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Lift & Implants - So Happy - Should Have Done This Sooner! - Metairie, LA

I was a late bloomer, but once I got them my boobs...

I was a late bloomer, but once I got them my boobs came in with a vengeance. I went from an A to a D cup one summer in high school. Although they were large, I never thought they were pretty. They were always droopy and my areolas were always larger than my friends. I'm 5'8" and my weight has fluctuated between 130 and 145 since then - 15 years ago. After doing crossfit for about 6 months I was so happy and confident in my body - except my breasts.

So, I went and visited with 4 different doctors in New Orleans, and ended up picking Dr. Metzinger in Metairie. Dr. Metzinger spent over an hour on my initial consult, took meticulous measurements, listened to my concerns (I wanted perkier breasts but was afraid of the "fake" look (aka too much upper pole fullness). I was also worried about the scars from the lollipop incision he recommended. However, after meeting with him and his staff (both women who work in his office have had their breasts done by him - and they let you look and feel - part of the job description I guess) I was confident that he would give me the best results possible.

He did an AMAZING job correcting my asymmetry, and I am already happy with the results a week after surgery. Of course they are still a little swollen and riding high, but I know once I fully heal over the next few months that they are going to be glorious!

Every doctor is going to tell you a different suggestion (at least that was the case for me). In the end, I am so happy I went with the doctor who I felt most comfortable with, and who I felt would tell me what I needed to hear (as opposed to what I wanted to hear). Dr. Metzinger was very straight-forward that I needed a lift to get the results I wanted (even though I'm only 29 and haven't had any children). And because I lift weights often he knew I would not be happy with a submuscular placement. He placed my mentor cohesive gel high profile implants subfascially. I am an attorney and told him I wanted to be buxom but natural looking. He said I would not be happy with submuscular implants because they would jump when I flexed my pecs (which happens when you gesture your arms, not just weightlifting).

And, as a bonus, he lipos your sleevage (that little fat pocket that sticks out of sleeveless tops and bras). Ladies - I've always hated that but didn't know lipo there was even an option. Dr. Metzinger does everything in his power to ensure you have the absolute best outcome possible. All follow-up visits are covered by the cost of the procedure (including 1 day post op, 6 days post op, 8 days post op, 14 days post op, and a few more over the healing process). His incision lines are flawless.

The first 72 hours were pretty awful. The pain meds and muscle relaxers take the edge off, but you will be uncomfortable for the first 3 days. Then, it's as if a switch flips exactly 3 days after surgery and I was able to feel fairly normal with Tylenol and muscle relaxer alone. The worst part is not being able to drive for 7 days and not being able to work out for 6 weeks. I went a little stir crazy.

Day 11 - 95% back to normal. Still taking tylenol...

Day 11 - 95% back to normal. Still taking tylenol a couple times a day, can't sleep (because I'm a stomach sleeper and can't sleep on my back), but other than that doing really well. Get tingly sensations every now and then that kind of shoot back from my nipples, but they still don't have much sensation. Anyone else have experiences with loss of sensation and how long it took to come back? Posted some more pictures as well.

3 weeks tomorrow and I'm feeling great. The top...

3 weeks tomorrow and I'm feeling great. The top bump is almost gone. And I get to take the tape off on Wednesday. I think he's making me keep it on longer than usual because I told him I'm a picker and can't stand to have any kind of scabs or dry skin... pick, pick, pick. Probably best that way - protect me from myself! Will post an updated pic once the tape is off.

Tape fell off in shower this morning! New pic posted.

Tape fell off in shower this morning! New pic posted.

3 weeks and a day post-op and I think today is the...

3 weeks and a day post-op and I think today is the first day I haven't been consciously aware of my breasts for the majority of the day. I don't have any pain, itching, or stinging. Although this morning I did feel something odd inside my right breast - maybe the implant wiggling around - I was able to recreate kind of twisting and flexing my shoulder downward. Anyone else had this? Haven't had it since I got to work.

Had 3 little stitches that were "spitting" so they...

Had 3 little stitches that were "spitting" so they had me come in so nurse could clip them. Will go back Monday for my 4 week check-up and hopefully get cleared to do some cardio & start massaging.

Will be 5 weeks on Tuesday and really happy! Go...

Will be 5 weeks on Tuesday and really happy! Go back at 6 weeks for another check-up, and hopefully will get the scar sheets. Spit another stitch this morning (on right side at bottom of my areola where the lollipop incision goes down). It looked like a scab was coming off in the shower and when I looked in the mirror could see a little white area. I washed my hands, cleaned with alcohol, and the scab fell off revealing the stitch. I tugged on it with clean tweezers and it came right out. No blood or puss, but now there's a little hole there. Hoping it will close up nicely like the others ones have done so far. A little over a week until I can go back to the gym. So excited, although I'm going to be so sore once I get back into it.

