Mesotherapy Reaction

I am searching for anyone with a solution- had...

I am searching for anyone with a solution- had mesotherapy done to reduce the bone on the bridge of my nose. It worked & looked great for 2 months.

Two patients in the office now have delayed complications- cysts/bumps that appear. The only temporary solution has been to inject with Kenilog, but then the lumps reappear- sometimes just moving location a bit.

The injection given to reduce the bone was a mixture of Radiesse & Sesame Oil & no one has a clue in my state on how to resolve this. I have had xrays, bloodwork, samples taken (clotted blood inside of lumps) & been put on a variety of antibiotics.

It's been 6 months- anyone been through this & have a solution? Much appreciated.

which doctor was it that is being sued in michigan? i am looking for a dr and i want to make sure i do not go to him...thank you
my lawfirm is actually involved in a law suit against a michigan doctor who used mesotherapy to do a "chemical nose job".
Try using a topical cream called Arnica. You can get it at Walgreens for about four or five dollars. The technician told me to use it and it works on those bruises. Meso is so painful, why on earth would you do it over and over?
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