Fighting for my Life

So excited about my upcoming surgery with Dr....

So excited about my upcoming surgery with Dr. Pantoja in Tijuana! I am almost done buying everything that I need and I can't believe that after all of this time researching, stalking (lol), and saving, I am less than a month away! My list is currently at
-Meds/pain relief
VitaMedica surgery program
ice packs
+his prescriptions

-In The Garment
Epi Foam wrap and epi foam squares
ace wrap
wash cloth (heard it is like a pad at lower back)
maxi pads(reduce friction)
abdominal board (took forever to find)
5x tank tops
Squeem(ish) waist cincher
2x sports bra

-Skin Wellness/cleanliness
Bio Oil
Cocoa Butter (in the tub and the lotion)
antibacterial soap
antibacterial wipes
nylon gloves

I've been told that the days prior to my procedure I should maintain a liquid diet, soup, Ensure, water, Gatorade to stay hydrated and have a less toxic system (whatever that means) Anywho that will probably be my life starting the 10th of April, sx is the 17th and I want a week jumpstart. I have also been doing bedtime crunches bc I want to widdle my waist down as small as possible, cant lipo fat under muscle so I'm being proactive!


The following indications are very important for your treatment, read the following page completely.
Before the surgery:
1. Remember NOT TO TAKE any medication, without consulting it with Dr. Pantoja previously. (Including for pain or colds and those that contain ASPIRIN (acetylsalicylic acid or derivatives).
2. Let us know any change of health (colds, infections, flu, etc.)
3. Let us know if you take any medication to regulate the blood pressure or the coagulation of the blood, for the heart, to treat diabetes, arthritis, nerves, depression, contraceptive pills or any infusion or “herbal”, complexes or drugs.
4. The results of your Pre-op lab work must be reviewed previously by the Dr to confirm that you are healthy.
5. You shouldn’t smoke at least three weeks before surgery and four weeks after.
6. Start taking 1 iron pill every morning to boost your hemoglobin levels.
1. Eat light foods and avoid alcohol.
2. Extreme the hygiene (complete and careful bath) because it contributes to prevent the postoperative infections.
3. If they are going to carry out a procedure in the pelvic or abdominal region please shave.
4. Do not eat or drink anything, starting 8 hours before surgery.
5. Do not take any laxatives or enemas.
1. Avoid bringing objects of value, make up or enamel in the nails.
2. Children less than 12 years are not allowed.
3. You must file in, in the reception of the Clinic, the day: _________ at _______ hours.
4. DO NOT eat or drink anything starting 8 hours before your surgery.
5. In Admissions, they will ask you to fill all the paperwork: you must fill everything and sign it before going into your room.
6. Before going in to surgery you should carry out the complete payment of your surgery, in cash or certify check, in agreement with administration rules.
7. Personal checks are not accepted and the use of credit cards is not recommended because these generate an additional 3-5% charge.
8. Bring functional clothes (night gown and slippers).
9. Once in your room:
• Undress and put the garment that we will facilitate you, (without underwear), take off all the metallic objects (clock, ring, bracelets, etc.), as well as any removable dental pieces.
• It is recommended not to bring value objects or depositing them in the administration of the Clinic.
• If you are a woman. Also you must remove any make-up and mail enamel and body piercings.
• Before they take you to the operating room, Dr. Pantoja will see you in the room to review all the details of your surgery.

Sooo just a question, where do I got for...

Sooo just a question, where do I got for wheelchair assistance at the airport?

So ladies its over, I officially went from no...

