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Hi everybody, i will be reviewing my experience...

Hi everybody,
i will be reviewing my experience and procedure as often as i could. i am having butt injection done the 17th of October so very soon! i am flying out of Australia to Tijuana (Mexico) tomorrow early morning. I have to say i am super excited but still nervous!
The clinic where i will have my procedure done is clinic estetica i have researched this clinic last year where i found reviews from Australians patients. I believe Diana Favela ,the lady i have been exchanging emails with is the Administrator of clinic'estetica. She is been really nice answering most of my questions and helping me organizing my trip (accommodation, shuttle,appointment at clinic then a check up the following day).
Diana also advised me what to wear following the procedure etc...
Everything is going well so far, i will keep you update when arrived in Tijuana,
until then wishing you a beautiful day.
dr morales

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Thanks for your reply Sarah. I guess were the unlucky ones that did not have good results and ended up with lots of hardened lumps in our buttocks. Mine are mostly right in the middle on both buttocks and on the sides. I do know the side that got infected when Dr Morales sent more medicine for that was leaking a few weeks post procedure does have more lumps then the other buttocks. Makes me sad now I did it but like you I am just glad I am alive. I have never told Dr Morales my final results as she would probably not give me back the money anyway but glad I went with a lower amount in me then the higher I was going to. It did work in my face though (pmma) the few times I had it but I feel this is because it was a much, much lower dose. Dr Morales when I talked to her in early 2011 when I had it done made it sound like only one other person she knew had got an infection but I honestly can't believe that by all I have read and seen on here. Just wondering how your doing now or if you ever spoke with CE post procedure?
I massaged the area twice a day for 3 weeks. I didn't notice the lumps until one year later. If I massage or press to hard, I get a sharp pain so I just have to deal with the lumps. I'm just thankful that I'm still alive and not In the hospital. Still unsure of what the long term effects will be....
Sarah I don't know about you but wanted to tell you I was never told to massage my buttocks after 3 weeks once a week but honestly maybe they changed this policy because so many had hard lumps after or maybe it would have happened whether I had or not.
I know it's been over a month since your procedure pochantas but wanted to tell you like Sarah above I too (posted in another area on real self) went to CE and had Dr Morales too. I don't know in the end what to say as some this procedure works for and others like Sarah and myself end up with hard lumps (and I only had it done once so did not put many cc in my buttocks either as I did not want a big bottom either). Mind you I am 50 now but despite this and longing for a butt vs flat one I did have I would take my old butt back anyday then have these lumps I now have. I am another testimony to diymooRae who posted on real self that the procedure did not work for her and she had to have it removed (thank god I never did) and her story with similar effects although luckily mine were not life threatning. I went to CE many times in the past for my face and the pmma worked well in that area. Even had some put in my elbows, knees (didn't notice those areas so much doing much good). Then a year and a half ago now I had PMMA just like you put in my buttocks (can't even recall how much now but I luckily did not go with alot as it was my first time) and to this day I have hard dime/nickel size lumps throughout but of my buttocks. Makes me sad because I was trying to fill up my buttocks as I never had much of a butt and now to go along with the cellulite I was trying to fill up I have hard (do recall it is made of a cement substance) lumps. Not only that I did have leakage also from one of my buttocks and Dr Morales (who I have always trusted from before) did send me more antibiotic for free to clear the infection but to this day if I press on the hard lumps all over it will inflame and get red in those areas. Obviously I had a bad reaction and some probably get it and some do not but I would not recommend this procedure to anyone and I have never gone back to add more as I know the same thing would happen to me again. Sad how it can work for the face in small doses but worked so poorly for me. I am happy it worked for you I am just stating if it only works for 50 or 75% of people (have no clue what the final results are and of course CE would probably not share this as they do want to make money also) their is still that 25% chance that you will end up with lumps like some of us have already on here. I just would not chance my life with it and knowing what I do now would never do it again.
OMG we have the same butt story! That doctor is a witch. I get super deep tissue massage about 2 times a month. Trust me it was horrifying finding a therapist who would massage my butt and not judge me! It's pretty painful but helps a little but eventually all the lumps find they're way back to the surface. Sad. I asked my very qualified boob job doctor in LA if he could help me but he basically told me no cause be wouldn't know how to fix the problem cause he has no clue what the "fake ghetto PPMA" dr morales injected is. I'm looking for another doctor. Good luck to you and I'm sorry
I went to Clinic Estetica/Tijuana a year ago. First 6 months were fine. Now I get rashes, itching, pain , and have dime sized hard lumps in my butt. Saving money is not worth your health and life!! I am a real patient. Not someone who is bad mouthing the clinic nor hired to post feedback on websites to draw more customers. This is my real experience and if I can prevent someone from going through what I did, its worth speaking about. Having a nice butt can be obtained surgically in the USA or by hard work and doing proper squats.
hi do u have any photos yet if email it to me @ ***@gmail.com
Hi everybody sorry I haven't updated my,post for few days. ok so this is day 4 after my procedure I am feeling much much better I can walk, my buttocks is not as hard to the touch anymore and it will get better just need to be patient!! i had my procedure done in a clinic not,underground, hotel room! So yes the clinic,is a certified clinic. the day of my procedure Diana took time to reassure me, Before starting the procedure Doctor Morales made sure to ask me what were my expectations. which shows that she is professional and care about her patients. i told her that i did not want a big bottom i wanted a more curve an hourglass figure so she explained first what she was going to do a small amount will be injected into my hip then the rests into my bottom. i have been researching for,the last year before jumping into a plane to Mexico trust me guys, i research numerous clinics before choosing clinic'estetica. what made me choose this clinic is that they can be found on internet easily doctors are easily find attached with degres etc they answering to all my emails, they organized my all trip accommodation shuttle from san Diego to Tijuana. therefore I am happy I choose clinic estetica and cannot wait for my final results. I forgot so after week 3 deep tissue massge needs to de,done once a week for 3 months , no tanning horse riding for 5 months! thanks you all. have a great day
Hi pocahontas 22 so the pmma shots are safe to use?
WOW!!! Did u do your research before you did this?Cant these shots be harmful or even deadly? Hope u have great results.
Good luck..... Are you getting implants or a brazilian butt lift?
Hi coldbo225 I just had my,procedure,done,this morning still,a,bit dizzy and pretty tired. I had pmma 100cc on each hip as I want a hourglass figure then 200cc on each cheek.. I cannot wait for,the,result it looms great so far but I have the garments to keep pressure. I have acheck up
*check up tomorrow morning * regards.
Did the procedure take long? How is the pain? I hope you are feeling better. How long do the shots last? What made you choose this procedure instead of the others? Happy healing Pocahontas. :)
Hi coldbo225, the procedure took a,couple of hours, it was pretty painful the first night, I have to sleep on my belly for a week.. this morning I went for,a check up, they changed my garment and disinfected the 2 entry point and also gave,me a deep tissue massage. I am really please with clinic,estetica they have been really nice and professional. I am going back for,a,check up next Wednesday before flying back home.i choose PMMA as,I wanted a more natural,look didn't want to get implants and fat grafting is pretty expensive and honestly do not have that much fat,so the,results would,not, been the,same. regards.
Good luck!!