Mommy Makeover Plus Rhinoplasty (BBL, BA, TT + Rhino) - Mexico

Officially have given my deposit and will have...

Officially have given my deposit and will have pre-op appointment soon. I gave deposit 2 weeks ago and this last week I have been feeling sick (caught a cold). I hope it goes away soon enough for me to go forward. I must admit after I gave deposit, things became so real and I started having dreams. I am scared to death. I have 3 little ones and do not want to leave them without a mommy for being selfish. Then I stop and think that working out will not get rid of my kangaroo pouch nor will my BB suddenly grow.

My nose....well that I've hated since puberty when a hump decided to grow. I've always been self conscious about my nose. I hate taking pictures, I avoid people looking at me from an angle, and I avoid smiling to much. I decided to add rhinoplasty to mommy makeover because PS said it is safe and he's done it many times in the past. I am 28 years old and healthy....other than this week's cold.

Overall not sure if the 15th is a go due to my cold. Will have pre-op soon and decide whether I am back to my healthy self or not. Love this site. So much information and helpful support. Not sure if I will have the courage to post pictures. I am very self conscious.

I weigh 129lbs, am 5'5. With my first pregnancy I ballooned to 200lbs...that left me with a deflated body.
After 2 years of working out have seen some definition in legs, arms and side of tummy (a little), but the extra skin will not go anywhere.


The dreams are natural. I had them too. Creeper me out at first. Then I felt guilty. It's truly an emotional roller coaster. At the end of the day u have to realize that you're so busy taking care of others that u don't realize you're not doing enough for yourself. U deserve it! Any mother doing it does... well most. Lol. I wish you luck and welcome u to the RS family. My date is March 18th. So excited! !!
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Thank you BiancaBianca. It is getting closer now and I try not to think about it. It is not easy to stop worrying about all the possible things that can go wrong. I am also terrified about the pain and I am almost positive it will take an emotional toll on me. Good luck on your surgery. What are you having?
Thank u. I'm having a full MMO with additional lipo!

Scared and Worried

I have been thinking and overwhelming myself with the what kids are little and they need me. I can't imagine if something were to happen to me. But i also know that i will be happy if all goes well. I have been trying to find MMO plus nose job and there's not many stories out there for reference. Will keep looking.


Good luck!!! I will be getting my surgery April 21 in Tijuana mex, and after reading many post of girls waking up during surgery I started having nightmares and I thought about everything that can go wrong and it scares the crap out of me but it seems to be normal to go through all those crazy thoughts just stay prayed up!!!!
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Tell me about it. I havent told my family yet and dont know how. Only hubby knows. I am scarred and can't sleep now. I have a sore throat and hope it goes away soon. Its all crazy right now for me.
Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! That is the most surgery I've ever heard of someone getting at one time. Have you researched your doctor very thoroughly and made sure he/she is board certified? I want you to get the absolute best results that you will love forever. Please keep us posted!
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These nerves are not getting any better.

Ok so....I've wanted this for a long time. Haven't been able to until now due to finances. So why am i feeling so scared?? Ugh. I feel like every day is my last this week. I hug my kids tighter than other times. I dont want anything to go wrong. I've paid in full...i know i am gonna do it...but i am so scared!


Hi, I hope all goes well and u keep us updated with pre-op pix. Take care and pray! :)
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You should try taking emergen-c I'm not sure if you're familiar with them or not but they come in a little box, those work perfectly I take those 3 x a day as soon as I feel the sore throat. My doctor told me to make sure I didn't get sick and I've been on it lol.... Just pray and that will help you get through it, I was able to tell my sisters and my mom because they're going to help me once my husband goes back to work (after two weeks) but besides them I haven't told anyone else. I'll keep you in my prayers:)
Oh wow. Thank you. Yeah I've taken Emergen-C before. My doctor said I should be ok. I feel better thank God. :)

Nerves got the best of me last night

So i couldn't sleep....was just thinking whether it's selfish....what if i die my poor babies will be without a mother because she was selfish. Ugh. I know I've wanted this for so long and it seems loke i am putting myself through so much anxiety. If someone could tell me that its not as bad as it looks that it will all be worth it in the end. I always say no pain no gain but gosh its not that easy.

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Pre Op

I have a kangaroo pouch, muffin tops and deflated boobs. My nose has a hump and i am ready to get that fixed too.


If I'm correct your surgery was today. I hope your recovery is going good, I'm sure it's uncomfortable but hang in there!!!!!
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You're going to have amazing results!!!! Your body is good already, me on the other hand...I'm a mess lol
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Thank you but adter loosing all the weight i was left with loose skin :( with my first pregnancy i went from 125 to 193! That is ehat caused all the damage.

Day of surgery

Everything went fine...much better than i expected. Nothing hurts. Nothing!!! I got my breast augmentation 455 cc high profile, nose bump reduction, tummy tuck and lipo with fat transer to butt. It seemed like a lot but because i am thin already it was much quicker.


Woo hoo! You made it to the other side! Thanks for updating us! Can't wait to see the results!
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Thanks you. I will post pics when i go to post op and am able to. I took a peak at it and i love my bbs and flat belly now. The nose looks good too. It has a cast and cant really glance at it much.
It went great. I am in no pain right now. I am surprised how easier it is than what I've imagined. I am sore but feel great! And my nose doesnt bother me at all... i can even breathe through it. :) everyone said what a good job the drs did and i couldnt agree more. They pay attention to detail and gave me the results i wanted so far. The nose may change as swelling comes down.

Being Patient

I have to remind myself to be patient. This is a slow process. I have been taking pain meds, arnica tablets, bromelain and antibiotics. I have felt nausea on and off but avoiding at all costs vomiting. I haven't vomited once..yeay. i have had a cough here and there omg that is painful. But so far not bad. I am tired of laying down on couch. My lipo areas burn when i stand up. My drain site burns a little but only when i get up. It's mostly uncomfortable than painful. The only thing i am impatient about is the results. I am all wrapped up and haven't taken a good look at tt incision, belly button nor boobs. I only glanced at it when i was still sedated.

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Still very swollen but you can see the difference. I am nervous of seeing the final result and not liking it. This is not like putting an outfit of clothes on and not liking can just change it. Not with PS. :( I hope i like the end result..


Somebody said " Good Things Come To Those Who Wait"...Happy healing
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I think it looks great so far!
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Wow, you can already see the difference in your nose. I think you are going to be happy with the results.
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So yesterday was my post-op appt. My drains came out! Yeay! I felt like passing out but after it was all over I felt like a new person! The nose is still swollen so the cast was not able to come off. Maybe next week. This is a process that requires patience patience. My back burns from the lipo, my breasts and TT area do not hurt at all. The incisions are all healing nicely, thank God. My PS is awesome she cleaned all my incisions, medicated them and sent me home feeling like a new person. So far I feel 100x better than last week. Today is day 6 post op :)


Hi. How are you coming along? We had same sx date. I had TT, lipo, BL w implants & 3 hernias repaired.
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Thank you...very true...this MM is all about waiting and being patient.
Thank you. Hope the end result is what I expect.

Two Weeks Post Op

Feeling a but like myself again. Nose cast came off yesterday. There's still swelling which mke it look weird. All stitches came out yesterday too. The tt and BA incisions are drying up nicely.

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Nose Profile


Hi there. I am doing much better. Two weeks today since sx. Hope all is going well with yours.

TT and BA



You look fantastic!
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Thank you :) slowly but I am seeing the results.
You look amazing already! Thank you for the picture update!
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