Mommy Make over This Feb 16th 2011 Super Nervous !! - Mexicali, MX

Hi I'm a 32 year old mother of 3 kids. I am...

Hi I'm a 32 year old mother of 3 kids. I am really looking to finally feeling confident and able to wear a bikini for the first time in my life. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time,I don't have many friends that have done this procedure so I am a little in the loop of what the outcome will be on this procedure and also the level of discomfort I will be going through. I'm really hoping to be able to find support and be able to share my journey. I will be having a tummy tuck and breast implants and also lipo in my mid section of my thighs and also in my love handles, and I will also have this fat tranfer to my buttocks. Total make over !!

Today is my 4 th day after my mommy make over...

Today is my 4 th day after my mommy make over surgery ! Finally feeling a lot better

I had my surgery on feb 17 Th. I'm just...

I had my surgery on feb 17 Th. I'm just concerned my stomach look like it has a pouch on top of my scar ! I just wanna feel like everything it's normal and my stomach will look flat. I feel so swollen , I been using my garment giving by my dr. 24 / 7 and no difference. Any suggestions ?

So today I'm feeling a little sad , I guess...

So today I'm feeling a little sad , I guess this is an emotional roller coaster , my PS said that everything is looking good and my healing process is also going good ! It's just I see my scar looking so horrible and gets me down from time to time ! I would love for time to fly so I can see the final results. My belly button looks not to good, I'm a little worried, I have my appt this Tuesday let's see what my PS tells me . Today was my official day out of the house , I was out most of the day I feel very tired but happy to be out , a little embarrassed I am still not able to walk straight.

Super ecxited, I see the results already, I...

Super ecxited, I see the results already, I actually try out a bikini and I love it I'm so excited, can't wait for summer. My husband is also super excited. Questions I am going back to work this Monday and definitly not planning on using the garment from the dr. Office, what do you guys recommend me to buy ?

So happy to post my after pictures, I need...

so happy to post my after pictures, I need opinions so please let me know what you guys think! I am super ecxited this thursday will be my 5th week after my surgery. I will be ready to start using mederma,or the silicone sheets for my scar. My only concern is the lipo I dont see that much difference yet, but I like PS surgeon said I have to be patient and wait.

So today is officially my 7 week after surgery ,...

So today is officially my 7 week after surgery , I'm still really swollen oh so I think ! I weight 145 and my waist is 33 and hips 41, I started my work out today and hoping to get toned and loose at least 10 more pounds. But for the first time this Monday I got away with wearing a bikini I felt wonderful !! Hoping to see the final results in a couple of months.

So I have been working my ass off working out 3...

So I have been working my ass off working out 3 times a week and trying to eat no carbs. I am now 140 lbs waist 29 and hips 39
Tomorrow is my 11th week after surgery. I am still working on my scar with the scar sheet and mederma. But overall I am so happy !!

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I plan on having a BA with Dr. Manjarrez next week pretty nerveous and I was wondering if anyone had any advise!
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i like yor results can you plz give me the name and contact info for your doctor!!
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MOMIS I am planning to have the sam ethings done any suggestons on postioning yourself while you sleep I have had @ csections that was a breeze for me I am staying in mexico for 3 days though after surgery for a little help!
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You are looking great. I'm 6 wks post op and still dealing with the swelling. I can't wait for tummy swelling to be OVER! I Love my Boobs!
You don't look swollen in your look FANTASTIC!
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Thank you so much, I'm so excited for the rest of the swelling to go away and see final results
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Looking good! You'll have fun wearing bikinis this summer.

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Wow!!! You look AWESOME!
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Thank you, you also look really good ! How's your scar ?
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hi there... im not suref i got ur reply? lol or if that was for someone sometimes i get so confused on these
but if u wer talik to me im doing good:0 and yes ia have been working out alot.. i try to do it at least every other day... it makes me feel alot better....
i still get the occasional swelling of course mostly on my incsion scar... but other than that im doing well.. i am usein the silcone sheeting on my tt scar and that has doen wonders.. i did stop usein it for awhile due to some irritation but iam now back to useing it...
what are u useing? ur pics look soo good:) i hope everythin is well...:) my mom is gettin ready to go through the same procedure as me but a little more work... im so excited and nervous for her.... :) she is going throught the same ps as me.. she says i was her i said well thanks...haha u know i was asked alot lately if i could go back and do it allover again woulod i ? and hell yes is my answer...:) it was all worth it and i know in time i will look even better...:)
well hope to hear back from ya:)
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Wanting to ck in on you and see how your recovering!
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Thank you so much I'm actually doing good !! Enjoying my new body and anxious for summer to come and wear my first bikini and you how r you ? I posted some after pictures what do you think ? How's your scar
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can anyone tell me how to see Momis' pictures?
Please!!! I'm thinking on having the same procedures with the same dr. as her...
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Annie, it looks like she has removed her photos.

