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I went for a mesoreduce treatment on my face... I...

I went for a mesoreduce treatment on my face... I am always vain and always never satisfied with my facial shape. 

Boy it hurts during the injections. I had like at least 30 injections on each side... you can imagine how painful I had to endure throughout the whole process, but I was breathing a happy gas... The happy gas did drug me causing me dizzy but I felt the pain more than the drug.

After the whole injections, my face felt like being punched a number of times. I felt so sore, but the sore wore off... BUT my nightmare was not over yet. My swell began to grow pretty badly after 1 hour. It looks like there are so much liquid in my face. After sometime, i have 2 bulges at the bottom of my face due to gravity, making me look like a puffy fish.

This is my second day and I still look so puffed up. I have to sit up the whole day in order for the swell to go down to my neck. My swell on both sides are sore and have little bruises. I expect the result will be an improvement, but after going through the pain of the injections.

I wont recommend this treatment and will not go for a second session... Too painful for my endurance. I would prefer the laser lypolysis instead of injections.


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My first experience with meso reduce therapy was...

My first experience with meso reduce therapy was so painful and felt like a lot of bee stung on my face. After 1 month, the swells on both sides of my face went down a lot. The result is I could see a difference especially on my left cheek and was quite impressed with these kind of injections. So I went for a 2nd treatment, this time round my face was less painful as the 1st treatment. Although the whole process felt like a lot of ant bites on my face. The pain this time was a lot bearable than before. My 1st week my face was quite swollen, but the 2nd week my face lost quite a bit of the swell. And this is my 2nd week only, I have confidence this time round the result will be what I want.

perhaps, mesotherapy is not as bad for a small amount of fat reduction.


Hi can I ask where you got it done in Sydney? Where is the nurse based? Thanks
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In chatswood.
Name not provided

Maybe yes, maybe no... She has an eye for perfection whom I can recommend, but she is only a nurse (this is the prob) Injections are too painful for me, but there are some people who can take injections pain...

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