Dog ears removal, Scar Revision and Belly Button Revision After Tummy Tuck - Tijuana, Mexico

I had a tummy tuck performed by a different...

I had a tummy tuck performed by a different plastic surgeon which resulted in dog ears.
I searched for other surgeons to fix my dog ears and came across Dr. Suarez after my friend's friend show me her scar from her incision, which was performed by Dr. Suarez.

I first had a consultation with Dr. Suarez for the removal of dog ears. In the consultation Dr. Suarez suggested making my belly button smaller and nicer along with a tummy tuck scar revision which he would also remove the dog ears.

Dr. Suarez show me pics of his patients and I loved the scars (very thin and nice) and the belly buttons were super nicer and smaller.

I had my revision on 07/19/12 and so far I love the results. My BB looks wayyyyy nicer and smaller. I can't wait to see the final results of my scar revision.

This was an outpatient procedure, which I allow me to go home that same day. My experience with Dr. Suarez was really good. I love my new belly button.


Yes, no drains were needed and up to now, I feel good. I have my follow up this Friday. I can't wait to see the results.
He used local anethesia and a sedative... I didn't feel a thing. Good luck with your revision.
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Really no drains... even though he had to redue your scar, belly button , and cut out your dog ears? That is great, I am looking forward to a revision and happy to hear no drains are necessary. One hour that is not long at all and he used local anethesia....i know you didn't feel a thing, right?
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The revision took one hour, no drains.
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On Friday, I went to my follow up. I no longer...

On Friday, I went to my follow up.
I no longer have dog ears and my scar is now beautiful after 8 day.... what a difference.
I posted some before pics and after pics.

I'm super happy with the results....8 days and incision look beautiful.


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Also, I wont say how much extra I was charged for...

Also, I wont say how much extra I was charged for the scar revision because every case is different and I wouldn't want anyone to expect to pay what I pay but I will tell you that it was the best price from all the other Doctors and the results speak for themselves.


Wow the difference is amazing! Glad u were able to get the results u wanted:)
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I'm really glad that I was able to get it revised.
princessss u look great
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Its been 18 days since I had my revision and I'm...

Its been 18 days since I had my revision and I'm loving the results everyday. I posted some new pics post 18 days. What a difference.. the incision/scar is not as visible as my previous. I know that with time my scar will not be visible. I don't have any loose skin either and my belly button is looking way better too.
I'm still a bit swollen but feeling good.


Thank you so much for sharing your story. This is the exactly the type of story I need to hear. It seems almost everyone here is happy with their results but I am not. You are giving me the inspiration I need to move forward. My challenge is determining if I should go with the same doctor which would be low cost or another doctor which I am not sure what the cost would be and I don't have that kind of money I paid the first time now to spend on this. I have an appointment with both my current and another so I am praying that between the 2, one will be able to help me.

You look great and I am happy for you that you got yours fixed and you are happy about your results now!
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I too was debating between the first Dr. or a new Dr.

I told my self: "if the original Dr. doesn't see what he did wrong, then how can I expect for him to fix something that he doesn't see wrong"

I went ahead and contacted other Doctors before my 3 month follow up with my original Dr. Other Doctors were recommending the removal of the dog ear through an extended incision. Which, I had read that the was the best way.

In my 3 month follow up I asked my original Dr. about the dog ears and he only wanted to do Lipo, which would only make my skin more saggy and make the problem wrost. The Dr. didn't mentioned anything about fixing my Belly button or the scar.
I walked out kind of upset cause, he couldn't see anything wrong with what other plastic surgeons and people saw as wrong.

I was super blessed to find Dr. Suarez, cause he really wanted to help me to improve not only my dog ear but my scar and my belly button.

I didn't put any posting regarding my TT cause, there are so many cases of TT. But I decided to post about my revision because, I want people to know that there is a second chance.

