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I'm so excited to get this sx done finally!!!...

I'm so excited to get this sx done finally!!! My journey started when I stumbled across MMH last August, I had no idea people went to MX for surgery with all the media hooplah about the dangers across the border. After doing my research I decided on Campos and made my deposit in Dec for my sx on March 12th. I'll be staying at BC so anyone who will be there from the 11th-18th please let me know. Currently I am 5'4 180lbs but before I gave birth in 2010 I weighed 165 carrying most of my weight in my boobies and tummy. I'm getting an extended tummy tuck, lipo to upper/lower back and flanks and of course fg to butt n hips. I want the ultimate hourglass that I never had lol. I can't believe the time is almost here, just 2 more weekends and I'm ready to go! My lovely Gyn gave me scripts to get all my bloodwork done so I went to Labcorp today for my bloodwork. I ordered my epi foam yesterday from the biodermis website, purchased my bromelain, arnica tablets and gel. I'm not sure what else to do but wait in anticipate now! Ugh I hope this time goes fast. Any other suggestions of what to purchase? I was thinking about a neck pillow since I hear the boopy is too big for the plane seat.

Good Luck!! PRaying 4 ya on ur journey. I am going June 12th staying at BC as well. Definitely post pics, we are around the same size and height.. same to BlacChynna! Good Luck Ladies
I hope the neck pillow works too, i need to protect my investment! Are you staying at CM? Good luck to you too, our time is almost here!!!

So I called to confirm my surgery and received an...

So I called to confirm my surgery and received an email back from one of the ladies. She said I did not make my initial deposit and my surgery date has been taken by another patient! I immediately looked up my email of my deposit slip I sent back in November and forwarded their reply confirming my date. She apologized and admitted that it was their mistake. Luckily someone cancelled on March 13th so I have to wait one more day for my transformation which is ok since I have no other choice. Ladies please make sure to confirm your date not only the day you make the deposit but also the following week and keep all proof of payments!!! Anyway 10 more days to go!!! I'm super excited.
@Glamm @Suzy @Blac praying for u guys.. hope all is well Happy Healthy Safe Healing & Travels!!
@Blac @Glamm can't wait to hear about your experience and results. @suzy 2! Happy healing and stay Prayed up! Excited for you guys

Sorry for the delay...I had my surgery 5 days ago...

Sorry for the delay...I had my surgery 5 days ago and everything went well. I got 1000 ccs put back in and my tummy tuck looks good even though I'm still swollen. Dr C said that my skin is very tight and i have a muscular build but he managed to get 1k when he originally told me 800ccs. I'm at the airport right now waiting to board my flight home. I'll post pics when I get home and get settled. Btw I went shopping yesterday in TJ and I cannot believe that a medium is too big for! Oh and beauty care is awesome! I love all the nurses there and the ladies I met were like sisters, I couldn't have picked a better place.
I'm so glad everything went okay. Can't wait to see your transformation. Yaay, i'm excited for you!
@Glamm Thanks for the update I just tortured myself by watching the videos. But I will shake the fear off quick. Cant wait to c pics and read about details of your experience. Happy Healing!! (checking on Suzy & Blac 2)

I just added some pics, I'm currently 8 days po...

I just added some pics, I'm currently 8 days po and still very swollen and sore, I haven't had any real pain through this recovery, it's more of an uncomfortable feeling mixed with soreness and stiffness. I finally had a chance to measure myself and so far my waist has shrunk by about 5 inches and my hips/butt grew about 4 inches. I'm happy overall with my results, my butt is very conservative as I didn't want it to be so obvious that I had work main concern was the tummy tuck. If I could offer some advise it would be to fly home first class, I was so uncomfortable and hot on that packed plane that I nearly passed out 3 times. The flight attendants had to rush me a cold towel, gingerale and literally fan me. Also a recovery house is a must imo, the nurses at beauty care definitely spoil you as far as care goes, it's worth every penny.
You look amazing! Congrats!
hey any updates? how are you doing, are you still happy with your results?
Hey, how are your results now that you are about 8 months post op? I am getting the same procedures as you are. How did you sleep??
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