Had my 6 week post-op yesterday and everything is...

Had my 6 week post-op yesterday and everything is looking good. I got the ok to get back to exercising (so crossfit kicked my butt this morning, but so glad to be back at it) and to wear normal bras. Went shopping yesterday and really need a DDD to avoid the double-boob look in my bras. Although some of my old Ds still fit... guess they're just old and stretched out. But they just don't seem that big to me. And I don't think they look much different under clothes than they did before when I was wearing a push-up bra.

He also gave me silicon gel for the scars, and says I can do laser therapy. Planning to wait until July, see how the scars look, and then do the laser if necessary at that time. Haven't had a chance to take any new pictures, but will try to do that tonight.

3 months out and everything is great

Just got home from my 3 month check-up. I think they have settled in really nicely. Love being in a bathing suit. Only downside is I do not fit into all of my old blouses- so have to do some closet culling and shopping - heavy is the crown.

Have been using the dermatix scar cream for the past 6 weeks. The scars are definitely feeling smoother. And we will laser them the first week of August. Will keep posting over the next year. Let me know if anyone has any questions.

6 months out

I've had 2 scar treatment laser sessions and am still using the dermatix scar silicone gel. They are looking pretty good. He is going to revise the scar at the bottom of fold at 1 year in-office because he says it's too wide. But you can't see it unless you pull up my boob and look under.

1 year post breast lift and augmentation

I'm so happy with the results. Still have some dark pigmentation on left incision, and he wants to revise the scar (for free) but think I'm going to wait and see how it looks in another 6 months. Been using fade cream and that seems to be helping. You can barely see scar around nipple - and everything is smooth. Just need the color to finish lightening up. Even with the scars, I am SO happy with the results.
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Dr. Metzinger is great. I love Tiffany n Norma also. I'm getting my TT with him on July 22nd. BTW. ..U look great! !!
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Your breast look amazing, if your happy thats all that matters. Love yourself time!!!
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Did you ever regain full nipple sensation? I am having a lift with implants in 2 1/2 weeks and am really nervous about that. Glad yours went so well. You look amazing!
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Sorry for the delay in responding. Not 100% but they are sensitive - for the first few weeks they were really tingly and I would get these electrical-type feeling through them. Don't be scared if you don't regain right away. I couldn't feel mine for a couple months afterwards.
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Have you tried laser treatments?! I did three rounds and the results were amazing on my scars! It was $100/treatment. .. so worth it!
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Hi Freshstart. Can you tell me what laser treatments you did on your scars and how much did they improve due to the laser? I'd really appreciate knowing . Thanks.
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What size did you get?
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535 on left and 590 on right
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Aren't they amazing! You look great, I was nodding my head when I was reading your review about too much upper pole, some of those gals look like they are under their chins. What a great idea to give your PS an anti wish pic, just as important as what you do want, perhaps even more so. Good for you and happy healing!
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You look great!
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under the muscle or over the muscle implants?
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Over. He placed under the fascia but over muscle. I did not want them to distort when I moved my arms.
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Is that the 'dual plane' method?
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No - my understanding is that dual plane is still under the muscle.
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Was that a lollipop lift?
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What size implants did you get with the lift?
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I can't remember exactly - think they were around 550 - had to get more in my left than right. But they are high profile cohesive gel.
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Hi there, ive noticed on most picutures the dark scaring left behind, has this faded at all? Will it always be so noticeable?
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No - they will eventually fade to a normal white small line... But takes several months. I get laser to help with scarring in 6 weeks. Will make sure to post more pics after that. But after about a year they should me almost completely faded.
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Thank you for sharing. These are great results! I will be following your progress.
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I can't believe your back to CrossFit! Did your workout feel much different? Are you avoiding any specific lifting or are you fully back in action? Did the little hole heal up that you mentioned at week 5? Yes, get new bras with good support. Sometimes our old bras are just too worn out to do their job! :)  

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Felt so good to get back at it. I took it easy, but did the full workout. All healed up!
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Omg u look great!! I love them.... I have a consult this week and i like ur wish pic lol thats how i wanna look too! Lol How are the scars healing? I was told i need a slight lift, n they would go thru my nipple... But it scares me that the scar will look ugly. Any feedback?
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My best advice is to find a doctor that you are comfortable with, whom you are able to communicate with, and then trust their recommendations. The scars are healing wonderfully. I go back a week from today for my 6 week check-up, and will start scar therapy. But I'm so happy I went with the lollipop lift - my assymetry could not be fixed with just a nipple incision. And now that I have them - the shape is well worth the scar. Also, the scars really do fade over time. Good luck!
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