Rough Skin and Lumps After Fraxel SR1500 - Mexico City, Mexico

I live in Mexico city. I am 37 y/o with light...

I live in Mexico city. I am 37 y/o with light skin, some sun damage and fine wrinkles around eyes, and some old acne scaring on my cheeks. I had my 1st fraxel 3 weeks ago. It was the realiant SR1500. My settings were 60 mJ /6 (guess this is 20% coverage)/ 8 passes, and less energy for around the eyes, 45mJ I don´t know the other settings for this part. I used Obagi system without tretinoin for almost 5 weeks before the laser and started it again one week after the laser still without tretinoin.

After the laser I followed exactly all recommendations, I kept my skin hydratated and protected from sun and used sun screen lotions every 3 or 4 hours, I avoided heat for 2 weeks and so on. I had very mild edema except for the day of the treatment. The only thing a bit unusual to me was that after only 5 days of the laser I was asked to go to the doctor office for a exfoliation treatment, basically a scrub cream that help me to peel off, but right after that is when I started to notice the lumping on my face )could this be the cause?).

After 3 weeks the dry skin has completely exfoliated but I can still feel my skin rough and I can easily see getting close to the mirror, those small lumps, from the laser. Otherwise my skin has healed fine and improved enough for a first treatment but I don´t like those bumps and the feeling of touching my skin with that weird texture.

Yes Angelas autopsy reads aneurysms..... it also states the scars and caveated holes in her face the length and depth of the holes and burn scars. Her corneas which we donated to the Lions bank and Life Net could not be used due to scars from burns to her eyes. So yes she did DIE from and anuerysm.... but Fraxels took her life and soul many years earlier. The spiral of health related results from fraxel will continue being studied to see what degree and impact they had on her death. As her Mother I am Happy God spared her anymore misery and pain that she was having. If God could give her back today..... with her mental health and physical pain and anguish and lonliness and quality of life AFTER fraxel.... I would tell God to keep her safely in his arms as I know she is home and whole! Clane
Now after 8 weeks of my first Fraxel, my skin looks and feels great. It has definitely improved its condition. I have no doubts that some people is having very bad reactions to this procedure, due to bad choice of settings of the equipment or handling before and after the procedure by the people providing the service or both things. But it could also be due to particular genetic characteristics of the patient that make their skin vulnerable to such a disaster result. In which case there is an URGENT need to open a research line to study each of those cases that went wrong. This is clearly responsability of the companies that make this equipments and I guess also the FDA is responsible for authorizing this procedures knowing that there is a certain percentage of patients with very bad results that endanger severely their health. Physicians and practitioners should develop a kind of "test" with the settings they intend to use on the patient on a small hidden area of skin to have a look of what the outcome will be. I know it sounds like a lot of work, time, effort and even money, but because of the multiple bad experiences,it is something that may worth to try. I am very happy with my results, I consider myself very lucky for having reacted the way I was expected to. But I am aware that things could have been so different and I would have prefered to be sure of the outcome before doing the whole procedure on my entire face. I think people affected by this procedure needs to gather their voices and proceed legally agains the companies that lauched this equipment, asking not only for a compensation of dammages but also for further studies of their cases to find out exactly what went wrong in order to find a way to prevent it in the near future.
Most women will not post pictures or their identity as once you have experienced damage to your face, it is deeply devastating and embarrassing. There is a guilt you carry for having done this "safe" procedure. We all need to forgive ourselves and remember we are victims, someone else did this to us, we should carry no guilt or shame. But that is easier said than done. Your life is destroyed as you have known it, and some never recover, living in isolation and in pain. So to put pictures out there for all the skeptics to see, just adds more excruciating pain to each individual. Yes, pictures would help a great deal, but we don't need to convince total strangers that the damage is real, we need to get doctors to admit what we are experiencing and stop this nationwide cover up.

What can be done to improve this condition? Would...

What can be done to improve this condition? Would it help if I add tretinoin 0.5% to the blender cream at night in the Obagi system I follow, to smooth my skin texture? I was not planning to repeat the Fraxel until next year, but if the rough of my skin does not goes away would you still repeat the same treatment, what if it adds a new set of lumps? How long should I wait to see if there is improvement of my skin texture before fall in panic and search for an alternative remedy such as chemical peeling? Please any expert help me clear my doubts I am kind of worried. Thank you.

i had fraxel 3 days ago , i also have now more damage that before, wrinkled skin , holes and pits in face, scarring type creases in skin, worse discission of my life, my life is destroyed from this, my name is Mike Bauman live in kentucky and my life is ruined from this, went to inprove some scarring and was left worse, doctors says give it more time, but i know the damaged to be permenant, devastated to say the least, lost my relationship over this, self esteem, cant find work, out of time and money, will end this life with no hope at all, doctor sugar coats everything of course. they should out law this device for sure, where or what can i do, nop money to fight this?
I am sorry Cherry for misquoting in regards to Angela's death. I only wrote what I had read, and never knew about the aneurysms. I apologize for any misconceptions I may have caused.
I am so extremely sorry.
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The doctor (dermatologist with laser training) had good practices according to what I read in this and other sites.

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