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hi there.. just seein how u were doing? hope ur doin good.. and did u ever find somethin to wear beseides ur binder from the dr? ihave been wearing alot of shapers...under garments and ya they help a little but overall from being on my feet all day at wortk by the end of the day im still pretty swollen... i just cant wait till all of it goes away:) and its all jsut in the tummy .... buyt i just try to work out alot more.. i dont notice it mych after working out.. lol :) well hope to hear back from ya..
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Actually my PS ask to wait for my complete 30 days on march 17th so I guess I have to wait and to continue wearing my binder. I purchased spanx today and hoping to start wearing them after my month is completed. I go back to work tomorrow and I hate the way this garment makes me look my butt looks so flat lol, but how do you feel now, are you taking it easy on your work out or able to work out the same ? How does your scar look ? I will post a picture this week, I'm so excited to see the final results but overall I'm happy. What kind of whalers are you wearing ?
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I mean what kind of shapers are you wearing ? I hate this auto spell !!!!!! Lol
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ji there i was jus checkin in on ya.. i know how u feel i still have alot of swellin in my lower part of my stomach rite where the inscion line is.. and i feel like i have a ouch down there to... i just keep wearing tight garments i have bought a couple diff pairs actually... im sure ive spent lots of money on em all.. lol o well ... so all i can advise u to do is wear em and just try to b patient i guess they say it will go down so we just have to give it time...:)
otherwise i hope ur doing ok..
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Hi there how are you ? Are you already using the silicone strips ? Today is my 14th day after my surgery and I dont know what to think of my scar, did you ever feel scared that maybe your scar was not healing right ! This is just so much for me I have no sisters and my mom dosent know about my surgery so I have no one other than my lovely husband I feel so bad I keep asking how it looks and he's always saying it's looking good but man I'm scared !!! I think I am going to order the silicone strips my scar looks too dark and bumpy ! Do you think it's normal at 14 days ?
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I'm sure you're still really swollen. Try not to freak out too much about it, but if you're concerned, I think a call to your plastic surgeon is in order. That's what they're there for, after all.

Keep us posted!

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ya the night is worse... i still cant get comftorable and im 3 weeks now.. im foing good each day.. i dont have much pain just some burnin and itchin sometimes where the inscison on the tummy and the lipo.. other than that im doing really good .. the boobs look great they have went down alot.. i was nervous about them at first.. lol but everyone was rite they do go down.. and they are starting to get somewhat softer not as hard.. its funny cause my husband is so afraid to hurt me when he touches me.. lol he said its hard for him to control himself at the same time lookin at my new body.. he is very happy with it ,,, were just tryin to get pass the scar on my tummy.. not that it bothers him or me just weird that the cut is ther.. i cant wait to start treatin it.. i orderd some silcone sheeting have u heard of it? its suppose to reduce the thickness and color of ur scar.. i heard it works wonders... and they use it for tummytucks... i hope it works... i know ill alwys have a scar there but to make it lighter over the yrs.. would be nice,, rite now its kinda raised.. and bumpy.. but the ps says in time it will flatten out and wont be like that.. i hope so .. at least it covers by my panties.. she did a good job. my tummy is flat just still some damn swelling.. i hate it...\
well sweetie dont worry u will feel better.. each day gets better.. ya my back stil hurts till this day but it does ease up... :)
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I still have a lot of swelling also my question is the lipo ? When did you notice the difference because in my back he transfer fat to my butt but all it feel it's like it's numbness in my back. I don't see a difference. When did you notice a different in your tummy I know is my 6 th day but I see a lot of swelling. I love my breast thought ! I been wearing the spandex given to me by the dr. And I am taking some arnica pills for the swelling ! I would love time to fly and for this to be over ! I was actually planning on doing laser on the scar ? Have you heard of it ?
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hi there i was just checkin up on ya.. hope ur doing well..
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I'm doing better is just at night I can't sleep my back really hurts ! I can't wait to feel better ! How are you ? How many days has it been since your surgery ?
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I know !! Yeah finally my 4 th day I'm feeling better I'm not that dizzy anymore and able to take food instead of just fluids. My husband has been so good to me girls please make sure you have a good support system is very important when your are not able to do things by your self like going to the restroom or changing a pad !
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OH NO!! I'm sorry you are in so much pain. That's not good at all! Do you have your pain meds and muscle relaxers? I hope you feel better soon! I'm sure getting your period makes it tht much worse! I usually get mine between the 20-25 of every month, and my surgery is scheduled on Monday (21st!). I hope I can skip a month. LOL
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