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Like everyone else, I've obsessed over this site...

Like everyone else, I've obsessed over this site for months, reading and reading and reading. I initially decided on a BA and mini tummy tuck, but am only doing the mini for now. I have paid my $6,550 + $200 (pain pump)=$6,750 to Dr. Summer Black in Metairie, LA. I am 32 yo, 5'1 and 103 lbs. After my first and only child at 19 yo who was 8 lbs, 21 in. (I was only 98 lbs when I got pregnant), the elasticity in my stomach never returned. I was horribly blessed with the stretch marks above my naval, which pools or gathers to the center of my stomach. The PS does not plan on giving me a new naval, but is going to disconnet and reposition mine. I am only having skin done due to having plently of abdominal muscle and it is speculated that there is minimal fat, but I might just ask her to lipo anyways just in case. I am also having her lipo the fat deposits on my hips above my buttocks. I exercise frequently, but have never been able to get rid of that fat. I have bought Arnica Montana and Bellis Perennis to start taking after surgery, I'm not sure if any of that will help, but it cost next to nothing so why not try it. I also bought Graphites, which is supposed to heal scar tissue, mainly external. I do not plan on taking that until the stitches fall out or are removed. I have scheduled two weeks off from work, hoping that will be sufficient. I will post before pics soon.

Before Photos

So today I my before surgery consult and some things changed. The PS is now doing the muscle and some lipo of the stomach, mainly on the sides of my belly button. As you see in the pictures the long circle at the bottom is the piece of skin being cut out. The parenthesis around my navel is where she is going to lipo. Idk what those lines are on each side though. The circles on my hips is where she is going to lipo as well.

Welcome to the community.  You are going to be so happy with these results!   I have seen the tiniest little people have problems with extra skin and fat deposits.  It's a bit crazy to me!  I am glad you are able to take care of this and get your body back.

Keep us up to date on everything.


After surgery

Surgery was at 830 and I was awake at 1030 and went home at 1130. I have a drainage tube that should come out next week, a pain pump that drips pain med inside my stomach and should run out sat. I'm stiff and sore. When I got home the pain hit for a min, I shed a few tears and been good since. I took 1/3 of a Percocet and a Tylenol extra strength. Will only continue with the Tylenol. I feel really good. I watered the plants outside, swept the floor and started some red beans. I can Stand up straight for the most part, but have yet to see my stomach. I will take the binder off tomorrow for a shower and take pics.

Pic day of

Day 2 post op

I was able to shower today. When I took off the binder I started shaking, idk why. I took 1 Tylenol pm and 1/3 Percocet to sleep last night, I hate sleeping on my back. I'm taking the arnica and bellis, idk if its helping, but my stomach is not bloated like some I have seen after surgery, it's just little swollen.
Yay!! you look awesome..good luck with your recovery. I don't go in until 20th August. Look forward to your progress..
It hasn't been all that bad I'm on day 3 and have taken 4 Tylenol and 1/2 Percocet total. I don't even need anything today, just might take a Tylenol pm tonight because I hate sleeping on my back. I did find that my right leg is numb today due to the pain pump. It's supposed to run out tomorrow and I can pull it out myself. I don't think I would say this was painful it just feels like you killed yourself at the gym. I took two weeks off from work but am planning on going back this Monday. Good luck to you.
be careful about combining percocet and tylenol because percocet has tylenol in it and you don't want liver damage : )

Pulled out pain pump

So it's day 2 and I had enough of carrying around the pain pump, it was almost out anyways, so I decided to pull it out. OMG!!! My anxiety went through the roof. As I pulled the tubes out the tubes just kept coming. I was told only about an inch was inside be, but it was more like 6 inches +. Even though I couldn't feel per say the tube coming out, I could feel the pressure or movement. It seemed like it wasn't going to end. Today I haven't needed any Tylenol, but we will see tomorrow since no more pump

Day 3

So the pain pump meds have worn off and now I feel the drainage tube in my stomach, so that tells me the pain pump did work. Last night I was able to sleep on my side. Might have pump removed tomorrow, if not definitely Monday.

3 mo post op

Still have lower abdominal swelling and more prominent on right side
Great results , how are things going ?
Things are going good, still swollen near the incision. My lower stomach still swells, but that is probably my fault seeing how I wear a 15 lb gun belt nearly every day. I will most some more pics soon. Also still uncomfortable to touch the incision area, just doesn't feel right.
Wow, what a great transformation!

6.5 mo update

Well nothing new really. I still have swelling near the incision site and more so on the right side still. Doc said it would take about a year until I see full results.
Summer Black

So far she is wonderful, a very straight forward doctor that is honest and not just trying to sell you procedures you do not need.

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