Please can you guys help me!!! Does vanity charge for evaluating pictures? I NEED MY MONEY BACK

Omgggggg!!!! i cant wait to have this surgery. I...

omgggggg!!!! i cant wait to have this surgery. I have been looking at this website for 2 years now and i just can't wait until i am financially able to afford this surgery. I had a booty before then i lost it from doing to much squats and running on a treadmill. NEVER AGAIN!!!. anyways i am so elatedddd. i want a big huge booty, i mean HUGE and a nice set of curves to go with it. my wish measurements are 36dd-24-46 or 48.

my new wish pic

i need her ass


body inspirations

new pic



I am trying to get a hold of dra duran! She comes on facebook every so often and does not respond to many of my messages. I have sent her emails all to no avail. Who do i contact on facebook that can get to her.


I need a partner for the second week of january please!!!


oh my, i know i don't update my profile alot, but i am hell of exited to get this surgery bayb, but i got to get something out my chest. why do big or fluffy ppl consider them selves curvy? and why do ppl with a booty but no curves consider themselves curvy? plz enlighten me... anyone?

love black chyna's projection

More pics

Just posting more pics; I am really lazy with this blogging thing... so that's why there is barely anything thing here! But i do lurk around lol.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

my new doctor now is salama, how can i change my Doctor on here

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