Brazilian Butt Lift - Will It Go Away and if So When?

First of all, i know out of the country surgeries...

first of all, i know out of the country surgeries are frowned upon but i heard great things about this surgeon by word of mouth so i went with him.

neway i got a brazilian butt lift and my butt is round and perfectly shaped it is also very perky looking. its only been a week. if it is still swollen how will it look afterwards and if some of the fat is absorbed and the fat does not harvest when will i see a diffrence?

I saw a lady passed out at the san diego airport and did not want to disclose to the medix that she had had surgery in Mexico and later she said she had been to this surgeon,she refused to be taken to the hospital and hoped she hadn`t contracted a disease there or even an infection.Be careful guys.
I did go to him(Luis Suarez) and was picked up by their red durango at the san diego airport.He was nice and after telling him what I wanted,he started telling me what I should get.When I woke up,I wasn`t happy coz he didn`t do as we had agreed,he just put 450cc on each cheek and wanted more.I told him and he said I already had a big butt,none if his staff used any gloves including the anastheologist.The ladies taking care of you handle bloody clothes with bare hand,what a shame.I was pocked 3 times while the looked for a vein for my Iv and mind you they pretended not to understand what i said when I asked them about wearing gloves.I have emailed them and get no response,I called and the secretary was guessing the answer to the question I had.My butt has shrunk considerably am still in pain and I don`t think the pain and money is worth it!Next time I am going to Bolivia.I have read alot of good reviews about a surgeon there and he doesn`t charge an arm and a leg.
omg it sounds like we hasd a totally diff experience im really sorry to hear that i didnt notice anything being off about gloves and cleanliness the only thing that sounds similar is the size issue i wanted bigger but after examining me he told me all the fat would have to be lipoed from my tummy and love handle area and there wasnt enough there for what i wanted he then gsve me a choice to gain weight and come back or just to get as much as he could and use that i ended up using what i had, it's been over a year and my butt still looks good ive gained ten pounds since then (oops) and never gained the weight back in the areas that were lipoed now most of the fat now goes to my booty and that was NOT the case before i was big lovehandles, gut and flat as a board in back, hopefully things will get better in the next few months for you im sorry to hear that
dr. luis suarez-avalos

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