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I am 58 and was motivated to have a face lift 4...

I am 58 and was motivated to have a face lift 4 years ago after losing significant weight from a lap band procedure. Dr. Guerrerosantos is a great surgeon and his son Fernando joined the practice. 5 years ago. I knew he had taught other surgeons not only in Mexico but also at international symposiums. So, I researched articles he has written on PubMed (National Library of Medicine) The outcome is excellent. I am most impressed with the work on my neck, chin and eyes. I wish that I had been more explicit that I wanted a tighter look. If I return to GDL for additional surgery, I will definitely go with their clinic. I need additional lipo in my upper abdomen (the band was removed), also where the band of my bra fits under the arm and lastly - my upper calves. Most high boots do not fit me. Next time, I will book my surgery during the coolest time of the year and add some time for shopping at the end of the trip. GDL is a great city and Chapalita area is a very safe and lovely area. There is a lovely outdoor walking mall and nice restaurants. They have what are called "Executivo" buses that are very reasonable. I did not use taxis except to and from the airport. His driver took me to and from appointments for a small fee.

How do I contrast the 2 surgeons that worked on...

How do I contrast the 2 surgeons that worked on me? Dr. Cardenas was excellent and his work introduced me to plastic surgery in Mexico. While I feel that he personally is an excellent surgeon, I did not like his private hospital and the quality of nursing care I received. The aftercare I received was adequate but quite average. Conversely, I feel that Dr. Guerrerosantos and his son, Fernando Guerrerosantos have much better bedside manner and explained the procedures to me in more detail. They made me feel more comfortable. I also liked the hospital he chose - Sanatorium Guadelajara. He recommended a Gastroenterologist and I had endoscopy for a band erosion the morning before my PS. While I was there, I also had dental work and dermatology work done. He made great recommendations and helped me find the right physicians. Having a good experience is based on choosing the right physicians - whether you are in the USA or doing the medical tourism stint abroad.

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I had previously had a tummy tuck and lipo with another well known surgeon in Guadelajara. I was happy with the results but wanted to be in a better hospital. Since Dr. Jose Guerrerosantos is 1 of 2 (American) Board Certified plastic surgeons in Mexico, I decided to give him a try. I was very impressed with his clinic, the hospital he chose, the aftercare I received - and most of all - my results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks so much for all the info. From your picture I think Dr. G. did a great job and my kudos to you for the large weight loss. I know what will power and determination that takes. I have always had 3 sizes in my closet and know it is a forever battle for me too!

I'm your age and after supporting and taking care of kids, grandkids, etc., etc. I've decided it's time to take care of me. So, a few years ago I quit smoking, went on yet another diet after all the weight I gained from no longer smoking and started exercising. In other words, I've become healthy--woo hoo! After I quit smoking I promised myself that I'd have laser resurfacing on my face with the money I saved and that began my path on cosmetic procedures. I've subsequently had lipo for the areas that no amount of dieting and exercise seemed to touch. Now I'm looking in the mirror and wondering when my face began to head south so it's facelift time. My kids may not get an inheritance but I'm gonna look real pretty in that pine/cardboard box!
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You're going to be here a long time - I see no pine box in the near future!

After working so hard to get the weight off, (size 20 >> size 12). I wanted to look nice.

Because of our age, Dr. G has you see an Internist in GDL that does an EKG and examination prior to surgery. In addition, he requires a full lab workup.

I still have a very round face like a squirrel with nuts in his mouth -- and I am thinking about a cheek reduction. Or buchal fat pad removal. There is a video clip of this procedure on Dr. Andrew Ordon's web site.

Dr. Jose G. did a great job on the facelift. His son has now pretty much taken over his practice. Dr. Fernando Guerrerosantos (Jose's son) does the buchal fat pad removal procedure on an outpatient basis and charges $1500. If you have a very round face, consider the cheek reduction before he tightens the skin at the chin and neck area. I wish I had known about this procedure 4 years ago.

Best of luck.
Congratulations on the weight loss. You'll be very happy with the results.

According to a video clip on cheek reduction (posted on Dr. Andrew Ordon's site), this procedure removes the buchal fat pad that is almost impossible to get rid of through dieting. If I had known about this option, I would have it done at the same time as the facelift.
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Wow, thanks for all the info svoebel--lots to digest but all very, very helpful!