So ladies its over, I officially went from no booty to lots of booty, thanks do Dr Pantoja! I was going to update last night but my people wouldn't get off the phone, 1st let me say that the offices and staff are wonderful. Everyone is so kind and they make you feel at home! It's like you're the only patient they have! Which leads me to this.... You are not the only patient they have, that office was so busy when I got there! Ok, 2 post op tummy tuck girls were there, 3 pre op girls came in to pay deposits, and the phone was constantly ringing so don't get frustrated when you can't get an email quote response immediately bc they are trying and when you do get your response it'll all be worth it:-)

So on to my surgery day, I got here *to TJ* around 8:15 am yesterday, took then 992 from the airport to the train station hopped on the blue line to San Ysidro, 45 mins later I was walking into Mexico, looking at these 3 gorgeous Mexican police officers (lol) then hopping in a cab! Off to the office we went, got lost bc he heard the street wrong but after calling Nadia we were there in a heart beat:-) walk in, elevator up, opened his fancy glass doors and all the people in the office that were patients or with patients were telling me how lucky I am to have been in the states and find this doctor bc he is truly amazing, they were not lying bc as soon as 1 girl walking out, in comes walking the amazing Dr. Pantoja! Handsome, funny, gave me hug, and asked me if I was ready to get some labs work done, Nadia took me to get my blood done (grrrrh) I hate needles, after we came back in the main office to do my EKG, spoke with the doctor about what I wanted and within 30 mins I had been up to my room, stripped down, got my IV, walked to the OR, hopped on the table, got doped up by the anesthesiaologist (also a gem!) and was officially in surgery. Now I will say this my girl (mbones, who looks awesome, like seriously cutest little figure and big booty and boobs!) she did report saying that she felt awake, this is a TRUE statement I could even feel a few things, not pain just awareness, which I'm kind of glad I felt it bc I can report this, he treats your body well, he wasn't throwing me all over the place and doing messy lipo, it was straight strokes and he took his time, I have heard of girls having results issues bc of how there doc didn't even straight strokes. But other than tuning in once or twice I was out and comfy, much like I am now, laying in the bed on my stomach, which to me is my only pain, if I couldn't see my arms, legs, or booty then I wouldn't believe anything had been done, on a scale of 1-10 my overall pain might be a 4 but that's all bc I had a gut he had to get down with the lipo. Drain spots aren't in pain but I did drain something terrible through the night jeeeezzzzeeee! If they would take the catheter out I woulda walked last night bc I understand the precautions. I don't have any post op pics up yet but I promise they will be up soon after my pre op 1s are. Anyway I'll be updating when I get to my hotel, peace and love girls!

I've been in ICU since Monday already underwent 2...

