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Artesense - Mexico City, MX


TERRIBLE. NEVER INJECT A PERMANENT FILLER around your eye area. It is too thin to really take it in and the fat will not cover it. This was done in Mexico and this is what happened within one month of the injection.


All the research I've come across said to NEVER use Artefill around the eyes. Why would the injector do that?? They are only suppose to use the other fillers for that. WOW!!
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I'm sorry to learn about your experience,but let me say I've had artecole ,artesense for years now the first time was by Dr.Smith in Niagara Falls I was so excited about it and it was for the around the mouth area ,more of a fix than a cosmetic I was 25 at the time and I had one a year ago in Toronto by Dr.Middleton and the same great result ,both doctors did not recommend a filler of any kind around the eye area in fact they were against it ,the crease lines at the tip of each eye shows you laugh a lot so keep them beautiful !!
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Interesting that you saw Dr. Kevin Smith in Niagara Falls. I had Artesense injected in nasolabial folds by him in 2009 and I asked if it could be used in the tear trough area as I thought I had some depression. Unfortunately, he said it could and injected it under my eyes and for the last several years I can see a ridge. I have gone to a few plastic surgeons in Toronto and area to ask about removal or options and they were all surprised that Smith used it under the eye as they considered him a competent plastic surgeon. I'm so sorry I had this done.
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