May 28, 2010 Tummy Tuck After Careful Consideration! - Monterrey, Mexico

Hello, I am the mother of four beautiful girls...

Hello, I am the mother of four beautiful girls between the ages of 7-16. After my first preg. I gained close to 75 lbs! I have been able to take that and then some off but the sagging skin is still there(lots of it)and exercise doesn't get rid of it,sooo I finally decided to have a TT and it is scheduled for May 28th. After seeing the results my sister had and after considering it for 5 years I've decided to go for it. I expect pain and bruising but really don't know what I'm in for. I had 4 natural births and I know the pain is different but I would like some idea as to what to expect. My sister has had 2 TT's done and says it's a piece of cake and she's been trying to convince me for the last 5 years to do it. I'd like some feed back by someone who's had this done and is going to be honest as to what to expect.



Congrats on your TT. Is that the amount you paid ($3800)? Can you please send me the name and number of the doctor you used? Thanks!
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I am 3 days post op. I was released from the hospital after being admitted. So far the only pain I have is on my lower back & waist but nothing to complain about.. I am actually surprised that I have no pain at all. I am only taking an antibiotic and a pain reliever every 8 hours. I am still swollen but that's normal. I should have done this years ago. I am very pleased with the results although it's not a magic diet, now I have to retrain my brain and body how to eat so that I can maintain my new figure! will post pics later!!!
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good luck today!
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I am really loving my new body!!! It was well...

I am really loving my new body!!! It was well worth every penny i spent on it. I have a new outlook on life. I am more secure and outgoing, I am able to buy all those cute clothes I could never wear but most of all I feel 100% better healthwise.


Please inbox me the Doctor's info...
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