I'm really following Colleen's progress to see what her final opinion of Dr. G. is. Dr. K sounds like he's excellent and while his prices are much less expensive than the U.S., by the time you factor in the procedure, the cost of a ticket, hotel, food, transportation, etc. we're starting to get up there in the price range. However, we are talking about the most visible part of a person--yikes--much to think about. Thanks again.
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I needed a lot of work after massive weight loss. There was so much loose, sagging skin. I was so happy to lose the weight but, it wasn't a pretty sight at all. I consulted with Dr. Hurwitz coordinator in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and with a lady plastic surgeon locally, Dr. Hurwitz was the doctor who pioneered the total body lift in the USA. His coordinator sent me his book to read. After discussing pricing, with Dr. Hurwitz coordinator, I settled on having procedures done a few at a time in Guadalajara and Monterrey, Mexico.

I am most happy with the chin, neck and eye area (of the facelift). Like you say, it is the most visible part of the body.

The morning that Dr. Guerrerosantos did my face lift, Dr. Montagne did an endoscopy and found band erosion. Ten days after I had the facelift in GDL, I flew to Monterrey as it was necessary to remove the gastric band because of erosion. After my band removal, I saw Dr. Kirsch for a brief consultation. He looked at the work Dr. Guerresantos did and said that Dr. Guerresantos had used an older technique placing part of the scar in front of the ear.
Dr. K is simply a perfectionist. I do not fault him for this.

Retrospectively, I am very happy with the work (and price) that Dr. Guerrerosantos did. The scar healed nicely and it would take another plastic surgeon to notice any minute difference.

Dr. Kirsch did the lower buttocks lift a year later and again commented on the facelift. These PS are a competitive breed. And, he is a perfectionist. Retrospectively, I wish he had done my facelift. But Dr. G's price was more in line with my budget.
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The Realself community monitor asked me to personalize my post more.

My facelift was really no big deal. The process was really not remarkable.

Dr. Jose Guerrerosantos made me feel very comfortable and I respect him for his knowledge and skill.

I looked quite horrible for the first week or so. But that's part of the mumification process.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I stayed at another B&B, not with Emma. James, who owns that B&B has become a good friend. He has had quite a few patients stay with him, primarily those who use to Dr. Lazaro Cardenas services. James was the one who suggested that I ice several times a day. As soon as the ice melted, I would fill up the zip lock bag again. I wore a path in his floor (just kidding) between the bedroom and the freezer. Icing became my full time job and I attribute this constant icing to the swelling going down so quickly and to my rapid recovery.

There is a funny side to all of this. The last day of my stay, I dragged James to my favorite fabric store in GDL, Then we went to a salad bar at a restaurant near the fabric shop in the old French mansion area.

Everyone looked at me in pity and then stared at him. We reminisce about that and laugh. So, there is an up side to everything.
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Regarding changing a return flight...Sometimes you may have a complication or feel that you need to stay for a few more days.

When arranging air flights, check the aggregators BUT book directly with the airline. If you need to change a return flight, it is cheaper. Dr. Guerrerosantos will write a letter for you with his registration number and official stamp. I took this to the airline office in Chapalita. This does help and sometimes they will change it without charge. Most airlines charge you $150 for a ticket change.

Rates go down mid September and there are usually specials on tickets. The airlines run specials in January (after Christmas holidays). And the rates go up again April 1. Just something to keep in mind.

The winter in Mexico is very pleasant - especially when you are wrapped up like a mummy.
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The American Board of Plastic Surgeons is the certifying professional body for plastic surgeons. Fill in a request form on their web page to learn whether or not a surgeon is board certified. They have many international members and can tell you if an international doctor is certified.
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Memberships in professional societies are important because most require continuing professional education for physicians. In Mexico, the national societies are more social and less educationally oriented. I feel like it is important for a physician to be board certified and a member of one of the more nationally recognized societies. As opposed to a member in one of Mexico's professional societies.

Plastic Surgeons can be board certified and members of more than one professional society. When you query: American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, their web site will not show an international search option. However, if you search on a common name, like David, it will return all doctors named David in the USA. On the results page, there is an International search option. It is on the right side of the page. For instance, if you click on Mexico, a list of cities in Mexico pops up. You can then display by city or click on All Mexico. and then sort by city.

The second major professional society that many US plastic surgeons belong to is International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons. It is abbreviated ISAPS. A country search showed 243 members in the USA and 120 members in Mexico. This list is not sortable by city. So, you have to scroll through the list.

Finally, there is the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgery, abbreviated ASMS. These are the artist in craniomaxillofacial surgery. They have 3 members in Mexico, one of which is Dr. Monasterio, who teaches plastic surgery at the Medical University Mexico City. He is (if he is still practicing) Dr. Jose Guerresantos counterpart. As Dr. G taught plastic surgery at the Medical School in Guadalajara.

