One month post op for mommy makeover

Went to my three consults and the first doctor I...

Went to my three consults and the first doctor I went to and really liked states I will need an incision from hip to hip and a POSSIBLE vertical one from belly button to pubic bone since I have some jiggle horizontally. The other two surgeons said no vertical. Looking at my pic do you think I should question the experience of the doc that wants to do the vertical incision?

i booked my surgery after 6 years of being scared!

Eight weeks from today is gonna be the big day for tummy tuck and breast lift. I am finally locked in after years of feeling that this was a selfish thing to put myself at risk for and my kids possibly losing their mother to. But I took the step and interviewed three PS and found one I love and trust. I am terrified and only hope and pray I don't chicken out!

Is it normal to feel like this mommy makeover is such a selfish thing to do?

So even though I still have eight weeks I am starting to feel like I should be able to accept the way that I am and that this is selfish and risky thing to do. Why put myself at risk for an elective surgery that can have serious complications? I have thought about this everyday for 6 years and finally got the nerve to do the consults and book. I know I will regret it if I don't follow through. Did anyone out there struggle with this?

six weeks away!

Starting to do my lab work, chest xray, and EKG for the big day. If I am already nervous now I can only imagine the week of.

4 1/2 weeks left til mommy makeover!

So, for some reason I have no nerves now...just pure excitement. I have realistic expectations. I know the pain is gonna suck, I am going to question why I did this, probably go through some depression, and find out how good my husband is at taking care of me and kids...haha. I know the end result will be nice and worth it. I just have to keep a positive attitude. This website has been great for me :-)

3 1/2 weeks...question for all you post-op tummy tucks

Getting nerves yet. Have complete confidence in my doctor and feel so comfortable with her. Need to start getting things together. So, I have the option of staying overnight at the surgery center with full care for an extra $500. Ladies, what are your thoughts about this. I have a husband and seven year old twins. Never taken pain medication or had anesthesia so no idea how I will respond. Do you think it is worth the money to have my own personal nurse the first 24 hours or not needed :-)

Two more weeks!

No nerves yet..just pure excitement. I am paid in full and ready to go. Starting to get all my meds and clothing together. How long is it usually until you can sleep in your bed on your side?

Three more days until my mommy makeover!

Wow my surgery week is finally here after six years of contemplating. Thursday is the big day and I am more excited than nervous. I know this will be a roller coaster of emotions and healing but I feel it is worth the risk. After stalking this website and constantly reading other people's stories and seeing their results, I know I am ready. Will keep everyone posted!

before pics

Ready to get rid of this jiggle

preop pics

Sooo ready

more before pics

Had my TT, breast lift, lipo of flanks this morning!

So surprisingly I feel great. Went in at 845 and was done by 1130. The nurses told me I woke up smiling and talking. The pain is there but this liquid lortab and pain pump have worked wonders. Walked to the bathroom 6 times since I am so darn thirsty. So far no nausea or vomiting so I think I am gonna be ok. We will see how it is tomorrow. So happy I did this already and I am not even 12 hours post op. Will post pics soon!

doing good on one day post op

Been very lucky with the pain tolerance. Have three drains and a pain pump so 4 ports to carry around which is soo aggravating. I am able to walk to my bathroom and have had no nausea. Water I think ishuge factor of me feeling good. Drinking tons of it. Thanks everyone for preparing me for this.

Ready for these drains to come out!

Uggh these four ports are so aggravating. I heard all yall writing about it but could not fully relate. They are in the way of everything. The holes where the go in sting and one tube keeps popping open. Hopefully tomorrow at my post op these things will be gone. I did poop and shower yesterday so I guess that was a successful to stay positive :-)

My breast drains and pain pump are gone!

Today my PS took out my two breast drains and tomorrow or Wednesday the last tummy drain will be gone. Hooray! Pain is becoming pretty good except for my back pain from not standing straight. I saw my incisions and belly button for the first time and didnt pass out...haha. No, I already see an improvement but know I am still very swollen. Have no regrets...would do it all over again if I had to.

one week post op

Happy Thanksgiving! All drains are out and bruising is starting but happy. Off all pain meds and moving pretty good. Crazy how things change so quickly in one week!

one month post op

Wow a month has gone by really quick. Feeling pretty good with just a little soreness where my muscle repair was. Feel my one week and one month photo look about the same. My upper abs are a little more swollen but feel like my waistline is a little smaller. After all the years of dwelling and being scared of doing this I have to say I have no regrets. My biggest recommendation would be to trust your doctor and have realistic expectations. Merry Christmas!
Summer Black

I just adore and respect Dr. Black. She has been so caring, compassionate and an honest doctor. She explained everything to me and let me know what my expectations should be once she looked at me and saw what she had to work with. Makes the procedure a lot easier when you have no hesitation in the selection of your plastic surgeon!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Continue healing and merry Christmas :)
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My feelings are the same as yours were before for to 10 y . And without the husband support.soooo afraid .my date is dec 24 I hop I will have the courage to go on with it still. .. Your story really inspire me and I prey to god I will be ok thanks for sharing your journey. just look ausom. !
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You will have the courage to do it. Think about the self confidence you will have after. Now when you are healing and in some pain you may question it but it will come clear once the pain subsides. This website will get you through it. It helped me stay committed.
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Wow! I'm happy for you. Congratulations on a beautiful result and smooth recovery. x
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Thank you
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Your sounding and looking good .. Yeah for the drains to be out :)
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Freedom from drains! Haha. Now just for the swelling to go down...
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Wow you look absolutely amazing, I am so impressed by your surgeon's skills at making you look so neat and compact and perfect - and that's just at 4 days post-op, so you'll be looking even more fabulous every day. Congrats on going through with the op - I'm glad you finally gave into your desire to treat yourself to a makeover. I'm sure the amazing results are overriding any feelings of guilt you had before. Best wishes for a speedy recovery x x
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Thank you so much. After six years of saying "I would never put myself at risk and do plastic surgery" I decided I needed to do it for me. I am so happy I did. I do love my surgeon and she had the same expectations as I did. Appreciate u saying that. Happy Thanksgiving.
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You look great!!!
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Thanks. So will you in February!
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Well done!
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Thank you
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Looking good girl!!!
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Thank you
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Lookin good love!
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Thank you
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Wow gorgeous results already, no wonder you're happy. You must be doing all the right things.
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Thanks. I still have lots of bruising and swelling but I know that will go away in the next few months. Looked through your pics and u look great too..tiny little waist!
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Your breasts look amazing!!!!
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The breasts actually were a quick after thought that I threw in at the end. I knew if I had my tummy done that my insecurity would just move up to my breast. So I decided to throw in a lift in there also. Happy I did. Thanks!
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you do look great already, wow, don't you just love it, hope you have a happy thanksgiving and don't over do it !
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Thanks. I still feel and look so bloated but that is expected. Happy Thanksgiving to you also.
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I'm 3 days post too. Doing ok. The drain holes are hurting me so badly! I have post op tomorrow but I doubt the drains will come out. Glad you are doing so well!!
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Girl I have to say the most pain I am having is in my lower back. My tummy and ports burn but the back spasms are horrible. I actually am standing up almost straight and my doc told me that I can start laying flat on my bed. I could lay flat but needed a pillow under my knees. Been taking one percocet every four hours to stay ahead of the pain. Let me know how your doc appt goes,
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