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I've been a silent stalker of this board for...

I've been a silent stalker of this board for several years. I figured its time to post since this is becoming so real! This is all I can focus on these days. I'm OBSESSED, i swear! :) Ok...I'm 43, 5'7, 210lbs. I plan to be 195 by surgery day. My goal weight is 180-185ish. I've considered a TT for several years due to having 2 C-section which imo left my stomach looking like a small butt in the front since I have a vertical scar.(Yuck)! LOL. I will have an ETT, Full Lipo to my Back & Flanks and BBL... I'm more concerned with the TT w/ Aggressive Lipo outcome more so than the BBL, although it's important too :). After speaking with Dr. C, I'm more convinced i made the right choice and that he will achieve my desired goal. He was very informative and friendly on the phone. Also, My PCP gave me her blessing today for the surgery. I love my docter. She said that she may recommend Campos to her patients after I told her about all the research and credential i found for Campos and Club Med :). ( I think she was impressed about recovery being by the beach) ;) I've been with her a long time and she know I wouldn't let just anybody work on my body. I have to send a shout out to all the RS sisters who have come back and shared their stories for those of us who have not yet crossed over. It means so much!! Thank you Nicki03, my Campos sister for being so detailed in your review. Such a beautiful sister!! :). I purchase most of my items today as well for the surgery. I will be ordering the make me heel vitamins and a fajate tonight. Oh yea, Dr. C said that my butt looks tight so he may not be able to insert a lot of fat and that I have no cellulite or stretchmarks.Ha! I'm lucky in that aspect but I have no ass or shape at all!! I'm ok with not having a Donk as long as he gives me a heart shaped ass and hips to go along with it. lol. I will be happy! Talk with you guys soon!

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Just curious as to what your experienced has been....

Just curious as to what your experienced has been. I was torn between Campos and i requested a quote from both...Dr. Cardenas quote was less but she scared me when she mentioned a possible CTT... Fatimah is very sweet and has contacted me a few times since making contact with their office... Wondering if someone could tell me what their experience with Campos office... Thks RS.


Oh, yes...angie may not be organized but i will surely have my ducks in a row..thats the last thing i want to hear from her, that she dont have my money... ill go cray, cray on
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Angie emailed me to confirm receipt of deposit, but i havent heard from the office since.... i think the customer service could be touched up a bit. It would make the experience a 100% better imo.
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Oh no they don't call you at all! I have been booked for months and not once have they just called me.

Stopped by Big Lots tonight, they were having a...

Stopped by Big Lots tonight, they were having a Sunday sale only, 20% off full purchase. I paid $218 for it because the salesman gave me an extra 10% off. ;) I figured it was a good time to buy a recliner. I heard from a couple of the rs sisters, it was comfortable to sleep in after sx. I will let you guys know.


Hey NiecyBelle08, just read your post and saw a shout out. Thank you! I tried to be as detailed as possible to help inform and encourage others who wanted more info on this procedure, Dr. Campos, and Clubmed! glad my info reached you. :) ... The last post you were torn between doctors. Have you decided since?
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Oh Campos all the way :).... i originally request a quote from both but decided on Campos due to his history of great consistent results...and thank you. You were a big help for me.
Hi CurvyD...all is going well...count down to my sx date... :) Have you scheduled your date?
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Hey guys, i decided to upload a pre-op pic to my...

Hey guys, i decided to upload a pre-op pic to my profile. I have everything done and ready for my sx on 4/22. I will be having my preop test done next week. I will keep you guys updated. Im starting to get nervous now. Does anyone know if campos uses the compression device during surgery? I plan to call angie to ask a few questions.

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Having issues uploading pic... i heard a few...

Having issues uploading pic... i heard a few sisters having the same issue. Rs can you look into this issue. Thks.


