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I'm not too sure of all the ins and outs of how...

I'm not too sure of all the ins and outs of how this website works. So if I'm doing it wrong please forgive me. Well.... now I first want to say thank you to all the ladies out their sharing their truth and their journeys with others such as myself. It is really difficult to want to make this type of change in one's life when no one understands. In this life no single human experience should be a lonely one. Before lucking up on this site I did feel alone in my quest to improve myself in such a way. As I'm sure some if not most of you already know an overwhelming amount of people frown on plastic surgery, let alone buttock implants! My family refuses to support and has a very negative outlook on it. So how refreshing it was for me to find you ladies here sharing, listening, comforting, supporting, and understanding each other here. I am here for those very same reasons.
So to tell a bit about myself. I am a good wife and mother of three wonderful children. I've always been thin framed, but I also always believed I would thicken up so to speak with age and when that did not happen I thought it would happen after the baby, and when that did not happen I thought maybe after the second baby. Well now I have three and NATHA! So for about the last five years I purchase & wear butt enhancement garments. The last two of those five years I been looking into BBL & Butt implant procedures. This year I made the choice to do it! And after talking it over with my husband supports the idea as well. Two things I know I will need is awesome support team (that where you guys come in) and an incredible Doctor!
After reading a lot of post form ladies on this site I do know I prefer the Butt Implants. So I have a Doctor in mind but I would like to start by gathering up & narrowing down some good Doctors so I can find the BEST one for me. So please ladies if you would be so kind as to drop some names that I could check out that would be greatly appreciated. Well I thank you all in advance for your help & support. Thank you!


Hello! I just have my surgery yesterday with dr Eduardo Gongora in Tijuana. I arrived the 23 rd and they are being 3other girls here having the same surgery, so , he definily has experience in butt implants! I will keep you updated in my recovery and results, so far, so good, pain is very mild! Just uncomfortable. Clinic is good and staff is friendly, Dr is kind and make you feel comfortable. Surgery room was modern, clean and did not smell neither look cold and sterile, something I was panic about it! My butt was flat as a pancake, and I have minimal fat to be transfer, so, any magic that this dr could perform will make me happy, but my expectations are high ...
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Thank you Naye10 for sharing with me. I will look into Dr. Gongora. Please keep posted on how you are doing. I wish you a swift and healthy recovery!
I sure will, I am trying not to see yet, I saw somany pictures for my wish list that can be deceiving, because when a saw the refraction of my flat saggy but in the office mirror, I realize, is so much he can do and definilly will be am improving! I did to have to much transferen to be infected that is what is going to make big. Buti gott400 oval and Little fat in eachcheek I just want to feel confidente agAin ! Mi room mates here got a lot of fat in top of the implantes, he lipoed waist, back underarms, arms! They will defeniky have a big round one! Pain is mild, just disconfort, actually I am going to stop taking the pain medicine bcause I am constipated and I am always very regular, mi stomach will look huge if I don't use the br. My concern at tis time is my long fly back to my city, How am I going to get comfortable? The pillow they made is huge and hard? Should I ask for a weel chair? Any advise will be aprrviated

My Wish Pics


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Girl DR.Gongora is the best . I got great results in love he has majc hands.
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I contacted Dr. Gongora!

Okay I went to Dr. Gongora's website, and requested a quote. A lady named Jessica emailed me back ,so I replied with the information that was asked of me. So I hope I'll hear back soon with a quote.
I'm thinking I should start collecting all the supplies I will need. Will one of you ladies be so kind as to let me know exactly what supplies I will need? Hey you know what else.... I was wondering what type of garment to buy and how would I determine what size to get? Please Help me out ladies!!!


I got it lol!
I am checking him out! Thank you for that.
Yes, ask for the wheel chair! Right now your health comes first, that includes stress. So whatever choices you can make to bring yourself comfort DO IT! I could see a difference by looking at your pic. I'm sure you are going to look great.

It's hard being a woman

Ladies I'm feeling GUILT....yes I'm feeling GUILTY. I haven't shared that with my husband yet. I not exactly sure why. A friend of mine always has something negative to say when she sees a female with a big butt, that she doesn't think is real. My mother thinks it is sinful to do such a thing to your body. So I'm kind of living a secret right now. Only my husband knows of my plans to have this surgery.
I just do not want to be constantly judged by them so I haven't told them of my plans and I'm 98% sure I'm not going to! But I think the not telling is causing my guilt. As women we are the ones who go through all the changes emotionally, mentally, and, physically. And for the most part we cannot control and are not in control of those changes. So it really pains me that we do not support each other through whatever change we can actually choose that benefits us.
The choice to under go surgery is by no means a small feet. I am making this choice because I feel need it. Yes there is some vanity in it , I want to look better! And just because there is vanity involved in my choice it does not negate the personal usefulness of it in my life. Uugh........!
Ladies I'm sorry for the rant but I really needed to get it out. So I shared with My support team!
Thanks for listening XOXO


Hey girlie! I am getting butt implants in Mexico in three weeks with a different doctor. I don't think that you should feel guilty about anything! It's your body and you should do as you please :)
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Thanks I really working on just not caring what others think or have to say. Hey what Dr. are you going to use?
I feel you I've been in the same boat for years! The butt pads are getting annoying !!!! So I've decided to get my implants , currently in the process of consultations .... Good luck
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