So, there you have it. How to research Dr.'s credentials both inside and outside the USA. Good luck.
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I have asked Realself.com to delete my profile. Hopefully, they will do this quickly. In the meantime, I changed the account settings on the private message feature to receive no messages. The aforementioned abuse reduces the credibility and authenticity of the web site. I see that they removed some of VICTIM's comments on Colleen's review. When VICTIM can't post publicly, this woman (?) PM's people privately. It even raised a question in my mind whether some of these people could be men who post women's pictures. It could be a dangerous place where psychopaths troll for women. So, be careful about giving out too much personal information such as your phone number or address. Good luck.
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Good morning svoebel. I've really been following Colleen and your posts and am very impressed with the outcome both of you got. I am looking at having a facelift and eye lift done around the March/April 2013 timeframe. I have really just begun researching this and feel a little more comfortable with your opinions since you both have a medical background. Dr. David Kirsch looks to be very impressive and of course the hospital he uses is top notch. I haven't gotten as far as inquiring about a cost because the whole Monterrey, Mexico and the crime problems there has me a little spooked. At this point I'm leaning a little towards Dr. Guerrerosantos, he appears to be a leader in the field. I know I'm going to have a million questions but first in my mind is his responsiveness if you develop a problem after you get back to the states; how is he in your opinion? How long did it take before you could comfortably go out in public? How did you arrange your transportation and accommodations while you were in Guadalajara? I would really appreciate any info you could pass on. Thanks
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Dr. David Kirsch K charges about $6-7K for face and eyes. I've seen his work and it is great. His office is the Delta Professional building in Monterrey and he uses a modern private hospital. He conducts his practice professionally. You can find a u tube video by searching his name and city. It is in Spanish. He is fluent in 5 languages. He's outstanding. Night and day difference between Monterrey and Guadalajara. Monterrey is a business city and Guadalajara is more laid back.

You book your own hotel and take care of your own transportation. Taxis are cheap in Monterrey. The gastroenterologist who put in my lap band recommends him highly. He is well known by other plastic surgeons internationally - not just Mexico.

Dr. Jose Guerrerosantos did my surgery. Colleen tells me that he has retired. His son Fernando joined his practice 5 years ago. I met him and he is very nice. He really educates his patients regarding their procedures. I cannot vouch for his work as his dad did my surgery. I can however say that they are extremely professional. And their nursing staff is excellent.

Other than phone support and email support, you have no guarantees or legal recourse when you have surgery done outside the United States. If you later run into a problem, you must go to an emergency room or fly back to Mexico to see your surgeon.

That's why it is so important to choose a good surgeon and a good hospital. I chose Jose Guerrerosantos because he taught plastic surgery at the University of Guadalajara Medical School. He is also board certified in the USA. And his references were good.

I elected to stay at a different private B&B in the Chapalita area of Guadalajara not affiliated with Dr. G., where I had stayed before. It is within walking distance of my dentist and dermatologist. The price was $85 per day and now has gone up to $100.

I used Jose, Dr. Guerrerosantos driver for appointments. At that time, he charged $6 each way to appointments, but everything has increased.

In Monterrey, a true 5 star hotel such as Hotel Safi Valle cost about $100 per day. I emailed and booked directly with the concierge who speaks English. Quinta Real next door charges upwards of $200+ per day. But even more plush than the Safi and has excellent reasonable dining. They are out of this world. You pay for your own meals. The Valle mall is across the street and a great place to walk or shop. The food court has a place that makes fresh fruit smoothies that are to die for.

Monterrey is much more like the USA than Guadalajara. It is an industrial city only 3 hours South of the Texas border. It has 5 luxury malls that are just like those found in Chicago or Dallas.

In Monterrey, his driver retrieves you from the airport. A local taxi costs about $5-6. I The hospital is excellent. You are pretty much on your own.

That's basically the difference.

Many years ago, I worked with a magnet school on the Texas border. Two years ago I visited that area when I went down to see my gastroenterologist in Monterrey. The border area has changed significantly. I flew into McAllen, Texas and caught a bus from the airport to the direct bus to Monterrey. Much like a Greyhound coach but nicer and cleaner. It was far less expensive than flying into Mexico from Chicago.
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To sum it up in a nutshell. Monterrey and Guadalajra are basically safe. Chicago has crime ridden drug areas that I do not visit and so do many large urban areas in the US.

Mexico has areas that are either very wealthy or very poor. Like any international city, you must be careful with your purse. I had a purse stolen by professionals in GDL when staying at Victoria Express, a 4 star hotel in the Chapalita area. In the hotel lobby, under surveillance cameras. I set it on a bench behind me while checking out. Fortunately, I always carry my passport and money on my person separate from my purse. The hotel helped me make international calls to my credit card company and to my mobile provider. They also took me to file a police report. That can happen anywhere. So, you must be viligent anywhere you travel.