I'm going to Dr campos on thurs, I'm freaking out now. I wish I had talked to him over the phone, that would have been great. When you spoke to him, did he assure you that he can give u what you want. Cuz u and I have d same goals. I want a tiny waist, hips, and a nice heart shaped bottom, don't want a donk.. Lol
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Yes..he said i would be happy. Its normal to be nervous because your so close. Dr.C is going to hook us up!! I very confident in his skills..we chose him for a reason! He is the Business!! Lol
Lol!!! Yea true, thank you!!

Labs done today... I have my prescriptions for...

Labs done today... I have my prescriptions for meds to take with me and my docters blessing. 31 more days to sx... its getting real now. To be honest sisters I am soooooo ready for this to be OVER! Its overwhelms me and takes all my time. It my focus and all I can think about so yes, im ready for this to be done. I pray that God guides Dr. Campos hands and mind while performing my surgery.


hi! where did u do your clearance tests?
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No tomorrow hopefully I have dr appt with new dr. Currently dont have a pcp
My PCP completed my test.

Campos is no longer recommending Club Med due to...

Campos is no longer recommending Club Med due to the distance. He now thinks its to far to return back and forth for appts. I've heard nothing but great things about club med but I would also love to be closer. How do you ladies feel?


Today is the day...... Cant wait to see your result. Wishing you a safe recovery
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Hey =] im going to campos in july and i was wondering if you could give me a list of things you are bringing or suggest i bring. thank yu =]
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Im packing light because BC has everything. Im taking my Bobbi, soap,tooth paste,sox, vitamins, yoga pants and a maxi dress. I have a friend who went last April and she said it was cold. Fyi.

5 day po...loving my results thus far. Healing...

5 day po...loving my results thus far. Healing process is challenging but I would do it again in a heartbeat. :) will be here at beauty care until Friday. This place is AMAZING!!! They are so good to me! I feel like I'm home with family, seriously . I will post pics soon. Campos is the King !!!

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Trouble uploaded pics. RS needs to get it right.

Trouble uploaded pics. RS needs to get it right.


Thank you. I'm doing well!

I've have 5 free massages (2 complete) with Campos...

I've have 5 free massages (2 complete) with Campos office and 5 additional through Mari Paz. She completed my 2nd massage today. OMG ...all I can say is Mari Paz is sooooooo damn good. I could actually see a better defined body when she finished today. I have 3 more with her before I leave. The lady in Campos office is nice but she is not on king Campos level, Mari Paz takes the prize, hands down! Campos should make business decisions about his staff based on professionalism and skills to do the job well. Take the emotions out!!!!


I'm glad everything went well. Does Mari Paz go to beauty care now?
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Yes...she does I can't wait until my next massage. Thk u.
Mari Paz massages are free for you?
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I have to give credit where it is due. Joanna gave...

I have to give credit where it is due. Joanna gave me a wonderful massage today and got sooooo much flood out my back. Campos came in and used a needle to get the fluid that accumulated at the very bottom of my back. Y'all it hurt like hell, I cried but I have not regrets. It was much needed. :) Campos is so cute with those big hands ;) Lol


How far is beauty care from dr campos office?
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About 10 minutes. I've been able to take all my massages because its so close. They just drop me off and pick me up after appt.
Cant wait to see pics .. So glad to hear your doing well and loving your new body
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Po day 14 ..Took drains out yesterday. It was very...

po day 14 ..Took drains out yesterday. It was very simple and did not hurt at all. I drove to Sam's today to pick up prescription and pick up a few items. I had to wait on a wheelchair. I think I over done it. I was in so much pain when i got home. I am loving my new body. It is worth the pain. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Cant wait to heal. I have a lot of swelling in my lower stomach and my va jay jay. Anyone have this issue?


You look great! Do you have any before pics?
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I have a before pic posted.
What about a before and after on your booty?

4 wks po


Looking good!!
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Thank you. Campos is a genius, I am telling you. :)

6 weeks PO

Loving it!


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You look great!! How far apart were your days in massages? I also sent you a private message.
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Great results ...can u post pictures of BC..and resent update?
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