Mesotherapy on Inner Thighs and Love Handles... Not As Expected

I just had two babies within exactly two years.....

i just had two babies within exactly two years.. didnt excercise much and even tho i didnt gain much weight in my second pregnancy, i still feel now that my body changed forever my abdomen has become significantly wider (love handles).

i excercise a lot but it doesnt do the work for my love handles. i didnt care much for my inner thighs but the doc insisted on injecting them.

i am only 27, i am not overweight, my weight is within the normal range.. i just want to go back to the way i was.. which is just three years ago

i had meso therapy nine days ago and still feel a lot of pain in the injected areas: inners thighs and love handles. especially after i jog the pain can get unbearable. the bruising is gone but i can still feel small lumps here and there.

i also didnt lose one inch even tho i watch what i eat and work out whenever i can (2- 3 times a week).

is this normal? does this mean i am not a candidate for mesotherapy or should i give it another try? is it the fault of the doctor?


Hmm i did meso injection on my arms for 1st injection and i lose more than a thumb size. U suppose rest while u have meso, just do a slight exercise....stretching at home. And also combine with duromine 30mg for 3months or less. Each day take one tablet and i guarantee u will see results on your entire body. Usually my waist is at 33inches and before i get to know meso and also duromine, i've tried my very best to go gym for 3-4hrs perday and take vege and meat without carbo and my waist get slimmest would be 31 or 30.5. Last sat i started with meso and dr ask me to take duromine on the other day after a week i'm ready to go for my 2nd injection. Today is my 6day, my arms reduce, waist reduce and my weight reduce from 67.5-63kg. "So what do u expect in just 6days i get such a good result" Hope this duromine 30mg could help u to keep in shape.
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he wasn't honest about possible outcomes

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