Scarred For Life

I went to a skin specialist specifically for laser...

I went to a skin specialist specifically for laser treatment and a skin peel to minimize the effects of scars and stretchmarks I incurred as a result of a medical condition that resulted in surgery. Dr. talked me into mesoptherapy as a pre treatment before getting the laser and skin peel.

What I was not told was that mesotherapy is not approved by the FDA and the injections received are unknown as to what chemical was put into my skin. As a result, I endured injections every 2 weeks for a 6 sessions. I was in unbelieveable pain. It felt like razer blades in my skin that hurt even with the touch of clothing.

I went to my Dr. and told him of my pain and concerns. He insisted my results were great and I had nothing to worry about. It will be 3 years this October that I had this treatment and I am permanently scarred with deep tissue bruising and scar tissue build up under my skin, which has caused numbness of my stomach and loss of feeling. The scar tissue build up has hardened my skin and has resulted into large and small knots that are very visible at the sight.

My stomach is rippled, discolored (permanent bruising) and causes major discomfort doing the simplest things such as exercising, bending down, wearing clothes etc. I am so damaged that I went to see a plastic surgeon to get a consult on reapiring my damaged skin.

This doctor was mortified at what he saw. His reaction was so in aww that I beagn to cry and felt even more sadness and despair. Time was what I was told was going to justify any long term damage. I have tried yoga, pilkates, 2 hr/day gym workouts and nothing has changed.

My option was a tummy tuck. Another expensive investment. This option, as I was told, was a solution because the scar tissue was so extreme that the only way to get rid of it is to cut it out. I have yet to have this procedure because I have not had any children yet and have a great fear of more damage.

This experience has forever changed me. I will never feel comfortable in a bathing suit ever again nor will I ever feel comfortable being intimate with my partner. It has forever changed me. I am no longer the same person I was before I had mesotherapy. The result was far worse than my original complaint. I am actually worse off than I was before this procedure and regret it every day since.

I hope anyone who plans on doing mesotherapy knows that they risk forever altering their body in a way that is so damaging it reaps their faith in the medical profession. They might as well go to a butcher because the result will nonetheless be the same.

I urge anyone who is willing to go through with it to investigate it before hand. Know what you are getting yourself into, know the risks, knows the side effects, and ask questions. Ask lots of questions and check out these doctors extensively so you will not end up like me.

Dr. Bipin D. Patel

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never again.... i also tried to have mesotherapy done in my arms. only to be in pain for a whole month and a half. i had to sleep on my stomach with my arm aid flat on my sides. the bruises were so extremely bad to the point where i looked like i was a victim of violence. i was so ashamed. i didn't know what to tell my husband because i went behind his back not to mention the countless questions my kids asked me. the bruises lasted a year and 3 months, still have a few light bruises but i didn't believe it was going to ever go away. i been trying to work out and loose the fat under my arms, i truly believe what ever is in the meso made my arms bigger and making it so hard for me to lose the fat in my arms. i also get bumps from time to time that comes on my arms.
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