for a great outcome. I could not be happier, I took a chance on a doctor who may not have as many reviews as other Doctors but one who has the highest rating from all his patients. I found everything these previous patients had told to be true and even the part about the pain. I am three days out from surgery and feeling great. I could not be happier. My aftercare is wonderful too, the nurses take the best care of me, couldn't be better...Now I must spend some time to talk about his patient coordinator Elsa, she is the sweetest, nicest person that will go the extra mile, to make sure your every need is taken care of. This is not a 9 to 5 job for her, she literally takes her work home with her as she is available 24/7 for what ever you need before, during and after your surgery when you return home. I promise if you decide to make Dr Victor Gutierrez your Plastic Surgeon, you will not be disappointed!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for sharing your review. I'm curious as to why your TT scar goes up in the middle.
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I am having it revised, my surgeon mentioned fixing it as the point was the old belly button. He was not able to ge yet a good pull due to the old vertical scar. I didn't want the old scar cut at the time but now see I should have the cut redone to get a better was nice that he was the one to say he wanted to improve it...
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That is great that he takes pride in his work and wants to fix it. Congrats on finding a good doctor.
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He and his staff are the kind of people, you want to continue seeing, simply because they are so nice. It could become a little addictive, finding reasons to keep going back...Lol But seriously I still have a way to go before I get to that point...
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Hi Dee....I just PM'd you. Looking forward to chatting.
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I PM'd you too...
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Hi Dee! I didn't know about the Hyperbaric treatments when i first started surgery. I just found a groupon for those!!! May have to try it out :-)
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They were my insurance policy for good healing since I
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Was not close to my doctor....
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Glad to hear you are doing great I hope in another month I can say the same !!!
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Girl I am gonna have to have some updated PHOTOS here! iHow are you doing?
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Sorry, I have been so busy with work that I have forgotten to do this. I need to get my daughter to take some when she is visiting, as my hubby will not take anymore for me to post on the internet...haha He's so funny, he took some when my surgeon requested them, but that's it. He thinks it's weird that I post these. He just doesn't understand what this site is all about :)
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*Wow* I'm speechless. Read your entire review and I'm at a loss for words. .. you look fabulous! If I can have results half as good as yours I'd be one happy girl. Thank you for sharing your journey with us :)
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Thank you Comingsoon.newme. 7.5 weeks post op and I'm pretty happy. Can't wait to get a true indication of the end result at around 3-4 months post op. Best of luck with your journey. Keep in touch :)
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More pictures, Dee! Lol. Any updated ones to compare to your 4 week one? And I just read the storm of comments on a mutual friend's blog. Damn. Sine people! Unbelievable. That's why I rarely post or comment anymore. A few nasty people sure can affect the tone of the entire board. Unfortunate as this site has a wealth of information.
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Okay I will have my daughter take some tomorrow...I hate pictures... You would not have believed what that person wrote, it got taken down but she was horrible in what she said...
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Inbox me, or FB or call. Couldn't have been good by the sh*tstorm that followed. People! That kind of person is why I rarely post
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I'd love to see updated pics as well. Your the one that went before me and I keep checking back to see what to expect in changes and there's no new ones. How has the spot healed up that you used the bio oil on? Was it quick? I've been tempted to use it on my incision and I'm thankful for your post. With the information you've shared, I'm not going to chance it.
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Hi Diane! i was **not** a fain of the bio-oil at all! Even my skin seems a bit "sensitized" around my incisions as well. i have had the best luck with the silicone treatments - specifically the mepitac tape has been a fave as it stays on, i can reuse it 5 or 6 times and the incisions stay soft. It is a "good value" product for sure.
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PS - don't beat yourself up **too** bad over the bio oil! it **is** actually made for scar treatment - it was not unreasonable to use it as such ;-O
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I hope that incision helps up quickly. You look fabulous!! How amazing you must feel and you look totally hot in your one month pic!!!
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It took about a week to heal, it's all better and no more bio oil ever!
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That will be great! How far away is she?
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Wow, Your results are absolutely AMAZING... Go in finally to MD to see about my veins, 8/14.... Wanted to ask you...once vein treatment starts how long before You got your plastic surgery??? so I can kinda judge mine...
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