I WANT ASS!!!! Is that too much to ask for :/

Hey ladies, I'm 27 about 5'6 and 176 lbs. I...

Hey ladies,

I'm 27 about 5'6 and 176 lbs. I have two children. I wasn't always displeased with my body. But after this second child wheeew. It's like everything fell. I'm do uncomfortable with my body. I will eventually post pics. I have no ass, no hips, stretch marks, c section scars and too much belly and back fat. I don't care what anyone says we all care for societies opinions of ourselves. Most importantly we do it for ourselves.

I honestly haven't done much research, I have however looked at Jimmerson, Salama and some other doctors work. I want a smaller waist a bigger ass (not too big) and hips. Someone told me to try that Herba life supplement but I also hear that if you don't continue to take it you will gain more weight than ever. And of course I wanted to go that route because of the huuuuge difference in price lol. But I haven't gotten that either.

I would like recommendations for doctors who does a good job with both butt and hips and at a good price. Price is important I can't spend more than $4000 that's my limit. I am very tired if having to put on 6 different garments under my clothes to feel good about leaving the house. I barely have sex with my fiancé because I don't want him to feel my rolls or see my stomach at all. I know that there has to be doctors here up north if not I may have to look into Mexico. I haven't done much research though. How long does it take to recover? How much does it normally cost with everything (include passport price if I end up going to Mexico) are there ways to get help to finance this procedure? I think u would want a bbl buddy going with me.

I'm terrified and looking forward to proceeding with this whole thing. Any information would be very helpful to me.

I will eventually post my recent pics of my shape


I was looking at Dr. James Benjamin in Maryland...

I was looking at Dr. James Benjamin in Maryland because he was close and junkinthetrunk look so bomb. But other than her I haven't seen any updates from the other girls that has gone to him. So now I am torn between Campos and Yily. I'm looking for an October or November date, only because they say you shouldn't smoke for 6 months I believe. That's a journey all on its own. Is it true that if there is a possibility that you may have more kids that you Shouldn't do a TT? What's the typical rice range for flights to Mexico or DR? I looked at on to Mexico and it was $1400. Anyhow I can't wait to get rid of this mid section and put it in my a$$
Thank to everyone sharing there stories, much appreciated!

Much needed info ladies

Im tired if wearing these dang butt pads and spanx lol. My husband laughs because I'm always checking you ladies out.
I am looking to book in June 2014 but I can't seem to find an email for Duran. Does anyone have any way of contacting her? I'm thinking of going to either Duran or Baez. A buddy would be nice. I'm leaving out of southern virginia if that helps. My husband says he will go but I'd rather go with either another couple or another bbl sister.
In my previous post I heard that you have to wait 6 months if you smoke, now I hear 30 days. I guess I'm better off asking a doctor lol.
Anyway I'm getting off track here, any info for Duran would be great.
Thanks in advance ladies


What do you think is the best one? Where did you get it? Ass out or ass in? I hear done people say get the board for underneath then I hear some people say no don't use that.
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