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My experience was beyond belief! Two years ago and...

My experience was beyond belief! Two years ago and no problems. I had two cracked molars and cried getting estimates in the U.S. just to fix them. I researched it, emailed & spoke w/ Dr. Arzate after sending x rays. I flew down alone and met w/ them for the estimate. Since I borrowed money anyway, I opted for a whole mouth makeover. I ended up w/ many root canals, each tooth crowned, several implants and much more work done than we thought I'd need - ALL WITHOUT EXTRA COSTS! 

I am an older woman who traveled and stayed alone there 8 days and always felt safe. The dental clinic also helped me feel confident and secure. I can't say enough good things, I'm not wealthy or even close (I work in a grocery store), but I'd rather have my beautiful functioning teeth than anything else, and these folks made it affordable. You won't regret going to these fine people! The only problem you may encounter is feeling comfortable filling the prescriptions for antibiotics and pain (at a fair price get generics) - I recommend you go to the far end of the Mall to the small drug store, I found them very helpful. Oh, and I do NOT even speak Spanish, didn't need to! Also, the pathetic part-time insurance I have paid for a small part and would have been liable for each crown but apparently Dr. German used the best material, not normal in the U.S., and they only would have covered the cheap stuff. Hmmm. Go for the Best, you deserve it!!

It seems quite surprising to me that you went there for two cracked teeth that were bothering you and came back with a full smile makeover, including a lot of procedures. You say: "I ended up with many root canals, each tooth crowned, several implants and much more work done than we thought I'd need". Do you really needed all of this, and especially, ALL your teeth crowned? Has the doctor explained to you, and demonstrated on xrays, the necessity for each of those procedures? Has the other doctor, who had seen you in the US, also told you that you needed so much work done? Do you have 'Before' xrays of all the teeth that received treatment? It would have been a good idea to look for more than one opinion before proceding to dental treatment (not only for a quote). Another thing that surprises me is that, as you say, this doctor quotes a fixed price for ANY amount of work he does on the patient. You say: "he gives you a figure and then does whatever is necessary, regardless of how much more work you get" and "he does not itemize the bill". Although that may sound tempting if the patient has financial concerns, no treatment should be performed without a good reason and justification and, most of all, without real necessity. I believe that conservative dentistry (whenever possible) is the best dentistry so far. Unfortunately, at present, there is no substitute for natural teeth that can feel and function exactly like these do. That's why regenerative dentistry, if successful, would be a great advancement in medical history! Until then, one should be cautious, get informed, and avoid unnecessary treatment. Cosmetic dentistry, if performed unnecessarily, is a pitfall in which lots of people fall by wanting to have a "perfect" smile (which, in reality, is more artificial that "perfect"). We all make mistakes, but it's important to identify them so that we don't repeat them or, unwillingly, influence others for the worse. From your story, I sincerely got a strong feeling that you had been overtreated by being innocent, uninformed, and fully confident in this person. In fact, your story intrigued me so much that I searched the internet a little and found a very sad patient's complaint about this doctor.
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Personal online research. They actually cared about me, what I wanted, my pain level and all. I was amazed as each of the Specialist came and went and consulted while all working their magic on me. I even researched the lab where the crowns were made & they send work out to dentists globally. One of the last crowns wasn't fitting exactly the way the Doctor wanted (though I could tell no difference) and he asked me to nap while he drove to the lab and had it remade! Good Grief! And there was Carmen, my angel, to hold my hand. What a trip. People I tell about it say, "oh, not in the U.S.A, what a risk all the way around, ...". BS. They were cleaner and more professional than most American places. And if I'd had any problems, I'd probably be treated better than anywhere here in the U.S., though I'd have to fly there first (now there is a morning and evening flight daily out of South Florida). I'd rather pay for a flight & get what I need at a tremendous savings, with people I completely trust than not. So, what do you need to know about this place? You can email me any time you'd like (ask Dr. German for contact info, because they check on me now and then to make sure my teeth are good).

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