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I had the vertical sleeve surgery because I was...

I had the vertical sleeve surgery because I was overweight and had been overweight most of my life. I am 32 years old and only have a 10 year old child and not planning to have any more kids. I did not suffer from any illnesses. I was pretty healthy, just overweight. It was time to get my weight under control. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Arellano. I went to see him on October 23rd, 2013 and schedule my surgery for November 9th. I did it with within 2 weeks because I did not want to give myself an opportunity to have second thoughts about it. I was pretty excited. The day of my surgery I weigh 191 lbs. May 11th, 6 months later, I weigh 139 lbs. 52 lbs. lost.

NOW, I am ready for my mommy makeover. I saw 3 doctors in Mexicali, Mexico. Dr. De La Madrid, Dr. Luque, and Dr. Ramirez. All 3 doctors made the same recommendations as far as what work I needed done. I decided to go with Dr. Ramirez because I’ve I was given very good references from my mother’s friends. My surgery is TOMORROW, May 16th at 8:00 a.m. I did not need any hotel accommodations or transportation because I only live 15 minutes away. I did my lab work last Saturday and have my antibiotics ready. I also bought Arnica, as an ointment and tea, to help with the swelling. I will see the doctor today at 7:00 p.m. and he will give me an anticoagulant injection. I am so ready to do this. I am going to do a breast lift with implants. Originally it was just a lift but the Dr. Ramirez said I would end up being a C and since I have always been a D, I decided to do implants also. I am doing liposuction on my back and the fat removed will be for my Brazilian butt lift. I am also having a tummy tuck done. I did ask about my arms but all doctors said that it would have to be in a separate surgery because it was too much risk. Maybe next year. My next post (with pics) will probably been in a few days, after I’m back home and feeling more comfortable. My cousin (bigred1203) is also doing the same surgery but hers will be on May 21st. Same doctor.
Congrats to you on your success! I also had a vertical sleeve done in Oct 2011. After a year and 90lbs lost, I started shopping for surgeons to do a mommy makeover to remove the excess skin on my tummy and to lift and fill my breasts. It was the best thing ever. I have never been happy with my body before, being overweight my whole life. Now I am super thin and it is amazing. My breasts are beautiful like I could never imagine. I hope that you are as happy with your results as I am. The sleeve and the mmo together changed my life entirely. I am like a whole new person. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope everything went well! I look forward to reading more of your story. :)

Wow, you're getting the works done! Congrats on your amazing weight loss. I truly hope you love your results.

You're 1-day post op now. Probably sleeping a lot and pretty out of it. When you feel up to it, please come back and let us know how you're feeling.

I had mine May 17th, had all the works done myself with Dr. Ramirez. He is a very good Dr if you wanna go with the sexy latina look. I am 3 days post op, i'll post pics after i feel a little more comfortable

9 Days Post Op and Feeling Great!!!

It's been four days now. My experience so far has been good. Arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am on Thursday, May 16. I immediately changed into the hospital gown and was given a pill to relax me. Dr. Ramirez came in at 9, marked my body and took before pictures. At 9:30 I was taken to the surgery room where I met my anesthesiologist for a few seconds and was immediately put to sleep. I was told the surgery ended around 3:30 but I woke up until 6 pm. I remember waking up for a few seconds and feeling Dr. Ramirez working doing lipo my back side. I wasn't scared or felt any pain. I was taken to my room to rest. I was given liquids that night but the morphine makes me nauseous. It wasn't until the next day when they removed the morphine that I was able to drink and eat. I had water, apple juice, jello, and chicken soup. Once I ate, I was able to start walking and the catheter was removed. The doctor released me at 4:30 pm and I came home.

My pain level on Friday was a 7, with 10 being the worst. Today Monday I'm at a 5. Started off with a whole tablet of Tylenol with codeine and today, Monday, I just took half. I have no sensation or pain in my breast area. My upper arms are bruised although I didn't have any work done on them. From what I can see, Dr. Ramirez did my tummy tuck incision very low which I am very happy with. I do feel some burning in my bikini area like if I pulled a string inside. My back and sides feel very sore, can even feel my skin move. So far I think the worse is the pain I feel on my spine from not being able to sit up straight. I took a shower on Monday and per Dr. Ramirez instructions I removed my own drains. 2 from each side of my tummy tuck and one from my buttocks. The bandage they put on me is supposed to absorb all the fluids. I am supposed to go this afternoon and get fitted for my garment.

Day 6 to day 8

My garment has been on since Tuesday, May 21st. I have been able to put it on and remove it on my own. I have seen improvement on a daily basis. I have been able to sit up and get up on my own, go to the bathroom and finally yesterday I showered on my own. I can almost stand up straight. I've been drinking protein shakes and chicken and beef broth, peanut butter, and cheese strings. I still have tape around my breast and my tummy tuck. My next appointment with Dr. Ramirez is on Monday, May 27th.

19 Days Post Op

Hi AleMac98, Hope you are well :0) just joined Realself today after reading your story. I live in Calexico and considering a mommy make over as soon as next month. Can’t decide on a doctor yet, would love to meet with you in person.
Congrats on the weight loss! I had VSG also and lost 85 lbs. in a year. Did he go with the drainless TT? Excited to hear more and see your results as you recover. Take it easy and keep us posted :)

5 Weeks Post Up Pic Update

Looking great!!
Hello I had surgery with Dr Ramirez a week ago. Brazilian butt lift, right now I feel so sad and unsatisfied. He told me it was ok for me to sit on my butt or lay down which is what I have been doing. My butt looks flat. I'm so scared he says its normal to give it time. Please help.
I am having Surgery April 3, 2014 with Dr. Victor Ramirez and I am posting all my before and after pictures and details on Real Self. Follow my blog (s) for updates. *Very Excited*
Dr. Victor Manuel Ramirez

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