Both Dr. David Kirsch K in Monterrey and Dr. Fernando Guerrerosantos in Guadalajara are in safe areas. Dr. K's office is extremely modern and you would think you are in a medical highrise in the USA. I found an excellent lady dermatologist and dentist in the same professional building. My gastroenterologist is in a very nice but older area nearby.

Dr. G's office is in an upscale residential area. Emmas's B&B is in a upper middle class residential area called Chapalita.

In some cities abroad, the pick pockets are horrible. Think Athens, Rome, Barcelona.
So, while traveling abroad, don't take any jewelry and mind your purse. Don't carry yourself like a victim.
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I changed enough money at a local currency exchange in Chicago to make sure that I had enough money for a cab from the airport. When I arrived, I went to the taxi authority at the airport and told them I was going to Chapalita. It is a fixed rate ticket. So, you don't get abused by greedy taxi drivers. I took a taxi directly to Dickinson Guest House where I stayed.

The day before surgery, I got to know the lay of the land. James gave me a bus route map, and I ventured out a bit. I had an evening consult with Dr. Jose Guerrerosantos. At that consult, he gave me the names and addresses of the internist (EKG), the medical photographer and lab where I would have my workups. His secretary called ahead and set up appointments for me. My second day was spent running around GDL for my pre-ops.

Regarding your other questions: I was really embarrassed, but I could comfortably go out in public (bandaged up) after just a few days. I iced continually the swelling went down quickly. I tried to stay out of the sun as it was very hot and I was feeling a little light headed after surgery.

I was embarrassed because my hair was not clean. After I was under anesthesia, Dr. G made some tight little braids to pull the back off the face. . Some of these still had dried blood in them. So, as soon as I received the go ahead from Dr. G, I went to a hair salon near by and asked the beautician to carefully wash my hair staying clear of the sutures. She dried the back part of my head. But, I let the front part around my face dry naturally. I had taken a scarf and large sunglasses down with me and covered my hair.
The Mexican people were really nice to me and did not make me feel odd when I was running around like a mummy.

Regarding booking a B&B, I found James Dickinson's B&B on Trip Advisor my first trip down. It was only a short walk from Dr. Cardenas clinic. I believe that Colleen found Emma by way of her medical coordinator, Beverly Snyder.

Regarding transportation, I'm pretty adventurous. Prior to surgery, I used the Executiva bus to Dr. Guerrerosantos office. Jose gave me a ride back to the B&B.

The following day, I used taxis to the internist office and the lab. James gave me an idea of what I should pay and that amount was agreed upon up front before I got into the taxi.

At my consult, I met Jose, the driver who takes patients to and from Emma's B&B. I got his cell phone number and gave him my address. He's very nice.

Prior to surgery, I took the executivo bus to the Sanatorium Guadalajara and checked myself in. After surgery, Jose picked me up and took me to the pharmacy to pick up some items and back to the B&B. Jose also took me to my followup appointments and returned me safely to the B&B.

I walked to the grocery store to pick up fresh mango's and when I felt like venturing out, walked to a small family owned Lebanese cafe near the B&B.

Each morning, I walked to the Rose Garden early (when it was cool) for exercise. It was lovely.

After a few days, I felt like I had more energy and took the local bus to a lovely outdoor walking mall in Chapalita where I walked for exercise. Buses are very inexpensive and it is easy to get around. I stayed close by in the Chapalita area until I felt better.

About 8 days out, I was feeling much better -- and found a Boulevard with over 30 fabric stores. After getting directions, I took the Executivo bus and then walked the Boulevard in search of goodies. It is a lovely area and it's fun to shop in another country.

James, who I stayed with loaned me a map and gave me some directions. He advocated taking taxis, but I felt fine taking the buses and knew the rates were fixed.

There are two types of buses. They are designated by different colors. Neither is expensive but the executivo bus run by a private company is inexpensive, air conditioned and very clean. The regular bus was not air conditioned and I used it for short hops (about 10 blocks) to the outdoor walking mall in Chapalita.

Jose took me to the airport for my flight back to the states.

