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Just sent my pics. Waiting for a response. Would...

Just sent my pics. Waiting for a response. Would love to hear from Campos patients. ESPECIALLY ones that are around my size. 5'7 155pds. 30-35. Also if you have a date sooner than July you're looking to give up, LMK!!! I've done the research & I'm rest to go!!

Also would like to do a fat transfer to the breast to fill what I've begun lacking over the years. But I'm also thinking I need fat transfer to the hips. Which wouldn't leave me with a comfortable sleeping arrangement. But I prefer to get it done all at once. Maybe he'll suggest another procedure. IDK. What do you guys think?


Congrats on your journey, I will also be going with campos but in June.
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I'm about your size I will add a before pic now, my after will be added next week!!:)
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He usually adds hips anyway, so don't mention it,unless you want to pay for something he will do for free. Just show him a wish pic.
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Called A Lab To Check Prices & Turnaround Time....

Called A Lab To Check Prices & Turnaround Time. Does Anyone Know What Hepatitis Test You Need Exactly? And Can I Get A Pre Op EKG Without A Doc's Order?


Really? Did my bloodwork this afternoon. Angie said only B & C
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You need hep A B and C. I just got discharged this morning
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Emailed blood work earlier. I think it looked good...

Emailed blood work earlier. I think it looked good by the way the nurse told me to read it. But then again, I'm no medical expert. I REALLY need help with what garments to purchase & what sizes to order. Please help me out my BBL sistas!!


Hi, wondering how u r doing? Please update soon... Thanks!
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Never mind... I found your other review. Thanks!
Hi Hun you will do GREAT cant wait to see your PICS!
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New Pics.

Sorry I've Been MIA. Wanted To Let You Guys Know My Garment Reg. In My Opinion Isavela Is THE BEST Garment. Barely Creases & Dents. And I Wash Mine. It's A Better Feel Without Loosing The Compression Factor. I Line My Back, Sides & Stomach With Foams To Add More Compression & Keep Everything Smooth, Otherwise I'd Be Dealing With Constant Skin Indentation. Then I Add My Board. Then I Add My Squeem. My Masseuse (Tiana/The Wellness Sanctuary/Atlanta) Says I Healed Quicker Than Any Other Client She's Had. She Even Said I Was Good On Lymph Massages. I'm Still Gonna Use Her Maybe Once A Week Now Just To Put My Own Mind At Ease. I'm A Bit Swollen, I Guess, In These Pics Because I've Been Outta My Garment All Day. But I No Longer Worry About Stuff Like That Because I Was Outta My Garment For Like 2 Weeks Straight & One Day Looked Up & Was Not As Defined As I Once Was. So I Slept In My Garment & The Next Day Woke Up & Was Pretty Much Back To Normal. So Now I Know The Importance Of The Garment. Even If I Just Sleep In It & Wear It While Home, I Know It Will Do It's Job To Continue To Keep Me Shaped Up. And I Heard Pilates Allows You To Stay In Shape Without Loosing Volume On Your Backside. So I'll Be Taking Classes Soon. For Now I Try & Eat Portioned Controlled, Healthy Meals Every 3 Hours. Anywho, If You Have Questions Hit Me Up.

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New Pics. 3 Months Post Op. Review In Prior Post.

Not Sure Why It Didn't Post All The Pics I Was Trying To Load. But Here Goes Another Shot.


You look amazing
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Hello, you look amazing! by any chance did you get any dents/ ripples around your waist or anywhere else? also, can you upload new pictures when you can. thanks @SuperReadyB
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How r u doing?!
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Nevermind rating. Can't post review without posting one. Haven't had procedure yet.

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