I've been in ICU since Monday already underwent 2 emergency surgeries, I'm currently fighting for my life. Not worth it.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Are u ok
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I was told she had a blood clot in her lungs, which is a risk you take getting cut open with any surgery ....??
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Please let us know if you are ok! You are in my prayers xx
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Truly hope you're doing better Sis!
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I pray you are ok.
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Hope you are doing well. I had surgery with Dr. P on May 28 2013. It went well. Did they say how the cannula got infected during packaging or during surgery. Hope you healing well Good luck
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Hey are you alright?
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Ugh, this is beyond upsetting!!!!! I am so, so sorry you're going through this, Mbones as well. You girls did not deserve what happened. Friggin Pantoja!!! He should be stripped of his license.
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I'm gonna chime in here I normally don't have anything to say about when things go wrong with some one or in this case a few people. So lets forget about the people that he did not mess up in n and strip him of his license?? Really? I do believe that it is terrible what happened to mbones and a couple other ladies that I have spoken to on here. There are doctors in the Dr, the states, Mexico.... That have had some bad cases. Look a carbal...saying to strip them of there license messes with there livelihood. I am done with RS people tend to jump on the band wagon and want to cosign on something they know nothing about. Mbones my heart goes out to you as well as the other ladies that I have spoken to. You know who you are. I'm not trying to start beef but come on now ladies.
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Everyone is entitled to their opinion. IMO, I think any doctor who performs a surgery that does not go well and it's their fault they should offer a revision because forget about a livelihood, you just ruined someones FACE or BODY and possibly their entire life! These docs make so much money from us, why shouldn't we ask that they treat their work and their patients with respect and offer revisions for their mistakes. We aren't talking about small cosmetic things here, we're talking dirty cannulas which caused life threatening infection and overly-aggressive, uneven lipo that has basically destroyed a woman's self esteem and left her PERMANENTLY discolored. I understand that you had good results. That's great. But you aren't the one doing the surgeries, or getting paid so remember that as well. No reason to defend him, let your story speak for itself and those who want to listen to you will listen.
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My complaints aren't my results. My results are beautiful, I'm not going to post pics bc I don't think he deserves me to sign off on his work when it is a fact that he used a contaminated cannula on me, that is a fact at 1st it was a possibility and I tried to stay optimistic that it could have been picked up elsewhere but it is now confirmed that he used a cannula with bacteria on it when performing my liposuction. Lots of people have great experiences with him but the FACT is that he did deface mbones and he nearly killed me. Not opinion, these are the facts. I don't know which is worse, but mbones will most likely end up having to have a revision to fix his mistakes and I had emergency surgery after being infected less than a few days, the doctors told me that if I hadn't came when I did then I would have died within that night, they cut out inches of infected tissue. And due to high fever and low blood pressure I almost slipped into a coma. If only the good stories are out there then people will do what I did and see all the good and not realize that the very worse could greet you on the other side.
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I am one of those girls, i almost had bad thoughts but im battling every single day to go on with my life as is. I hope God forgives these Drs to what they have done to all these ladies and myself. We did not deserve this and I strongly feel everyone should know about things like this. The real deal not their staff stories.
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I know Birmingham is busy recovering from a post I read on another RealSelfer's review (mbones). I wish you speedy recovery and I'm praying for you. For those curious about what's going on, here's what she wrote to mbones: "BirminghamBooty 16 May 2013 Hey girl I meant to check on you after I saw your comment on my page but I haven't really been up to it. Basically my surgeon told me that Dr P used a contaminated cannula on me bc I "tunnels" of infection up my back so they had to cut out about a foot of infected tissue. They told me if I wouldn't have came to the ER when I did it would have spread to my organs and I would have died within a couple of days. Just keep massaging and keep your pretty head up bc it could be worse, I find myself mad too bc not only did I spend money on the sx but also my insurance isn't covering my $50,000 hospital bill, try and stay positive, we are both lucky to be here, guess he had an off week when we were down there. Much love to you."
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Omg my prayers go out to you ! I hope your doing better Let us know how your doing!
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I have surgery scheduled with Dr P. July 16. can you let us know what went wrong? I hope your feeling better! my prayers are with you!
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I'd cancel that if I were you...... Not to freak you out, but ever since I first started on RS I have been seeing bad reviews about him. Go check out Mbones who is currently taking donations to help with a revision of Pantojas' botched work. She was with Birminghambooty when this all happened and they are both messed up. SMH
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I went to Pantoja 6 months ago for tt, lipo and bbl and had awesome results I have pics to prove this. Thus going back for boobs 2 days ago and they look awesome. I think website is to support each other. Not to bash the choices that others have made.
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No bashing here, just want these ladies to be informed. Obvoiusly it's their choice, but one of the 2 ladies who had a bad experience with Pantoja said she wished she'd read reviews from some other girls who were unhappy before making her final decision. It doesn't make me a bit of difference which doc anyone chooses, but it really hurts my feelings to see our RS sisters suffering because of botched work so I just chose to put it out there. No disrespect intended toward anybody.
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I understand all that and I support all the ladies on here that care to talk to me. I constantly have pm's everyday from ladies that I have became very close to. I am all about support. And I regards to my story I can tell and I can defend what I feel he has done for me and other ladies that I have spoken to.
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I hope you are ok girl. Praying for you
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still praying for you!!! i hope you are getting better each day.
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Omg I hope all is well
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wow....... praying for you.... please inform us of what happen?
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I'm going to be praying for you hun. I'm so sorry something like this happened.
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What happened? I hope your going to be ok :(
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