While I find GDL easy to navigate, the first day I was very uncomfortable running around in the heat to the pre-op appointments. Once I got through that, I was fine.
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just ignore her shari
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I have asked RealSelf to delete my profile after receiving a private message from someone calling herself Another Victim 2. Too bad. I also had a posting from another woman promoting the same doctor in Cancun. Seems like petty rivalry or perhaps they are both coordinators for different doctors. This is really too bad. Realself is (was) a nice web site.
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I think you look great. Sounds like you had a makeover with dental and dermatology.
In canada everything is so expensive. So that is why I chose Cancun Mexico also.
Place in mexico can be safe as you need to do your research before.
Now 4 months into my mid/lower and neck facelift with upper/lower eyes and fat grafting, the results are amazing.
Just wondering as you might want a browlift but its hard to see in your photo? Dr Velasco did my upper eyelids with a slight browlift in the corner. Would that work for you as you can see in my surgery photos. Just an idea.
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I am not interested in Dr. Velasco at all. This review is in reference to Dr. Guerrerosantos clinic.

Your posts on Colleen's review sound like you are promoting this Dr. Velasco and possibly working as a patient coordinator that arranges surgery and gets a fee from the doctor?

I am a medical librarian and have done my homework. I am not interested in Dr. Velasco.

I like Guadelajara and Monterrey for post followup, great shopping and safety. If I ever need any additional work. I would choose (#1) Dr. David Kirsch in Monterrey, MX. He is board certified in the United States and trained in France. A bit pricey compared to other docs in Mexico. (#2) If cost is the issue, I would go with the Guerrerosantos Clinic in Guadelajara. They are professional.

Thanks for your post. Please do not post any additional advertisement for Dr. Velasco. There is no need to reply to this.

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US Tax law prohibits taking deductions for plastic, cosmetic or aesthetic surgery - whether it is done in the USA or in another country . When I travel abroad, I plan medical work so that I can deduct my travel, hotel and other expenses such as medications, drugs, etc. When I went to Monterrey, I also saw my gastroenterologist for follow up, my dermatologist for procedures and my dentist. When I went to Guadelajara, I saw a gastroenterologist for endoscopy and a second opinion, a dermatologist for treatment, a dentist for repairs, and ear, nose & throat specialist for breathing problems and allergies. It is a pain when you are recovering to sit in a dental chair. And it adds stress to your body. But, the prices in Mexico are 1/2 to 1/4 of what we pay in the states. With careful reference checking or a doctor recommendation, you can find excellent qualified health care providers. You can ask your doctor who he recommends. It is also a good use of recovery time. Folks who planning reconstructive surgery and then plan to go beach hopping and sight seeing are insane. After surgery recovery is exactly what it says. Gives your body time to heal.
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lets go together
i cant wait to see everybody
ever since i have been here i have been homesick for everyone there.
i mean having all of this work done has its ups and downs
it takes time to heal,but i do not think i will ever in my life have the care from anyone on this earth that i recieved from everybody involved in my surgery....
from jose to emma to the incredibly gifted doctor fernando guerrerosantos...
have i been a royal pain in the ass??of course i have been,on a daily basis,several times a day,and yet none of them,especially doctor guerrerosantos have EVER let me down.now will they ever...i know of no one anywhere that i can honestly say that about
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Thanks for the info you have given it is really helpful . I want to know if what was the total cost for the facelift and what type of facelift was it ? A mini or a total facelift? Im in the process of trying to negotiate prices with different doctors and 2500 hundred sounds good:) I just turned 46 and am still told i look younger but i don't want it to creep up on me unexpectedly,lol What I'm noticing already has me concerned. Im still a single guy and don't look forward to being alone. So , just dying to put a price on what i feel i need. thank you :)
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Mine was a mid facelift 4 years ago and he also did work at the hairline near the brow. He made a deal on the facelift, because I had some other work done with it. He did not do a brow lift or forehead lift. Dr. G. made incisions in front of the ear and behind the ear. I had lost weight and he removed quite a bit of loose skin. A friend, Colleen had surgery with Dr. Fernando Guerresantos a month ago. He charged her about $4700 USD. I know she had a full face lift and can give you his medical coordinators name. If you look at her review, she gives pricing for the B&B where she stayed. About $50 per day. Plan on staying 10 days for follow up. If there is a blood clot, it can travel if you fly too soon. That's fatal and why they like you to stay 10 days. Look at Colleen's pictures and you will see that there is some pretty serious bruising and swelling. Constant icing helps the swelling go down quickly. It is still pretty serious surgery. And healing takes time. Take a look at Colleen's pics.
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Christian, e-mail Dr. Fernando Guerrerosantos pictures (front and side) showing neck and jaw line and ask him what he charges.

A facelift is a good personal investment for your career. At 45, you will probably be working another 20 years. So there is a longer payoff to having the work done now.
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what is his email ?
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what was the dentist you went to ? I have been considering veneers for a long time .
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