By the way, I too didn't have a lot of cash left and I never expected to pay to for a revision.
Yeah, I don't know 100% yet if my PS will realize what is wrong with my current results until I go back next week. In the beginning she was seeming like she knew the scar was high and was talking about possibly lowering it early on but then when I went in again, she was saying it may be hard to do but she hasn't seen me in a while and if you saw my pictures, I cannot see how she would be able to deny that I need some additional work. She had mentioned Smart Lipo to take some of the fat off but I am pretty sure like you said that it would not fix the problem and it would leave me with additional saggy skin. I made an appointment with another doctor (that I had liked before but didn't chose as he wasn't as gung-ho or familiar about doing the procedure along with the other ones I had) the day before my appointment with my current PS so I will already have a second opinion in mind when I go to see her. My appointments are next Thursday (other PS) and Friday (current PS). I know the other doctor is very caring and would probably want to help me too but I don't know how much he will work with me on fees which I am sure Dr. Suarez probably did for you. If I go in for a revision, I am hopeful that she wouldn't charge me a fee but I would probably have hospital and anesthesia fees I would have to pay. The other doctor has his own surgery center so he can be more flexible because of that.

So far so good. I added some new pics of 22 days...

So far so good. I added some new pics of 22 days after my revision.

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On Friday, I had my follow up check-up and my BB...

On Friday, I had my follow up check-up and my BB stitches were removed. I posted some pics that I took on Monday. Also, I'm able to go back to my daily routine....Yeah, I can't wait to work out again.
I also began my silicone scar treatment even though I don't think I need it, since the scar is pencil thin...


Looks really good, I will getting a Tummy Tuck done by Dr. Suarez next year!!! I'm so excited i can't wait!!!
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Keep me posted on your results.
You are welcome!!! And I will thanks!!

Tomorrow it will be 7 weeks since my scar revision...

Tomorrow it will be 7 weeks since my scar revision.
I love my scar and I no longer have sagging skin or dog ears.
My belly button is way smaller and the scar is better than before.

I continue to use the silicone strips.


Hi- I have a few questions about your problem is a "step off" from above my incision to below my incision. I love the belly I have but just below my incision there wasn't really any fat so it's like a noticible difference that casts a shadow down on my scar. I'd posted my question about the difference in skin thickness above and below my scar and only two doctors responded. One said I'd need fat transfer or revision surgery. My question to you is: when they cut out your scar did they raise the skin flap again? Did you require a drain? Or do you think just the top couple layers of skin were excised around the scar to remove it ? I'm thinking maybe some lipo above my scar might even things out a little but really don't want to be toooo flat (aethestically I don't find that attractive) and I'm also scared of lipo lumps!
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The Dr. only cut around the scar and extended the incision to remove the dog ears.
No drains were needed since, he didn't lift my skin up.
I have not idea how many layers of skin he cut through but, I think it was only the top skin.
Yay, your scar line does look much better! I hope I have as good of luck as you did on my second go around! So glad you were able to get that done and feel better about your TT :-)
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Hi, I experienced bald spot on my head and lots...

I experienced bald spot on my head and lots of hair loss.

On 4/26, I had my full TT and on 07/06, I noticed that I had a bald spot and a bit of hair loss on the back of my head/neck.

I read that some people experience hair loss due to surgery.

I would like to know; how many of you had this same experience?

On 09/11, I noticed that some hair is starting to grow on my bald spot, but lots of hair continue to fall off when I brush my hair and shower.

I still continue to think that it was all worth it, even if I'm bald for a couple of months. Hahahaha!


Biotin 10,000mcg is what dermatologist put me on with steroid shots to that area. Took two treatments and I'm fine now but still take Biotin.
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Looks great!!
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Thank you for sharing your story. When you had your revision was it under local anestesia and if so were u awake and was it painfull can you describe the procedure. Just Very Curious because im having my revision under local anestesia
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Dr. Suarez took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. As soon as I met him, I knew he was the perfect surgeon to perform the revision. Great bedside manners by all the nurses. All my questions were answer in a timely manner.

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